Break up, promise of possible change

  • Thanks in advance for any insight.

    I have been dating current boyfriend a year. (Me: 5/15/71 Him: 10/24/71)

    I'll admit it's been rocky at times but we have always worked it out. But I'm exhausted and last time I just said I'm done. We had that conversation Wednesday night. He doesn't seem to get it, says there must be a solution. There is but it requires much personal work on his end.

    It was left at that with a promise to talk face to face Saturday.

    I'm not even sure what I want to see happen but would love for any insight.

  • I am not a psychic but I am an empath. From what you are saying it seems you are the one that makes the last call for now. You seems to be uncertain about working it out with him or you could be playing this as a game with him. You should find out the truth behind it. Do you love him ? if you are not sure on anything tell him to have a break for some time until you work this over with yourself and make your mind up.

    you have to weight pros and cons of this relationship to make a choice. But love is what matters the first.

  • Thank you for the reply.

    I do love him. I guess I had a lot of uncertainty because I wasn't sure what he would be willing to do to work it out.

    We had a long talk. He says he will do what needs to be done. Time will tell. My faith isn't 100% there though.

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