Cosmic Weather - Monthly Snapshot for April, 2013

  • Cosmic Weather - Monthly Snapshot for April, 2013

    a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

    Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. – Maya Angelou (Sun in Aries)

    Hello friends. When I did the yearly forecast for 2013 back in late 2012 I got the feeling even then that I would have to take each month as they came, and treat them even more individually than in previous years. In a year of “(Water) Snake Medicine,” I knew we had our work cut out for us, and that this year for everyone (especially for those with eyes to see,) would be a deep initiation on several levels.

    It is also a continuation of the process that was started at the Full Moon in Libra last week as it made all of those contacts to Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Yes indeed, change is still afoot dear ones, and with these aspects it’s most likely to be more long-lasting as opposed to the minor or relatively superficial, though there will be changes in those areas as well. Astrograph called the Fires of April “subtle,” and I would tend to agree. However, just because they are subtle does not mean they are not capable of destruction and great changes. It’s all about management of these energies, and staying as grounded and present as possible. We already did the “bulldozer” effect back in February/March, and if you’re anything like me, you’d like to move on to another strategy.

    Thinking on this month and it’s energies the song below immediately popped in my head. It’s a classic and is considered one of Peter Gabriel’s finest. It also describes the personal initiatory process perfectly. Yes some people might think we are “nuts” this month, but since we’ve got so much Aries energy still happening (Sun, Venus, Mars & Uranus,) it will be easier not to take it personally and to just keep moving forward. It’s important to remember however, that in strong Aries energy that we don’t put our own needs over others to an unreasonable point. We need to take a cosmic hippocratic oath to “Do no harm.” It sounds a bit tricky I know, but with some skill and awareness it can be done. Keeping in mind that Aries energy in its highest aspect is both a leader and brave warrior. A good leader knows which sacrifices to be made are appropriate, and those which are not. Mid-month Mars and Venus move from Aries to Taurus which will give our desire nature and action in the world a more grounded, sensual flair.

    I feel that from 4.1 to around 4.15 will be more action-packed, while the strong influx of Taurus energies starting 4.15 and continuing through 4.21 slow things down a bit. However, as with many aspects we won’t feel this immediately, as the astro-weather often has a bit of “lag time.”

    When illusion spin her net, I’m never where I want to be. And liberty she pirouette, when I think that I am free. Watched by empty silhouettes who close their eyes, but still can see. No one taught them etiquette. I will show another me. – Peter Gabriel

    Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel

    The highlight of this month’s energy is undoubtedly the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on 4.25 (I will be writing a report on that later in the month.) Lunar Eclipses combined with Full Moons are no minor cosmic happening, and often bring dramatic changes and/or surprises. I recommend we use the first three weeks of April to continue our own “Spring Cleaning” spiritually, emotionally and physically to prepare for this event. Cleaning out the closet and donating goods forward is always a positive thing and creates more space for the NEW. Using these powerful energies appropriately are an opportunity for further refinement and growth not only on a personal level, but a collective one too. I feel all of the major aspects this year will have a community implication along with them; partly due to the fact that we are in a “6″ year which highlights communities and the global family.

    Mantra of the Month: I allow Divine Fire to cleanse and renew me. I gently release all that no longer serves, blessing all. I enter a new season awake and aware. And so it is! – The Keepers, 3.31.13

    Monthly Highlights:

    New Moon in Aries – 4.10.

    Sun enters Taurus – 4.19

    Earth Day – 4.22

    Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Scorpio – 4.25

    Monthly Keywords: Change, Initiation, Releasing, Refinement, Illumination.

    Have a great month friends.

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