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  • Hello Astraangel! Hope you are doing well! Is it possible to get a reading from you? If so, than my question is Will i get my dream job? This dream job is abroad. I want this job with all my heart, last year i applied but my application got rejected. But i have improved my resume and improved my skills this year and ready to try once more for the same job. Can you see anything regarding this in your cards? Im born in May and im a Gemini, such a typical Gemini too :-)) Thank you for your reply whenever you have time. Regards Karolina 🙂

  • Hi Karolina

    yes, let's take a look at your request! That sounds exciting, a dream job! I would say that passion you have will open the doors for you.

    I will look at a celtic cross to see what shows!

    Here is what it all seems to say to me... you recently made a "foundational" emotional commitment to this job abroad (4C in the past) this has led to the present setting, a Page (2) wands so you have taken a step to reach out to the job (saying yes to the path). You are quiet and at peace about the choice you are confident you are making the right decision (4 swords),

    You are taking a break or pausing in some physical way at this time, the sense is you have already made a lot of effort in some way materially toward the job and now you are taking a pause in that effort,

    Below shows another affirming card (Hierophant) which again shows emotional stability and confidence.

    You seem now to be heading into another "pause" of the mind and then there is good news of some sort (2 cups saying YES to something that you started emotionally). And the outer world is GROWING your path somehow in this new direction, 3 wands is very supportive and encouraging energy related to any young path endeavor.

    Dreams, are the King (3) cups, that is another growing emotion connected to this issue, the sense is that your dreams really grow when you think about this decision.

    The outcome is 7 wands, which is dreamy path energy. So that sounds like taking a pause from path or it is "dreamier" even than you imagined!

    It all sounds positive to me, although I did not see any pentacles that say "work" like the 3 or 8. I don't see that as a negative, the focus is really on the 7's and cups and wands in the outcome path, Those are EXCELLENT energies together though, cups and wands = Universe so the Universe is definitely behind what you are seeking here!

    I think the 7s all relate to dreams of this path... you must be really really wanting to see this happen! I wish nice things to happen for you and hope your dream job develops!



  • Thank you so much Astraangel, also very nice with the photo you took of the cards you got appreciate it. I wish the same thing for you that whatever your heart desire you would get and i hope nice things happen to you too! Have a wonderful day/ Karolina

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