Boston Marathon

  • What a tragedy for the people of Boston. This was a holiday for the people Boston. Thousands had come to this historic city to race and many more came out to watch and enjoy the day. Let us take a moment to send prayers for the people who lost loved ones or who where hurt. Let the people of who where there find strength & courage to get thru this horrible ordeal

  • shadowmist,

    i express my thanks to you, even though i did not have any personal lost in the boston marothon, i do have many friends who live in boston, when lives are lost this way it is extremely painful, i join my prayers to those who lost loved ones, may god give them strength to pass through this trebile ordeal,

  • I want to yell at the person or persons responsible "what the sam hill is wrong with you" if they are that miserable then they need to get some help and not kill or hurt innocents.

  • Let us hope and pray that nothing like this happens to the London marathon. I am praying for all the people in London will be safe when they run their race on Sunday

  • shadow mist,

    lets join forces and pray for all people all over the earth, for nothing like this happens again,

    for all to be safe, for us to feel safe when members of our family leave the house, lets pray, all ways,


  • I agree ramonita I light a candle every morning and ask for protection for family, friends and for people to be safe healthy and happy.

  • beautiful and heartfelt, i always prayed , never thought of lighting candle, it is a great idea,

    thank u,

    may many come in and join us in our quest for peace,


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