Compatibility reading please Captain

  • Hi Captain,

    I met a guy (6-30-54) and I am (10-16-56), we have been dating and so far, so good....we had a strong and instant connection....can you do a compatibility reading for me please??

    Thanks very much,


  • There are some elements of a grandparent-child relationship here, as in encouraging learning and passing along knowledge. The two of you have a catalytic effect on each other. There is an interesting psychological dynamic here, in which each person incorporates some of the other's attitudes; this in turn leads you to discover or expose aspects of your own selves that have previously been concealed. This relationship will urge your partner to be more outgoing and to reveal more about his inner life, and you to draw back a bit from your worldly involvements and to become more introspective. Thus, this relationship balances each person's innate tendencies. In encouraging you both in these directions, it creates a movement towards wholeness and psychological health. Even should it end, it will probably leave each partner more whole, not only functioning better but having more to offer.

    You often like a strong arm to lean on in your personal relationships, LibraLuli, but with this man you will benefit from an even more important body part - a sympathetic ear that knows how to listen. However you may be unable or unwilling to give your partner the attention he needs, and it may arouse some frustration and resentment on his part for your work and social activities and associates. You can be uncomfortable with emotions but your relationship with this man will teach you the hazards of a cool and unemotional facade. Learning to acknowledge and give vent to your feelings constructively will be an important lesson for you to learn. The dynamic here seems to have a specific purpose in each individual's personal growth. Once that purpose is served, the two of you may find that the relationship falls apart, having outlived its usefulness as many relationships do. But it is still invaluable for the lessons it teaches.

  • Thank you put into words what I have been wondering about the two of us. At first, I felt we had been brought together because we were looking for the same things in a relationship, but as it has progressed, I have started to feel we were divinely brought together for the learning we each need to learn from each other. He has pulled his Cancer disappearing act today and I was not going to reach out to him, but after reading what you wrote in the 2nd paragraph, I think you are right....I need to not put up such an unemotional facade and reach out to him.

    Thanks again....your thoughts were very helpful and insightful, just what I needed!

    Many blessings,


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