Seeking a strong connection with angels? Need insight!

  • Hello and thank you for your help!

    Ever since I was a child I have had a powerful emotional connection with angels. I also have had a deep interest in energy healing as well. I have been looking for ways to communicate with angels and eventually came across the 'Enochian' language. But from I learned about it I felt uncomfortable and what I tried to learn gave me mixed messages about it. Though I may be young I knew better to not play with things I don't understand so I back away from it.

    On top of this I have had two pagans, one of which is a seer tell me I am a daughter of Aphrodite and Zues, so I have been trying to form connections with these gods and angels. But I'm not sure how to fuse this all together.

    Can anyone 'feel' anything from me? Any tips or insight?

    Again, truly, thank you so much for your wisdom and time. I hope that with what I learn I can help others in the future.


  • Just going to give this one bump.

    Thank you 😃

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