Virgo stuck between a virgo and taurus

  • 9/20/1983 ia m stuck between two slightly different men that both bring me happiness in their own ways and allow me to feel free and safe at the same time for once in my life i am actually quite content but i want to know where i should lay my head at night i want to make a decision.....8/28/1984 and 4/25/1980 if anyone can help let me know......i am currently with the virgo but we are currently separated by distance and the taurus and i are close like bestfriends and ppl confuse as as a couple i also think he has feelings for i wasting time on the one i feel like i belong to and possibly losing a chance with the unknown?

  • Virgo men are nearly impossible to have a long term relationship with. Taurus will provide so much more nurturing, stability and they provide the protection you seem to want. Taurus are strong and honest and will work at a relationship.

    If you haven't already, try to read some of the Heart of a Virgo Man thread on this will give you some insight. They always seem wonderful in the beginning, but don't let that fool you, the Virgo man can turn on you very quickly.

  • According to your astrological profile, the Virgo man is the best bet for the long term commitment provided you don't allow things to get too dull or routine. Don't structure or try to control your life together too much out of a fear you are acting irresponsibly. This relationship can bring out your spontaneity and show you how to look for deeper levels of meaning in life. You have too many severe temperamental differences with the Taurus man to make a successful longterm relationship. It would be fine during the good times but when problems or difficult times hit, the relationship would prove to be unresoucreful and unresilient with an attitude of denying or ignoring the fact that something is wrong.

  • Depends on the Virgo man. Many are sensitive and honestly are emotionally hurt easily and can be co-dependant. You can also count on a Virgo - very smart, they figure things out often their own genius way. Many are incredibly honest. Taurus men - can be hot sexually. They can tell you what you want to hear. They can get hurt easily too, but rebound fairly quickly. If you read profiles on both Virgos sound dull and boring and Taurus is fun. But Taurus - not all - but many cannot be trusted. Virgos tend to bond to one person. As long as you both can go off and do things alone and together, no one should get smothered. Many Virgos are polite, curtious and notice everything. Taurus can be funny, quick witted and often cruel. Virgos don't fight much. Taurus men can have a quick, hot temper. Trust your instincts - that little voice inside. Who do you honestly like / love / care for more. Long distance relationships can be lonely, but it's great when you finally hook up - each of you will see the greatness in each other. Or......flip a coin (kidding)......Good Luck

  • virgo deceived me found out recently he has been keeping a relationship with his ex not okay with that bc of what i heard about the girl abusing him in evry way i would say making him her puppet so i told him when he gets home we will see what happens till than i am gonna have some fun with taurus honey moon stage of course ill get bored since i am too a Virgo and i get bored easliy really wanted to stay with virgo though i guess we will see...thank you everyone

  • But weren't you also cheating in your heart with the Taurus guy, while the Virgo man was with his ex? Seems like you both are not sure of your relationship.

  • yes i could say that it was more physical with the taurus and emotions with the virgo not fair to either so i guess karma got me in the end, i walked away from the virgo 6 yrs ago bc i was scared and now i thought i was ready but clearly am not i have to work myself. Although i feel a connection with the taurus i know in my heart it will end one day....

  • this is taurus and me to the right

  • or not

  • okay it worked his bday is 4-25-80

  • I still feel the Virgo and you are better suited. But it may be that neither of these men is right for you and that is why you hesitate. I am feeling a more secure dependable man is waiting in the shadows.

  • thank you captain I never thought of it that way I feel like im in the box when usually I am far from it no rush just going to live each day and see what happens and hopefully this man in the shadows comes forth

  • He will if you open your heart to the possibility of him. Keep your options open.

  • i dont see myself settling down anytime soon

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