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  • Hi faye1218

    Seeing as how I went ahead and drew cards on your situation as regards work and children, I thought I would go ahead and start a new topic.

    I made notes on the image, I hope you can read it otherwise I can type it out. It does seem to show a big path end+beginning that you really hope to see happen. Then the Page (children) as the outcome (focus). There is significant choice ahead as you decide to reduce the stress (9 to a 4 cups) and the employer seems to agree to this (4C).

  • Oh! Can you do 4 10's instead of 5 days a week? I wonder if that is what this is saying...

    9, Q4, 8, ... 4 and then a 10 wands.... 4 10's?

    Just an idea.

  • Hi Astra, I'm just now seeing that you created this thread for are so sweet to try to help me figure things out. I had responded earlier to your other thread with this:

    HI Astra, I would love to open a new thread if you wouldn't mind helping me try to examine some options as far as work and my kids go! I am very open minded and even though I think I have looked into all my options, it would be nice looking outside myself to see if there is anything I have missed! In my current position, telecommuting wouldn't be an option since I do secretarial work answering the phones, etc and need to be in the office for the type of work that I do. However, the last few weeks something has come up where my job duty could change and I'm not sure if that new position would allow telecommuting or not. My commute isn't bad, but hubby's is so I wonder if the cards are picking up something as far as a change on his end. We've been contemplating a job change on hubby's end to something closer and possibly less hours or not working at all so 1 of us could stay home with our youngest.

    A little background about my situation...We had a recent change in management that forced not only me but everybody else in the office to work a 5 day work week. Management didn't want to make this change, but they had a few bad seeds in the office taking advantage of taking too much time off which ruined it for everybody else. So to be "fair" across the board, they have required everybody to keep the same work schedule (same hours, same days). My manager knows I'm a good employee and really didn't want to force me into a 5 day work week like he has. But he feels like he's in a tough spot if he allows me to have a shorter work schedule and doesn't allow anybody else the same. The unfortunate thing is the bad "seeds" continue to get away with being late or taking days off while us good employees suffer as we are forced to this strict work schedule. So now it has caused a lot of his "good" employees to be unhappy since a few bad seeds have ruined it for the rest of us.

    I have been OK this past week, but the week before I was a wreck - just having anxiety attacks, guilt for not being there for my children as much as I want to be and just stressed because there are so many expectations from my work to be there all the time. I just really need to figure out some sort of balance because I can't keep operating this way:/...its not good for me or my kids.

    A 4 - 10 work week would be awesome but based on the circumstance with my employer being so firm with keeping the same hours in the office, I'm thinking its probably not feasible. I think its going to boil down to me having to sit down with my manager to let him know how stressed I've been over this work schedule and family (which I don't want to do because I know I will probably lose all control) and maybe something will be figured out that way.

  • Hi faye1218

    OKay, same hours, same days. I am trying to see if there is a different way to look at this. It sounds like if you could at least just get back to that previous schedule you had that you would be relieved of the stress. At least for now.

    So you worked fewer hours and now you have to work more? To keep it all fair. Honestly, someone needs to look at the laws as regards what companies can and can't do.. especially as it is impacting mothers, That doesn't seem right.

    Well... I guess since they are inflexible and unwilling to see how important it is? For the economic future of their company... to make sure women are treated with CARE and empathy, more than men... that is super important, right?

    I hope they change their policy on that real soon.

    A lighter schedule, what it used to be. How would that work for you, at least for now? Would that buy you some time to look at the bigger picture work wise? You do NOT need to be stressed out on this!

    Blessings 🙂


  • Women having to work... I am still trying to wrap my head around that one.

  • That is so totally not right! Women being treated the same as men? Women should be held in higher honor, in all situations. This doesn't sound right to me that your company did that. I would say that the MEN should be first in line to take the hit. THEN after all of the MEN have done what they can ... then and only then you start looking at the women.

    ?? I am a guy and I support anything that shows honor to women in the workforce.

  • Hi Astra, I'm sorry its taken so long to respond! Just busy, busy...the story of my life. Wishing things would slow down just a bit!

    Since last writing to you I decided to take the plunge and sit down and talk to my manager about how overwhelmed I've been feeling with work and home-life. Not a whole life has changed. Unfortunately, there are multiple people in the office, in the same boat with lots of stress going on outside of the workplace. My manager is afraid any schedule changes on my end would really throw things off in the office during a time when the boat is rocky.

    I feel better for talking with him to at least let him know how I'm feeling. For now, its going to be a week by week thing for me to see if there is time available each week for me to leave a couple of hours early maybe a few days week so I can get home a little early to spend some time with my boys. Not the ideal solution, but I guess it will work for now. The comment was made by one of my superiors that I am irreplaceable since I can pretty much run the office on my own and nobody else can. So because I'm a good employee, I'm the one who suffers the most? I just feel like I'm always the one picking up the slack around the office with people taking their days off. So as of now, I'm still a full-time employee that can take a few hours off here and there, while using my vacation/sick time to cover the time missed...but its all dependent on other people's schedules and coverage needs in the office. Just last week I had a day marked on the schedule that I was leaving early - it was something I had already marked about 2 weeks in advance so it was known by others that I was leaving early. Well wouldn't you know it, about an hour before I am scheduled to leave, the other 2 ladys who I work close with in the office leave for the rest of the day. So I was forced to stay to cover. I just feel like I'm always the one picking up the slack around the office with people taking their days off. I keep putting everybody else's needs first and I am suffering. I feel like this place is running me to the ground.

    One good thing is I'm represented by a union - I'm a Teamster. If things don't change in the office as far as some people getting away with murder, while others are suffering and picking up the slack, I will be sure to speak up to my business agent for representation. I am giving this new manager a chance - he's been around the office long enough to know what goes on, although he's only been a manager for about 2 mo's. He is slowly making changes for the better. However, I have yet to see any changes as far as equal work in the office.

    Sorry to ramble on...but it does help to write it out here. Thanks for listening and hoping something will change for the better soon! For now, I will cherish whatever time I do have with my boys;)

  • Hi faye1218

    Well that sounds good at least there is some dialogue going on abt improving the setting with the new mgr. i understand what you mean about having to pick up the slack because of others. I can't explain that, I think in those kinds of situations you have to try to pretend you are a golf player. It is a game between you and the ball, not so much others. So I am hoping that eases for you anyway though!

    I was fortunate in the work I did in advertising I was usually off in my own corner doing my job, or pretending to as best as I could. So I never really had that feeling that I was picking up the slack. Maybe others saw me as one of the slackards that THEY were picking up the slack for... in that case. to my ex-associates/employees I AM SORRY/...... haha... ha.... ha......... h

    Hey, if this helps for you to ramble on here, be my guest. I can draw cards too, however I think we all just sort dialogue here and that can be helpful.

    blessings, astra

  • Hi Astra,

    I hope things are going well for you! I wanted to update you that I've been doing a bit better, and it seems that the few days I've been able to leave early from work have really helped with me feeling like I have a lot more time with my kids. I am going to try to continue doing this as much as I can while we are slow at work!

    You mentioned in a past reading you did a surprise for our family. I was wondering if you have any idea of what that might be? I know - a surprise is a surprise - but the suspense is killing me - LOL! I'm not sure if the cards would give some sort of hint?

  • Hi faye1218

    I am not sure about that surprise, I could be wrong about that! I am sure it would be a nice surprise though.


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