Captain can you give me an advice

  • What i can expect from this guy?

    He's acting cold lately, but then again i can feel he still likes me. Im confused, what should i do?

  • What guy is that? I need something like his birthdate (and yours) or his photo in order to tune into his vibes.

  • my date is 7.9.1991. and his 13.10. 1992 if i need pic or smth tell me where i can send it to you:)

  • Nency, this can be nice for a love affair but I wouldn't count on it to last into a full-blown long term commitment. As a love affair, this relationship can sweep both of you off your feet. However you can both get too carried away. So a problem here is impetuousness and even irresponsibility, but even if things don't work out in the long run, the memory of a natural and uninhibited affair will remain. There is a youthfulness and enthusiasm to the relationship, like two children at play. The trouble here will come from your friend's nervous side - he may be unable to handle the pressures he feels you are putting on him. He will withdraw or show signs of stress and this can signal the end. You will feel helpless to do anything but there is nothing to be done if your friend has got the jitters. Just try to have fun and don't expect too much from this relationship.

  • thank you, i was kind of aware of that, cause we are both taken, but cant ignore the feelings, and i was wondering what could happen with us. So jeah he has feelings for me? cause lately he dosent give me any attention at all, and i was wondering should i make a move.

  • Coming on too strong or demanding would only frighten him away. Play it light, fun and cool.

  • thanks for an advice, i was thinking about talking online to him, cause even though we see each other often, we dont hang out together so idk how to approach him. Do you suggest that i wait for him to ''make a move'' or should i do something?:)

  • Let him do the move-making.

  • okay, thank you. can i ask you did he break up with his girlfriend? i think she is 18.4.92

  • They do have a combative relationship but also a very strong physical bond. So they will probably experience many breakups but also makeups. He will keep going back to her.

  • hey, i wanted to ask in what time period can i expect ''him making the move, or just getting closer with him?

  • Not until he is over with the other girl completely and that I feel will be a long long time from now - if ever. He is really entangled with her.

  • Nency, you seem to crave love and attention but you need to give it to yourself first of all.

  • jeah he seems so, you are probably right i dont know how to give it to myself so instead im searching for someone else to give me, so i can feel fullfilled

  • You will never find anyone else who can give you love like you can give yourself. Why is it so hard for you to do that - do you like yourself at least?

  • sometime i feel like i do, but sometimes i feel like im terrible person. I dont know how to change that, im trying tho

  • Were you encouraged to feel good about yourself as you were growing up?

  • well not really i think

  • Then you have to give that encouragement to yourself. You are looking for someone else to make you feel loved and good about yourself but only you can do that - you have to love yourself and be your own best friend.

  • If you don't love yourself, why would anyone else love you?

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