Is he about to propose?!

  • My boyfriend Nick and I have been dating 7months and we go so well together. I've dated plenty enough to know he is very different & that he truly cares for me. We love each other. He is almost done with Army EOD school and will be leaving May1st for CO, which I'll be joining him in Sept. Before he even knew where he'd be going, he jokingly told me that he was taking me with him wherever he goes.

    I've noticed lately that he's been talking about the idea of marriage frequently. subtle things like "i may be leaving soon, but we have the rest of our lives together if we so choose" or "if we were married your initials would be LGG" and other instances where he's mentioned how "we'd" raise children and "our" home.

    He mentions things that begin with "if we were married" & "if you were my wife". You get the point.

    Also I need to add that he had been engaged 2yrs ago but she left him for another guy while he was stationed elsewhere. and yes he's dated other girls after her and before me.

    I may just be reading signs wrong, but i'm curious if there's possibly a proposal before he leaves or at least in the near future? What do you think??

    Thanks! 🙂

  • He loves you very much. The upcoming separation has him feeling a little anxious due to what happened with his past fiancee. He is letting you know how much he cares for you while at the same time "feeling you out." Reassure him of your feelings. A proposal may indeed be in the future - just not sure it will be before he leaves.

  • Thank you for the response! 🙂

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