Captain. Need your guidance & interpretation please.

  • This is to do with my career. I am someone who has over 25 years experience in a particular field and I was very successful. I believe I am very good at what I do. About four years back I resigned and moved to a new country where senior level openings are hard to come by for newcomers to the country. So I started a consultancy of my own in a related area and the last four years have been pretty tiring with not much to show in terms of progress. I have been able to find some consultancy contracts to prove my experience in the new country and using that as an entry ticket and my career history, I am trying to get into a senior level opening but again with not much success. Junior positions are out because they don't want a seasoned guy for junior openings.

    I have been exploring going back to the country that I came from and there is one senior job opening for which I was being seriously considered by the CEO who knows me from before. But for some reason or the other the decision is being delayed and worse, there may be other influencers who may want to look at someone else internally from their global operations. But jury is out on this. Don't know when or what will be the verdict.

    In the meantime I started an online outlet in a niche area, in a small way- baby steps really. Reasonable interest amongst women, who are the target audience, but no funds to really go the whole hog.

    No projects and no job in the horizon and the years have drained all savings. At my wits end. and now am exploring an option in foods- food catering because I am good at a particular style of cuisine. But again, very tentative, tiny steps due to lack of funds. Just planning, haven't started as yet.

    Have a family to support and at a dead end. Would you please do a spread of cards for me and tell me what you see as my future?

    Job in the new country?

    What will happen finally about the job in the earlier country?

    Online business?


    Wife as well has been hunting for a job for two/ three years now, with no positive results.

    Where do I go please? At the edge of a precipice. Do I fly or plunge? What do you see? Please shed some light.

    Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your gift at tarot. [ My birth details, in case you'd like that as well- 13/02/59, 5.30 a.m.]


  • I don't read tarot cards, Fbyt.

    But I am a psychic and I do get a clear vision of you banging your head against a brick wall at the moment. It's time for a new option, a new gameplay. I don't feel you can make any more progress where you are or with what you are doing. I feel you are a natural diplomat (when you think before you speak - otherwise no one will take you seriously) and peacemaker, someone who can establish justice for others or bring harmony, understanding and compromise when needed to your work. You want to improve communication between human beings. You succeed when you place the good of the group ahead of self-interest. If you can employ objectivity rather than becoming too touchy or overly emotional, all will go very well for you.

    I feel you excel in supportive roles or those professions that are concerned with beauty or art. You would also make a great entertainer or motivational speaker, should you feel so inclined. You are a visionary, a prophet, a predictor of future trends. Creative expression is your forte. Salesperson, teacher, writer, lecturer, counsellor, healer, or social servant are all professions you could do well in. Any problem with your finances relates to self-doubt, and getting a grip on your nervous energy (if you feel angry or frustrated, you need to express it or work it off through exercise and not bottle it up) will help both at work and at home. If you use your innate gifts and expression in a positive fashion, money will follow. I don't feel online work will be successful for you - you will prosper most by getting out amongst people.

  • Thank you Captain. Appreciate your feedback and your candor. May I request you to please look a a little deeper. My need goes beyond knowing myself please. I have never felt so lost. All through my life I have been distancing myself from the struggles of my childhood when my dad was in dire straits professionally. I feel I am being relentlessly sucked back into the vortex of such an existence.

    And why? I have lived an honest, just and [if I may claim that] a fairly generous life. I believe in excellence, hard work, I think smartly and creatively. I have earned every step ahead that I have made in life. Now everything is being drained. I feel frustrated and angry. What's happening seems to defy the laws of nature- of living a 'good' life and being fair to everyone.

    I am not able to provide a decent life for my son and feel will not be able to give him the kind of education which will help him realize his immense potential. Oh God, I sound awful. I don't defeat easily, yet I feel very broken.

    That internet retail is about beauty & art- no point in pursuing that? That job in my earlier country would be a great break and I would love it- can I look forward to that and if yes, when? There are so many jobs, here where I live, which I honestly feel I will excel in but...I am seized with so many ideas which seem worthy to pursue. Or my desperation is maybe blinding me. Time is the most expensive commodity. And my finances are pushing me to start looking at any 10$ per hour job.

    Would you be able to 'see' more for me please?

    Thanks Captain.

  • Fbyt, this is all about your value system. You are being shown that any job is worthy, that your son will be lucky if he is just loved, that he can learn the best lessons from you about life, that you are not your father just because you don't have the work you want. It is about being more flexible and less rigid in your demands of life, of relaxing and trusting that the Universe cares for you, that you are not alone. I don't feel that there is any point to you continuing where you are. You need to contact the firm in your old country about the job you want, and show how much you DO want it. Make them see that you are willing to move back for it.

  • Thank you Captain. Appreciate it.


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