Work, possible Ghost?

  • I am creating this page for my cousin to be able to ask a question. Here it is...

  • Hi My Name is Tracy, I have never had strange thing's really happen to me before but I have started a new job and well lets just say I'm thinking twice of staying there, last month didn't think anything of it the laundry door shut on me ,Then Today I seen the door open right before my eye's knowing and seeing from my own eyes that door was locked and shut, and when I checked to see if someone was in there it was quiet and no one was in the office and I checked the door knob and it was still locked and how it open I have no clue and only 1 person has that key and she wasen't there today, And after I talked to someone about this happening to me they said yeah I have had weird thing's happen to like the clocks will act up and in the infant room the kids were stare off in place and all the sudden start screaming and crying. my question is what do I do and also how do I get history to look up this place I want to read some history on the land and the place and see posibley why and what is happening.

    Hopen I get answer soon I tried to google it but nothing .

    Sincelry: Tracy.

  • Hello Tracy welcome to the site. Seems to me you have a ghost or sprit hanging around. The best

    place to research is the court house records and old newspapers some times the library might have the old newspapers. If the ghost(s) is bothersome you can tell it to leave in a firm voice. usually that works. Children are very susceptible to ghosts and spirits as their minds tend to be more open and creative. lets us know what you find

  • Shadowmist, , how do I go about doing the court house records? Never done anything like that before? And thank you for helping I'm going to do everything I can to try and find out more info and what spirit might be possibley doing this. Thank's again And I'll keep you updated.

  • there are two ways to start you can physically go to the records department at the court house & let the records clerk know you want to search for the address and they will get you started or you can go to the website. most counties in the USA are listed under clerk of courts and the county you live in and you click on the public records and the look for property records in Florida they are called OR books this will trace the owner ship and from their you can look up old newspaper clippings. Also if you have older workers they might know the legends around the building

  • ok thank you I'll Try that.

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