Daliolite ---- fluffy

  • hi hi you posted something on January 31, 2013 about seeing the name fluffy. thats actually my screename lol lol.

    anyways if you forgot what is it you had to tell me, i would appreciate it if you can answer my question for me.

    im janetfeb71990

    and the guy in question is fawadmarch121980. i would greatly appreciated it if you can tell me what fawad thought of me. its hard to read him. and you know endless mix signals. so help please. thanks thanks!!

  • Hi, Can you post this on my tarot readings under the tarot forum. When I saw this name, it was like printed in ribbon. I don't know if you can relate. My feeling was that it was an animal trying to communicate. That afternoon, I was working w/a girl at work (that i had never worked w/before) and asked her if she had a cat and she said yes that it was her first pet and it's name was fluffy. She also said she used to put ribbons on it.

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