Question about job potential job opportunity

  • Hi everyone:

    I was hoping that someone in the community might be able to shed some insight on this for me:

    My husband has been out of work for about six months now and trying to find work but nothing has been really coming through. When visiting family out of state, he had a job interview at a major company there through some networking. They called to offer him a job a few days ago; however it isn't for the salary we hoped for (it's entry-level, although there is room to advance eventually). The question is this-although we do really want to move to that area, should we uproot everything and move almost 1000 miles for this-is this the right opportunity that we've been looking for? As of yet I have no job prospects and the thought of me not getting a job and relying on his salary is giving me a lot of anxiety. Am I focusing too much on the "what-if's" and should take a leap of faith that things will be okay? Can anyone give me any insight if this would be a successful venture?

  • Hello boobookitty if it is the area you want and the job has potential and you husband liked the company go for it. Stop worrying about what ifs. You will have family around and that can be a bonus. good luck

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