Crazy numbers! What's it mean?

  • My friends here know how I've been struggling to find the right choice, what to do what to do I am always asking for input to make the best choice w my hubby. I came across a topic here in numerology that led me to reading a little about Angels and numerical msgs ... Well one day I was in my car not thinking abt much, and a motorcycle raced in front of me with a license plate w 4sk which I read as ask. I felt suddenly that god, guardians, angels, whatever u want to call, were ready for anything I want to ask. I was like, girl, u r reading too much into it... And then I was like, how weird would it be if the clock said 33? I looked at the clock, it was 1:33 I immediately got goosebumps!!! I knew that if I ever wAnted a conduit to heaven or to my guides, this was it. I a asked that they always be there for me to let me know I'm not alone, and that they guide me to my answers that I am so desperate for. Ever since, I've been swamped with double and repeating numbers. Mostly 1's -5's. and more recently, numbers like 919 828 212 or whatever, and specific ones like 4646 3737

  • Any insight to what I am being told?

  • I don't know what's going on but I have notice the numbers too. 7272 2626 1818 etc... but the one number that keeps coming up is 317 very weird

  • I always wonder if I am just looking for numbers but even if I am, they are good positive messages 🙂

  • And for me I am thinking that its an answer to my request to let me know I am not alone 🙂 you are also not alone 🙂

  • thank you for the link leolight I have started making little changes in the last couple of months the biggest change was getting a new car with a/c as my old one finally died and I couldn't afford to fix it. 🙂 I do miss the old car she served me well and I hope the mechanic that bought her can fix her so she can help someone else in need. I also applied for a new job with full time hours right down the street from me I had ask the angels for help & it popped into my in box

  • Well new cars are fun! Good luck with the job! Did you get it? I hope that it all goes well! What job is it, what do you do?

    I got one numbers last night that took me for a ride, 1155 i think. I was frustrated, my hubby has been very good to me lately and it got me thinking that I should stay, but then i got all 11s and 5s and when I looked it up it says that I should not allow anyone to second guess my initial instincts. This really breaks my heart. I really don't know what to do, what to do. Or even when to do it. It's all such a mess. I feel so pathetic, really. Really really really. 😞

  • hey leolight the car is good we had to do some minor maintenance on her but that is normal on older cars. Nothing on the job horizon yet I will be doing a follow up on Tuesday when the owner will be in

    You have a big decision to make do take your time you will know when it is the right time

  • Numbers are very important to pay attention to. I have always followed them. Only recently did I start seeing patterns again.

    I found this site. Each individual number has its own meaning.

  • For me, whenever I start seeing patterns, I take it as a good thing... I have studied the different meanings put on each one... but generally when I begin seeing number patterns, I see a bunch of all kinds,

    I see it as general confirmation that life is changing, but I have support and am on a good path

  • Yes ebby I have begun to feel the same about it. I am still confused but I believe that I am being guided and when the moment comes I will know it. I don't have faith in much but this is beginning to give me faith in something 🙂

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