Reading please job don't know what to do

  • I hate my job at the moment. It is a temporary position which will be finished this month of April. I really need this job to pay my bills, but I don't feel comfortable in this location. My manager is always trying to look for ways to find mistakes that I might have made. She is also always making comments trying to say that I am not a good worker. I usually stay the whole day when they ask me to when I am only suppose to be working four hours since it is a part time. I try to be nice but its seems that she doesn't like the fact that I am shy and quiet. She is looking for any way to be able to fire me. The other day I couldn't get into my laptop from work because the IT team had changed my password. She was trying to say it was my fault and she made a comment " I hope you can get into your laptop tomorrow". I just don't know what to do since I don't want to be fired because it would be embarrassing and I want to finish the month I have with them.

  • Hi DFrance, it seems to me that you have become a target for bullies, as it often happens with shy and quiet people. Here are the cards:

    1)situation - Page of Coins reversed - signifies a person, wasting his/her opportunities, also bad news about money issues. It can also mean lack of application where it's needed and pedantry about unimportant things, so be selective in what you are doing, go straight for the most important things.

    1. something about you - 10 of cups reversed - you are feeling unhappy and emotionally down, obviously.

    2. challenge/opportunity - Page of Cups - good news coming to/ from a quiet, gentle person (to you, probably). New creative projects or periods of study, so that's a good news. Don't waste the opportunity when you see it.

    3. advice - 3 of swords reversed - don't cling to your pain too much and don't be too scared to lose the place where you are unhappy.

    4. outcome - The World - that's a great card - a happy conclusion of one phase/experience, and a start of another. Fulfilment, material success, spiritual awareness, new sense of freedom and peace - you name it !

    Independently from the reading, I'd say, stick to your contract. If it says that you only have to work for 4 hours, than don't stay there for the whole day, and instead spent the free time looking for another, better job. You have to quietly show them that your time is valuable and you only positively respond to respectful communication. Reward them with extra effort only for being nice to you, not the other way around. You have to SHOW (not tell) them that treating you with respect is in their best interests.

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