• Wondering what you can relate from this. I've been asked a couple of times (at work) to borrow money. First time, was $10. and this person never paid back but buys sodas and small items for me from time to time. She has never asked to borrow again.

    Last night was approached by someone for $40. she said her husband had left for 2 wks but returned. She needed the money for family (kids.) I asked her if she thought of going to a church or the company we work at. I donate 10. per pay period to a fund for emergencies for employees. She said she needed the money desperately. I think it's a 1/2 truth. Previous night I was sitting in my car waiting on someone I carpool with and saw her walking up to a guy out on the lawn (it was night.) He handed her something and later saw them walking down the road. I went ahead and loaned the money. She was actually begging for it. I've always liked her and thought of her as a good person. Do you sense anything from this--Thanks.

  • I sense you were lied to and tricked. Make it a policy not to loan money to people you don't know well. Pointing people to a charity or government assistance is helping them if they truly are in need.

  • Happy to report that she paid me back today.

  • Great. 🙂 Now break that 'obligation to give' tendency of yours.

  • Yes, you got it!

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