Astra please help I think she´s in danger

  • Hi Astra!

    Remember the GM we talked about that´s been telling rocks a bunch of stuff?

    Well I am now worried that he want´s her to be his, he´s been calling to her a few times now and the things he say´s makes her scared and worried, she is trying to distance herself from him but it´s difficult in a way I can´t tell you about, all I can say is that it will be dangerous for her to do it in a obvious way.

    Would you please do a reading regarding his intentions with telling her all off the stuff he is saying and so? I am scared something will happen to her because of him, she still want´s to be with the other one but this one is manipulating her, at least I think so

  • Okay this is off of my plate now AFAIAC now that you are mentioning that kind of situation.

    You need to call the police if there are concerns of the type you are dealing with.



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