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  • Hi any help will be appreciated. I need help I have not been able to find a job I am satisfied with , have passion for or have had a healthy environment were I love my job. Will I ever find a good job that I love?

  • Hi dfrance!

    We can look at this. I know the feeling... our work should be fulfilling and rewarding whatever it is.

    Okay, let's start with a 10 card set just to see "where you are at" at the moment.

    Situation, star and the companion card is the sun.

    Above, 5 pentacles, below, 4 (queen) cups

    Behind, Lovers, ahead, the Universe

    Future environment the Knight of Pentacles (4's in motion)

    Outer influence, King (stationary 3) of Wands

    Hopes and dreams, release, freedom (judgment card)

    Outcome is the 10 swords (leaving one thought pattern for a new one)

    I think you are right, it looks very important for you to love your work (queen of cups below).

    The 5 of earth (above) is more of the conscious concern and that seems to be centered around a change, or adjusting of the physical/work life. It sounds like you are thinking of making some changes in your work path.

    The Star and Sun combo at center is hope and the "new day dawning"... so it seems that is encouraging from the Universe, that this is going to work out for you, you will get your new day.

    The Universe ahead, and then the Knight of Pentacles seems to be showing a development where you do find a work that is better for you. This must be occurring soon, I think the Universe here is a card of continuing the hope from center forward (star + Sun)... the Knight of Pentacles is a very strong card of work and job in that case, leaving - what? A lot of faith and trust back there... where is the knight headed? It looks like toward a Judgement/10 swords pattern.

    There is an outer influence of a king (3) wands, that is "pointing" the way to this judgment/10 swords, as the path. This is the only wand card and it is really pointing down the road.

    Judgment + 10 swords sounds like a key to unlocking your true, happy, fulfilling work.

    Here are some questions for you -

    1. Was there something in your job/work past that you really loved doing that you would like to get back to?

    2. I want to say this is encouraging you to pursue something of intellectual content as your work. Is your current field of work connected to more intellectual activities, science, tech, law, teaching, this all feels like you need to head more toward the intellectual realms to be happy. How does that strike you? I am just fishing for feedback from you.

    Why don't we leave it at this point until I hear from you and then we can dig further! Hang in there HELP is coming to get you on your right career path! Right, universe? 🙂

    Blessings dfrance,


  • Hi Astra I am trying to pursue something relating to the sciences that also business is involved. I want to pursue a job as an administrator at a hospital, clinic or non profit organization. I am just not sure if this is a good job for my personality since I am quiet and shy.

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  • Hi dfrance,

    I would say if that is in your heart to be, then go for it and the shyness and all that would be dealt with as you move into that career path. I was never really comfortable with administrative work the few times I was thrust into that role.

    It might be fun to visit the hospital and ask to speak to one of the administrators, and simply ask them your questions, and see what you think.

    You did show a real swordsy finish on the reading which means you like the intellectual areas.

    Universe would say you want to help others.

    Judgment card shows people rising up to the clouds so that does sorta sound like a "recovering" situation, clinic or whatever.

    Did you have something in the past that was like this kind of work? That lovers card in the past is touching on something back there you loved, and would like to either get back to or learn more about? DO you see anything with that?



  • I really dont have anything in the past which I feel I really loved or maybe I dont remember but I will be doing volunteer work next month at the hospital. So that will allow me to be there and see how it is.

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