For Astra, can you help me get an update?

  • Hello Astra,

    I hope that you have been well! Is it getting warmer where you are? Georgia is keeping us with quite some cool weather for this time of the year...

    I need to ask you, if you could do a reading about a couple of different situations...The first one (this time) I'd like to ask you about is Javier. And I am only going to ask about him today. Last I told you I kind of decided to hide a bit because he was not talking much. So things stayed like that, we used to at least chat but we do not even do that. He tried to reach out in veiled ways and I sort of ignored the subtleties because I want him to be able to communicate and talk to me. So, almost a couple of months went by with those couple of attempts. Then, now at the beginning of April I started missing him so much, but not in a sad way, but happy way. There was one weekend when he would not leave my mind. The next day I woke up and I had a FB private message from him that just said "Yes, I miss you". It just shook me. There is something there but I keep having the feeling that there is nothing I can do about it. I have deep feelings for this man and yet I feel helpless about the situation. I just replied "I miss you too. It will not be long now". He made contact with me one more time and that's it. This is very recent. I am still trying to figure out if I can afford to go back home this summer and see everyone and see him (if he wants to see me too). I do miss him!

    Can you please read on it, on us? I mean, that phrase meant so much to me "I miss you", it made me think that he has been trying to put me out of his mind but he can't. I can't put him out of my mind. I never sent him the binding I had promise. I let myself down sometimes too.

    Deeply grateful if you can look into this...


  • Hi Mardepp

    Yes I am fine thanks for asking. Georgia sounds nice there where you are, it is still a little cool here off and on, sun is shining today and it is lovely.

    Okay. I drew some cards and will share what they seem to paint?

    BTW I love that little duck icon for you is that new? I don't remember that... really cute!


    Situation is the 7 cups + the Strength card.

    Past 6 swords I think that represents the recent little chat "miss you..."

    Above Star is hope, and below is Queen of Wands. That sounds like "path" is an underlying influence and that is associated with you I think. Queen of Wands.

    Ahead is the 4 of Wands so that is the Queen again as a 4 wands (path foundations).

    So... the "situation" seems to be, that after the recent sharing (6 Swords) you are both still left with the question of 'us'. THat is represented by the 7 Cups (kinda day dreaming and wondering about love and relationship) and the Strength card shows restraint in that area. Sort of like you are feeling good things... but what to do with the good feelings? Until you know the Strength card seems to be keeping it contained.

    Then the 4 Wands heralds something at last being determined in path.

    THen a 5 of Pentacles for the Future environment and the 2 Pentacles as the 'outer influence'. That seems to be like a physical move. 5 plus a 2 is strong change numbers, like PHYSICAL things are changing and moving around related to the relationship.

    Then the 10 of Swords as the Hopes and Dreams card. So that shows a "break through" in thinking about one another. I think this picks up the 6 swords and a little of that Star card and causes a substantial shift in the way you think about one another.

    The Outcome is then the 8 Wands so that feels like it all takes off after that breakthough in thinking.

    My first reaction seeing this is that you two ARE going to need to see each other physically to gain this intellectual 10 Swords breakthrough. So. a move, or visit or something seems to be in the works. Once that is decided to do (4 Wands ahead) then there is the opportunity for all the rest to develop.

    How does that sound Mardepp? I really sense such a bond between you two that distance and time seems unable to break! I will let you ponder the cards and you may see something too. The cups at center are nice and dreamy... plus... there is an Ace in that Strength card wanting to be born. New love and a new path together...

    blessings to you and wishing you every happiness!


  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you so much for your reading. Thank you for your comment on the little duckling. It is a little drawing I did in a planner..was trying to find the original version to show you, can't find it! The weather has been beautiful here and I had a golden day with a friend. When I got home I got another snippy remark from Javier (go figure!). I did not take it personally but I felt that I wanted to call him tonight. Your reading was spot on and I want to see if you can pick up on more after the phone call.

    Well, I called him tonight and he was working so he asked me to call him at a certain time after work, he said he would be waiting for my phone call. So I did and we had a nice conversation, peaceful, about regular everyday things. He told me he is clean and maintaining that, I didn't bring it up, he brought it up. He told me he is working hard to save money and he is paying his debt. He said he wants to see me if I go, that he can't write or maintain more contact because it is getting his emotions too involved and he can't do that (I think I understand what he means, like for me I just feel I lose my balance if I talk to him regularly, that would make me miss him even more and lose my focus; I am not sure what this actually means to him). That he doesn't have a girlfriend but a few lovers (I asked if things were the same as last time), that he considers himself alone...anyway. It was bittersweet for me, I miss him. There is care in his words towards me and mine towards him. I really wish we were closer. But at least the phone did not keep on losing the communication. I do not know what to think but I have peace. I am trying to get my things in order here. I am not antsy like I was the other time.

    He said he wants to see me if I go, he asked about all of my things, my daughter, etc. I told him there are things I want to tell him in person but not on the phone. He seemed sweet but somewhat guarded, though affectionate. It seems like it is careful affection. I guess it has to be. I told him I will go soon when I can arrange it, this summer and that I want to stay a while...who knows.

    Can you look into this? You said we would have to see each other to cross unto something else. Is he capable of showing up? I do not want to get hurt. I know we can't be an item if we are not in the same place, but would we be if I were? I still believe that it is best for us not to project anything, he believes the same...can you show me more clarity after this conversation?

    Thank you Astra...It was so nice to hear his voice, it was so calming to me. I feel that he felt the same way. I just do not want to be delusional.

  • Hi mardepp

    That all sounds really nice with him. It sounded like some healthy communications patterns, I hope that continues. Yes, the guardedness, that's okay everyone has their own sort of pace. So it all sounded nice to me what you were sharing about him!

    So, I can draw some cards, and simple share what comes to mind, you could see other aspects too.

    Overall it looks very nice to me, a lot of nice emotions, a 9, 7... some dreaminess there.

    The situation right now is connected to beginning of a thought. The 2 pentacles is below that is affirming a new path in the physical, so that can relate to movement and travel.

    Above is 8 wands, that is adding some expansive role, identity aspects, so you could be thinking a lot on role, path, goal, and so with him, this could translate to some serious consideration for a path with him (maybe some dreaming of what it would be like to be living with him, or to have a home togther). THere is a Sun card in the past, that shows a history of a lot of optimism about the two of you. You both believe in each other I would say.

    The cards immediately ahead are 7 cups and Empress. So combine that and you have Nurturing + emotional dreaminess. SO that sounds to me like a nice relaxed sort of place, where you nurture yourself, and let yourself dream a little nothing too intense. So I think you and him are wise to take things a step at a time and let it grow as it wants. The Empress is the mother role card. So that could be your role you are trying on.

    There is also an influence of blending around you and him. Blending (temperance) is a wonderful union of two. Temperance also seems to be agreeing that you can trust that the relationship will progress as it should, your sense of restraint or guardedness could be picking up on this card's influence.

    Hopes and dreams, 7 wands. That sounds interesting! That is like a pause of path card. I think you would LOVE to take a break and get away and relax - WITH HIM too! This is all sounding to me like a trip is trying to develop!

    The 'outcome' card is a two of swords, which is the "agreement" of thinking. So whatever that Ace of Swords is up to at center is "agreed with" as the outcome. Those are the only two swords, so that sounds like a new idea, a decision and then (there is an) agreement to pursue that line of thinking.

    There are 2 7's in the reading anytime I start seeing 7's, they are very restful and dreamy and nice. So you should be feeling some very restful, dreaminess settling over your life.

    I think it all sounds really nice to me mardepp.

    You asked:

    You said we would have to see each other to cross unto something else. Is he capable of showing up?

    I would say yes, certainly. He sounds like he wants to see you. That is just my guess I am not getting that from cards. The two swords at the end seems to say something about 2.

    I do not want to get hurt. I know we can't be an item if we are not in the same place, but would we be if I were?

    Yes, no one wants to be hurt in relationships. All I can say is that whenever I have thought about you two, based on what you share and the cards, it does all sound nice to me. I would guess that if the two of you lived nearer together there would be more opportunity to develop something nice, physically.

    I still believe that it is best for us not to project anything, he believes the same...can you show me more clarity after this conversation?

    The conversation must have been dreamy and nice! The 9 + 7 cups = 16 = 7 = emotional/love dreaminess. THere was some underlying talk of travel perhaps. Talk of the past nice (Sun). Ahead seems not totally clear., however the call ended with a nice nurturing talk (empress).

    Blending, 7 wands, 2 swords. I think you came away from the call agreeing with yourself that there is magic here. Now all that remains is to buy the plane tickets!

    I hope that helps mardepp! Long distance relationships... what fun, ?huh? 🙂



  • Hi Astra,

    I wanted to update you and see if you can help me see further...How have you been? I have been so, so busy it is almost crazy but I am somehow achieving balance most days. Working very hard and many commitments/social/work related things...I need a break. I am very grateful though, I have my moments but I am loving my life.

    So, ok, I am going back home for the summer. I will stay for a month and a half. Everything just flowed fairly easily putting it together (the trip). Even my daughter's father was ok with us leaving for that long...I am going to teach there. It will be short courses because I also need friends, rest, family, etc. I am not going to stay with family, we are actually renting an apartment. I want to know if this is a fantasy I have or whether this dream is a true possibility (to move back or at least spend a few months there every year?). This is the purpose, maybe it'll get clearer, hopefully not more confusing.

    Here is the J part, he knows I am going and that it is a reality. We have not communicated but about once a week he makes some sort of silent appearance, like liking a picture of me of making a short comment. He put my course information on his FB yesterday. The thing is, for a few days now he changed his profile pic. with a picture of him and a girl. i believe she is just a friend but who knows? I could be wrong. But there are things that like you said in one of your readings make me think that he wants attention and/or drama. So, I do want to see him and have strong feelings for him but I am turned off that he is there but not there. So far I am not doing anything about anything, just observing and being friendly...

    I have worked on myself to make sure I do not think anything of any expectations. So the trip will be great regardless but I'd be lying if I didn't say I want to see him and ask some questions and see what happens...I dunno...

    So, can you look into how things are between us? what is coming? I am curious...does he want to see me? should I reach out to him when the date gets closer? I have a sense that he'd like to hear from me, but I'd like to see if he reaches out. Are things still there? would they be reignited between us? The last reading was great. I am just curious as to where he is at. I know where I am at, I am observing, simply that...

    Thank you Astra if you can look into it. I should draw a heli for you.



  • Hi mardepp

    I am fine thanks for asking!

    That is great that you are going home I am sure that will work out well.

    The significant cards are:

    Tower > Empress > Temperance > 8 Swords > Knight Swords

    Tower is movement that is the trip there.

    Empress is nurturing, so that sounds like first you are spending plenty of time with family, schooling settings, that is nurturing teaching.

    Then an outder influence, temperance = blending. So at some point after you get down there, there will be something between you and him, I think he will reach out to you and invite you to get together... the blending leads to 8 swords, which is some rather deep connections organized between you two. Then the Knight of Swords continues that (and the reading ends there)

    So now your questions:

    1. can you look into how things are between us?

    They look nice to me, 6 cups center, Devil with that shows an active imagination perhaps along with whatever nice emotions are you have at present. Universe above so that sounds very affirming like "all is working out perfectly!" sort of atmosphere over you right now.

    The fading card and the card below go together, the King of Swords is an important figure in your past (that must be him) leads to some mystery and uncertainty at present (Moon below you) although your emotions are very much at peace and in a nice place about him right now. You seem content with where things are at.

    2. what is coming?

    Your trip there, some period of time where you are mostly with family and teaching and then he reaches out or invites you to be with him. You seem to stay with him for some time and you are able to dialogue a lot.

    3. Does he want to see me?

    Yes. That blending card is a sign to me of emotional desire to connect with you.

    4. Dhould I reach out to him when the date gets closer?

    Yes I would, the 6 cups and Empress are touching the Tower, so those are very very nice communicating and sharing and nurturing (what is there) cards.

    5. I have a sense that he'd like to hear from me, but I'd like to see if he reaches out. Are things still there? I think things are right where they have always been. I have the sense that this trip will provide you both the chance to "get real and plan" something out as a life together. The swords are really trying to get something moving ahead in agreements and same page types of thinking.

    So I am sure that you and he will experience an "epiphany" of sorts. Aligning your thinking, and 8's are doors, so a "door" of find thoughts between you, seems to develop.

    6. would they be reignited between us? Yes, this does look to me like that :blending: card gets things moving again between you!

    The Swords are lovers. You should plan on being with him for quite a while. Somehow you two will be spending quality time together. Moon... Universe... Devil... tower... empress... blending... swords. Yep, you two could find yourselves isolating yourselves from the world while you enjoy being together.. I think it all sounds wonderful!

    You may get down there an not want to return! 🙂

    love, astra

  • It is interesting that the Blending card shows up in the same position as the last reading, I think that is a sign of impending "union" with someone of a cups + pentacles kind which means physical and emotional = nice. Lovers card is all pentacles and cups. Also the card of the Fool, strength = animal instincts.

  • Dear mardepp

    I also looked at your relationship with the Cartouche (Egyptian oracle) and I thought it also sounded very positive about the relationship


    The Twins


    The Pyramid is all about permanence and enduring and also is a preservative.

    The Twins are really about "spirit twin" relationships, and to see that card show up in the center, well it sure sounds like whatever you have with J is of a higher order, twin flame sort of relationship.

    And Earth (is like the Empress) and that "grows" whatever it touches, which is the relationship.

    So it sounds like you have a lot of nice energies around the two of you, I am sure things will proceed nicely with him in the right way.



  • Dear Astra,

    Thank you for the readings, that was beautiful...I am just open so we shall see what happens. I am really trying to be calm and I am soooo busy, it is really insane. I hope I get a chance to slow down over there and enjoy my daughter and other people. That would be nice!! I shall keep you posted 🙂

  • Hello Astra,

    I hope everything is treating you right, wherever you are...what are your plans this summer? well, it is interesting, I dared to dream and here I am...

    My trip is in a week and I have been insanely busy, leaving everything ready and taking this leap for a good part of the summer feels good but it is also scary: On one hand I will exercise my independence by staying on my own and not with my family for the first time in my life, I am going to be working there and also resting and reuniting with friends and family. I want to see Javier as well but I stop my heart from dreaming because I am terrified of being hurt. The truth that in my last visit we got a lot closer and he has reacted but withdrawing more than previous years rather than have a more flowing communication with me. He appears sometimes but I have no idea what it all means. And I have reacted by withdrawing too. I used to be all jokes and fun and everything with him and I can't do that anymore...because I am hurt already. I do not one to be one more girl to him, I can't do that to myself, I have been through a lot before. So I wanted to ask you for one last reading before I go back. He asked a couple of weeks ago when would I be there, I replied with some details and I told him that I wanted to see what I would feel like living in an apartment over there by myself. He has not replied. I have no idea how he is perceiving me. In the past he was decidedly pursuing me and adamant about when I would be there. This time he is like timid, he withdrew first, I withdrew too. I am disappointed in him, I do not know what to think. So here are my questions for you, I tried doing a reading by myself but I end up being more confused...Can you advice me with the cards on what to do regarding Javier? What vibe is he getting form me? How can I get his attention? You said he would reach while I am there...I am kind of afraid because if he is not reaching out before I get there, why would he after? Is he getting the wrong idea about me? Please help me clarify my thoughts and feelings. Thank you Astra.

  • Hi mardepp!

    Thanks, yes things are going well thank you! Plans this summer, not sure. I would love to see Palm trees.

    I am excited about your trip! I think this is going to be wonderful for you and the two of you too!

    I saw really wonderful cards turning up, and made a few notes.

    First of all He Is Really Thinking about you (knight of swords) and there were some wands throughout which always looks nice to me.

    I think he is getting good vibes from you. Empress, he sees you as a very nurturing soul. He has always had you deep in his heart.

    How can I get his attention? Talk to him before you talk to him. Imagine fun scenarios there in your place. Act out some fun scenes with him. I think you and him are going to be in theatre together as a very amazing team, and it will be love.

    mardepp: Oh, Sir Knight! How wonderful, at last we meet once more!

    Knight: My lady! My heart doth kindle fires for thee, amidst the bows of love!

    Mardepp: What shall we do then Sir Knight? To requeathe thy love for thine Maiden. Shall I not neglect thee? Or causeth thee to burn for my sake?

    Knight: How canst though mention my love for thee my Maiden? How canst thou torture me so!

    Mardepp: My Knight, My Knight! Parting, is such sweet vengeance! You see how I return to you though.

    Mardepp: Like a little lady moth, I must return to thy flame, therein to be consumed once again by thy oceans coursing through me, deep down!

    Knight: Then my maiden shall bequeathe thine honor, and thy hand I ask in the blessedness of thy union with thine caprice of life. Sayest not thing maiden waiteth for me! Come! Let me show you the blessedness I have prepareth for thee!

    And then you and he perform the next scene which is more of a dance really, your lines in that part will be shorter. Not as much to remember. You will be focused more on the choreo.


    I see a wonderful voyage to love! This is all wonderful mardepp! You are being whisked along by the lovely clouds...

    Magic is in the air! (*Magician card, coming up next for you two.

    ".I am kind of afraid because if he is not reaching out before I get there, why would he after? Is he getting the wrong idea about me? Please help me clarify my thoughts and feelings. Thank you Astra."

    "Do not fear my Maiden! Thine prince of thine love awaiteth! Only trust! And we shall find thine honor restored! And some other things too! 🙂 -Knight Galihad

    ALL IS PERFECT and moving along as is best! 🙂

    Love and blessings,


  • Dearest, dearest Astra,

    You made me laugh so much with the dialogue!! ha haaaaa, that was great! Actually I went to the theater here last week to see a friend perform in Hamlet. He was Claudius and a very angry one! I went with some friends and it was a really great performance. Shakespeare never ceases to amaze me in how contemporary his writings are as an observer of human behavior...I love the cards too. Thank you so much for your reading. Well, you gave me the confirmation that I needed and tonight I heard from Javier. He just wrote one line as he usually does lately and it read "I really can't wait to see you any longer, my heart is beating and I am counting the minutes". Awwww, I was so happy to read that. I wrote that I want to see him too and that I am bringing some of my big drawings and I need his help to paste them under bridges!

    So, we shall see Astra...Thank you soooo much.

  • That sounds interesting, pasting the drawings under bridges!

    You are so welcome on the reading, my pleasure mardepp! I see wonderful things ahead for you! Love is in the air... I just know that once you and Javier are together that all of the details will sort themselves out easily.

  • Hello Astra, I have been back home for a couple of days. We talked the evening of the day I got here and met the next day. It has been amazing to see him, like truly being home. I need to ask you more and wanted to ask you if you are still doing fiverr and see if you could do a reading for me there.

  • Hi Astra,

    I would appreciate a reading from you. Things have been awesome when I got here and they really flowed between us, the first two days. I saw him yesterday morning for the last time. I can't figure him out. I called him today to see how he was doing, but he said he was having car trouble and it wouldn't be resolved until monday. We lost the call in between, I tried calling him a couple of other times and sent him a text message because I grew frustrated that he did not get back to me. Maybe he can't. I think I need to lay low for a while. When i saw him the other day it felt like we were a couple, now I do not know what to do, maybe he is being a commitment phobic.

    Inn my message I sent him, a message of encouragement about his car and that we could go for a walk if he wanted. He did not reply. I am frustrated...Can you read about us, him regarding us? Do I need to step back? I thought he wanted to see me. Why is he being like this? Will I hear from him again during my stay? It gets me in a very bad mood when I perceived reciprocity and there there is none. I want to be there for him. To me he just hang up the phone today and I do not understand why. I am upset with him. Here is a picture of us the evening we saw each other again, so happy. Now I am a bit at a loss! Please help me focus and see what I can live through this and if everything's ok. I kind of pissed!


  • I owe the picture for later, the file size is too big!

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