Living with a Narcissistic personality

  • Please help. I need to know how quickly I can get out of this relationship. I need to know if I can stay in the house I'm in or if I can go? I need to know if all of this is in her head and it's her head talking or if she really is talking from her heart.

  • Whether or not you leave is totally up to you. I take it from the title of your post that she has some mental issues. If she is truly narcissistic then the world revolves around her. Your only in the picture when she needs you. NEEDS being the key word here. You care for her still w/o regards to her behavior. This is something that your going to have to decide. I would imagine that if she is truly a narcissistic person, it will be a matter of time before she takes up with someone else, if she hasn't already. I've known people like this. If you need to talk about the situation, maybe I or someone else here can help you understand what's going on. It's always good to talk. Your not alone--ok.

  • I take it your married to this person and that's why you asked if you should stay in the house or leave. STAY, in some states leaving indicates abandonment, and can affect any court ordered decision. I really can't say more that this because you really did not give much info to go on. If you are still struggling with a decision to go or leave look up the community property, divorce rules that apply in your state.

    If your not married then it doesn't really matter from a financial point of view what you do. this research will also tell you how long it takes to make a divorce final. Feels to me like you need to do a little research to find the answers you need, Good Luck...

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