April 2013 Energy Update: What if...?

  • April 2013 Energy Update: What if...?

    a message from The Council of Light channeled by Meredith Murphy

    Beloved Family of Light,

    At this time the dawning of the New Age is being increasingly felt by each of you.

    You notice this in the subtle ways your emotions are different -- less dominant in your experience.

    You notice this as you sense incoming energies amplifying your presence.

    You notice this as you feel the familiar sense of loving energy around you, this sustained ongoing awareness of the deep connection you have with All-That-Is.

    These are all reminders of your awakening, your remembering and they are increasingly available as the energy evolves within your field and the energy of the crystalline grid shifts and opens into a new expression of planetary consciousness. All of life, in all kingdoms, is opening to this newness at the same time, in an interwoven dance of light and upliftment. It is a grand time indeed to be human and experiencing Earth. And it is a grand time to be in the stands, so to speak, watching and smiling with joy, humor and knee-slapping delight as you discover your capacities once more.

    The newness in your experience is your own leading edge.

    As you allow yourself to pay attention to your own newness, you amplify the energy on your own leading edge of evolution.

    You in effect, say, "Yes!" to your own accelerated evolving, opening more fully and demonstrating, in fact empowering this to occur with your attentiveness to your own newness. Remind yourself of this when you find yourself feeling lower, or stuck, when you find energies getting heavier or things feeling difficult. Most likely you have shifted your focus from your own leading edge and are now instead paying attention to patterns that are actually old energy, patterns of the past, that are not truly in the present. In fact you have partially left the present moment in your attention going there and in doing so, you're no longer creative and free, so you feel that life gets sluggish, energy becomes thicker-feeling, emotions get heavier and more prominent in your awareness and you feel a sense of having lost your groove. You have in fact, for you split your awareness, or more then split it, you've gone into a enclosed cycle from which there is no creativity -- you're in lens experiencing life as "the past," from within a perspective or energy pattern or loop which is a closed system and you're along for the ride.

    You can easily reinstate your higher vibrational energies instantaneously.

    Anything that is familiar yet uncomfortable can be understood this way. The way out of this is to simply say to your being, "let's raise the vibration, let's return to the present, let's open once more to the soaring, ascending energies…" and feel your energy lift. Keep calling forth the leading edge of your experience as the energy of your being begins to vibrate faster and let the other go. You can easily reinstate your higher vibrational energies instantaneously. Of course this means you have to stop thinking about things which were taking you throught he wormhole of focus into the past and a closed circuit cycle of energy that you've already lived.

    Whenever you cut yourself off from the present there are what you will consider unpleasant consequences. If you are mining the past for learning, you will actually not be in the past, but rather viewing the past with your present awareness, you will be in the present examining the past in a way that is invigorating and can set you free in greater ways. You will know this when you feel it because you will feel the empowerment of the present revising the experience of the past. But when you are in the past and it feels heavy and sluggish, then you are in a closed circuit space where you do not have creative options. If you extend the past into the future with fear you will also find this terribly miserable and dense. You will always find it less than desirable in terms of how it feels to you, for these choices of focus pinch you off from the nature of your being, which is inherently, perpetually creative.

    The emotions you used to feel are softening.

    You are finding yourself more able to open to life without the drama! Who knew this was possible! If you think about how your life was a year or two ago, or even 6 months ago, there was way more drama then there is now.

    You have opened up so much! Please see this and smile to yourself! You have much more confidence now in your remembering and as a result of this confidence you are empowering your own higher levels of being to come forth. You relate to higher levels of your own being with more nonchalance and ease.

    This is a beautiful thing because this interpretation reflects the truth of connecting with the higher levels of your being --it's totally natural! It's exactly what you do -- you come into spheres of existence and you move, following your inner nudges and knowings, toward a fuller and fuller experience of all that you are! Doing this is the innate drive of your being. It is why you are drawn to anything and everything.

    On Earth you all think that people do things to be happy. What is more happiness than being more You? 🙂 We tease you here, but in fact, you are in essence an extremely enthusiastic cheerful, eternally uplifted energy of creation. Divine light and love is quick moving, fluid, confident, playful, filled with delight and in essence, kind of how you think of dogs -- eternally cheerful and fun-loving. How could it not be a happier experience to be more of that?

    You are experiencing life more and more from an inherent state of value.

    The true nature of your being is coming forth more and more now and as you allow yourself to have more fun, to play more, to not need for everything to have a purpose, but instead to trust in your own worth separate from doing and even being.

    You then say, "Oh my GOSH what am I waiting for to have more fun? To eat more ice cream? To go swimming and play hookey more often?"

    You begin to remember how when you were young rolling in the grass with a dog was the most incredible fun. Or how walking in the woods you sensed and played with the fairies.

    You begin to remember that you always knew what your dog was thinking or feeling and that you could communicate and not just with your dog, but with trees and rocks and the people you knew -- even when they didn't know you were talking and they were opening up to you from within. You had this wide-open communication with all of life the unity simply WAS and it was operating as extension of its principal, until you begin to believe things which then shut this all down.

    The beliefs made it an impossibility and so you stopped tuning into all this. But it's all there, the interconnectedness which makes all of this communion and communication possible. And now you're remembering this and remembering your own true capacities and it's thrilling to find out what you loved most about being human when you were young and small, is exactly what's best about being YOU!

    Feeling powerfully creative, confident, enthusiastic, cheerful, passionately interested in things, entirely seizing what shows up and loving it and diving headlong into it, these are the ways you know how to be in relationship to what life shows you and you're remembering in essence, how to live more directly.

    Being direct is being you with clarity and ease.

    For much of your life, life itself got very mediated. First it got meditated by other people interpreting things for you and stating things in ways that didn't make sense. Then it got meditated as the mind started trying to filter things to understand them and try to help you to live in ways that kept everyone you love happy. In the beginning you thought this would be possible, but over time you begin to feel how heavy a burden it was and somewhere the idea of making other people happy seemed very important and the idea of actually being happy slipped away.

    Now you're beginning to bump into happiness. It happens more easily and it happens all the time in very simple ways. It's reminding you that the things that make you happy are right here right everywhere, because it's actually more about experiencing love and fullness and connection and consciously allowing life to show you how marvelous it all is. And nothing stands between you and that experience except your own willingness to suspend ideas and beliefs that are just filters, another way of mediating your life, closing down the opportunities and narrowing things...and instead, just relate to life directly as it is showing up for you.

    You can actually just let your energy create your life.

    Just like Archangel Michael shared that protection is an old idea and the way you create what you feel is meant by protection by setting standards energetically -- standards which are created by the way you relate to yourself -- you can actually just let your own energy create all of your life.

    Using intentions and affirmations is a helpful step in learning to live a more joyful life but there is a new way, reflecting your capacities being remembering and this is to simply let your own energy do the creating.

    Abraham-Hicks, the great teachers of the Law of Attraction have been telling you all this, in their own subtle way for a long time, but then understanding how much you human beings get into trying hard and how hard it is for you to let things be easy, they also gave you things to do -- processes and ideas.

    But the essence of their message has always been that you're very being is constantly choosing. They call it "sending off rockets of desire," remember? That your energy is creating in response to the contrast in which you find yourself. What this means, what we wish for you to know, is that your energy is continually drawing to you that which matches your energy, this is the Law of Attraction. AND...as you are opening to more and more of who you really are, you can really stop creating intentions, you can stop making vision boards, you can stop trying to dream up the perfect life and you can instead let the energy you are summon and show you openings to the fuller expression and experience of your life as presence.

    You can simply say yes to what comes into your life, knowing that it is a match for you and continue opening. The more you embody you, the more life will show you the opportunities and the experiences that are a perfect match for you! And you will notice these invitations and openings you will notice this hints and ideas that are given to you because you're being present to how life opens for you every day instead of asking asking asking asking asking... and being so busy making sure life knows what you want to manifest you cannot see what's being offered.

    Ease comes from living directly.

    And in this opening to the fullness life is offering you, you tap into the incredible ease that you have longed for and long sensed was available. And life becomes a lot more like lounging on the beach with someone bringing you beautiful fruity drinks and your body feeling the rhythm of the waves and soaking up the warmth and the nourishment of the sunshine, while you breathe deeply, relaxing and renewing and meanwhile, in this blissful state of non-thinking, you are directly present to life and your whole being is like, "Wow! She's giving us free reign! She's let us go hog wild and she's just open to it all…" and your body starts recalibrating and opening and remaking your entire being to optimize your presence and light and love. And soon before you know it this uplifted version of you is magnetizing even more incredible openings to a life beyond your wildest dreams and you begin to let go even more. In fact you want to let go, because letting go is turning out so rocking good.

    You're becoming more and more of You.

    So you see? This is what's coming Old Soul. The innate wisdom of your being is filling you up as you become increasingly embodied with the beautiful golden light of your Divine Essence and your amazing mind is learning how to work perfectly with you in all of this, opening more and more to your life with you and like all of you discovering new ways of connecting and relating.

    And you are bypassing all the "middle-men," of life, all the mediated ways of relating to life, all the ways you let others in the past tell you what's right, what you need, how to do things. You've let that go or you're letting that go. More and more you're only interested in what you recognize as your truth. You can see it and hear it anywhere because you feel it within. And this is letting you live directly and it's very energy efficient. In fact you have more energy then you can remember having perhaps ever. And you feel good. Your body is starting to feel really good. And even on days where there are big energies coming in, when you're absorbing and using solar flares to intensify your presence, you are more and more both aware that you're being amplified and comfortable with the process, because you're living directly and things are flowing without resistance.

    The groove of being sovereign and trusting You.

    You see? You are finding out how wonderful being sovereign really is, because that's what living directly is, it's being sovereign. It's knowing it's all within you. You just bring more and more of it into this sphere, you just keep blossoming, just keep allowing yourself to open to more and more comprehension and as you do this your whole interface with the world gets better and better at handling all that's coming to you, all that you are aware of and it's graceful. It feels natural. You handle so much more energy and awareness then you had before and it's all easy and beautiful. And life begins to really hum, to soar, to simply be day after day of awesome amazement. You wake up totally invigorated wondering what is possible and what might happen, you anticipate with incredible enthusiasm and an unrestrained sense of knowing you will love it and entirely trusting yourself to deliver on your behalf.

    Divine Embodiment.

    You are, at that point, really living in the fullness of who you are, within a human form and in fact this is where you're headed. If you're feeling these things, you know this. You know in your heart of hearts the truth of that which we're sharing with you today. And if you don't know this, not yet, then notice how you feel about all this. if you feel like it's the next thing, like it might be coming for you, in fact it might even be coming for you today as a result of reading this as a result of reading this you might let yourself open up a little more, just letting go of feeling you need to create anything in particular and instead giving yourself this day as a present. Giving yourself the ability to relate to this whole day just as it's shown to you. And seeing what that's like. And discovering if in fact the ease that's talked about here becomes more real to you.

    What if you did this? What if you asked yourself, "Is it possible that if I just let go entirely and let everything show up for me today, that I'll actually really like what shows up? Is it possible dear heart and soul, that you're already arranging amazing things for me and I don't have to do anything today but watch and be present and notice what you show me about my life? Just hold out my hands and catch the amazing things that are falling into my life from seeming nowhere? Can it be true? Can it finally be this easy?" We tell you Old Soul, it's truly time.

    What if...? Your innate purity was arising?

    And as you let yourself relate to life with this kind of innate trust in your own being to deliver, it will get better at connecting with you and relating to you in ways that you love and can feel? What if you invite you own Soul to show itself to you today in how your day unfolds? What if you asked your soul to show you your own holy divine presence in some really surprising and amazing way today to help you have more confidence in the New Reality and in opening to this new, direct, more graceful way of living? Wouldn't that maybe be an amazing thing?

    Dear ones, the time is here for each of you to step into the waters of the new consciousness. To flood the cells of your being with this new life. The resurrection of divine consciousness is at hand. The waters of life which have always been available to those who trust life within themselves and learn to let go into the flow of being. You have prepared for so long for this moment, why wait a minute more to drink up this incredible nectar of your own being?

    It's time isn't it? To begin to ask questions about how this is going to go now? Expecting that it's different, you're different and so it will be different. To look at life through eyes that are open to seeing what shows up and not narrowly focused by expecting the same-old-same-old.

    What about asking about how you can feel the grace more now? About how your Soul can step up and step in more fully and show you how to play with this higher dimensional energy in which it is so at home and so capable and familiar?

    Ah, lovely one. The time is here for you to notice how very much you are shining already and for you to take a chance, that maybe you've already evolved enough, you're already full of enough light, you can just finally, let go, stop trying so hard, just call in your Soul and your higher self, your Cosmic Consciousness and any angels, or guides, archangels or ascended masters, any star beings or other non-physical friends, the trees, your pets, the mountains and all of the planetary consciousness, you could just consider, putting them on alert that here and now, you're ready to be led into your glory! You're ready to be in not knowing and in openness, ready to be shown the new ways, shown what's next to reflect your incredible opening and to open you up more.

    Your permission is what brings up all of this for you. Your permission and your willingness to take this day, just this one simple day and be totally present to receive. What if...? You take a whole day without asking, except for inviting your Soul to lead you and show you where the newness is, where the openings are, what's next for you in this moment. Then just hold out your hands and open your heart and feel and receive and open to the love that is You.

    What if you really trust and believe that we are with you! We are close! You can feel us! We are right there beside you. We are always with you! You are surrounded by fields of light and love. And all of life is blown away by the glory of your being! All is well and everything is incredible and you, beautiful Old Soul are so radiant and fine!

    What if you began to realize that as you become more and more You, your innate pure nature, what you truly are, was not only what we see, but what is creating your experience?

    What if this were happening? Could you finally let go? Could you finally look in the mirror and smile at yourself with deep, total, sweetness and love? Could you allow yourself to let yourself see the sweet and light inside you? Could you claim it and open to it? Open to who you truly are? Who we know you to be?

    All of Creation recognizes You, every moment of every day! Could you take off the filters of all those stories and ideas that keep you from feeling okay about being you and all the ideas that you're not enough, not okay and consider, just for this day, that you are pure? Perfect? Lacking nothing. Entirely enough and more then that, truly brilliant and shiny and filled with light?

    Hmm...What if...?

    We love these questions dear heart. For just you opening up to them is opening You up more. See? It's really so very easy. What is purity, really? But something that's free from anything other then itself. {Smile.}

    We are the Council of Light.

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