Need a reading......

  • Me : November 13, 1972

    Him: May 12, 1975

    Both were born on the eastern side of the United States. I don't know his birth time but mine was 3:07 am.

    Thanks in advance....

  • This is a difficult relationship for romance. Issues will swirl and dance in this volatile matchup, vying for ascendancy. But the overall themes are those of leadership and ego - the two of you will fight over which person will lead in what areas and whose ego will receive the most stroking. A good rule of thumb is that whoever is least open about this goal wants it the most, making this a difficult beast to battle. Tension and struggle however can lead to great lessons in release and acceptance.

    The tension may also be resolved if the two of you as a couple adopt a tone or role of leadership in relation to those around you, rather than with each other. In fact your whole style can take on a 'royal' demeanour - granting audiences and favours to friends, making dramatic entrances and exits, and generally encouraging a kind of glow or buzz around yourselves. As you build up a mythology about your pairing, you may start to believe it yourselves. Fortunately or unfortunately, the relationship's inner turmoil will bring you down to earth as some of your own more unsavoury characteristics emerge, reminding you that you are both mere mortals.

    Your adventuresome partner will likely want to take the lead in both a friendship and/or a love affair. He has a great deal to teach you as you are more reclusive than he. In marriage however, the two of you operate very differently, with you Scorp taking the lead in household matters and your partner following and complementing. Woe betide you both if these areas get mixed up or if you both want to be the boss in anything. You are both fixed astrological signs and exactly opposite each other in the zodiac. Thus your relationship can feature great tension but also great endurance and solidity. It is up to you to decide whether a fair balance of power can be achieved in this relationship.

    You both want different things from life - you Scorp want an environment where you can feel safe, loved, and nurtured, somewhere you can feel free to be yourself and you will love whomever can provide this home for you. You fear abandonment and becoming stuck with mundane responsibilities but need to find a balance between what you have to do and what you want to do. Your partner wants to feel connected to other people while confidently being himself. He wants everyone around him to agree with him and to understand his point of view and recognise his authority. To achieve this, he may try to manipulate others with words into thinking his way. He has a big fear of poverty and may devote too much time and energy to his work and acquiring money and possessions in order to avoid being poor.

    Truth in communication will be vital in this relationship.

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