Hello Captain, could you enlighten me? :)

  • Hello TheCaptain, been lurking on the forums for a little while and decided to gather all my courage to ask your advice. 🙂 I'm not in a relationship right now, but I have been wondering if a relationship is possible with a guy friend I've recently reconnected with over the past year (late 2012 and early 2013).

    For starters, he's a Sagittarius, born 12/13/94, and I am a Gemini, born 05/31/93.

    I had an instant yet short-lived crush when I met him back when we started as freshmen in university in the same organisation, but it went away after a while. We did a pair cosplay together which earned us the nickname The Lovers, and people often mistaked us as a couple because of the chemistry we had (and we laughed it off). Lost contact through most of 2011 and early 2012 because we had conflicting schedules and different majors, so it was difficult to meet and talk. Reconnected with him just shortly before he left for another country on a one-year exchange program in August 2012, and we have been communicating regularly ever since even though he's so far away... And for some reason, I find the same attraction coming back again.

    Undeniably, he is smart and we have very good conversations together (something that Geminis really look for in a man), but I'm really just wondering if my attraction to him was just because of this. He's really nice to me though, and I've received gifts from him even if he is in another country, and I've sent over some things for him as well. We've been teased about doing very couple-y things (one friend even joked if we were hiding a secret relationship), but we both really just laugh it off.

    Does it mean something from his end if he's the one who suddenly just declares himself as your "husband", even if jokingly or half meant? 😮

    Thanks Captain!

  • Also, I feel he may have been something special in a past life, but I don't know for sure. My recollections of my past lives come in bursts and in random order, and I do not clearly recall meeting his soul before, but I know he has been something special to me at least once in one of those past lives. Please do enlighten me. Thank you so much! 🙂

    And just a little quirky thing about myself: My aura color is blue. A deep royal blue, inside and out. No other colors mixed in. 🙂 His is a pure yellow aura, very bright and vibrant, somehow electric (think Pikachu, if you're familiar with Pokemon). I've noticed that the men I am attracted to have a yellow aura -- my last crush had a mellow pastel yellow aura, and was a Libra XD

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