May i have a reading please

  • my birth date is 12/12/89 . Thank you in advance

  • Jamla, you came into this lifetime to learn to develop consideration for the feelings, viewpoints, and lifestyles of others. This type of understanding or sensitivity is more than a onetime ability to have empathy for another - what is important is continuity, that is the development of an ongoing capacity to think of others from moment to moment. First, you must become open to, and accepting of, views or feelings other than your own. Second, you must consider these views or feelings in your dealings with people, whether you agree with or understand them or not. This process requires a certain detachment. Moreover, developing the art of reflection will help you to see your own actions and their effects on others more objectively, thus enabling you to think before you act more and more frequently over time. Your core lesson is to release your ego's tendency to judge and the need to be infallible - cultivating a more open and accepting point of view towards others is the first step towards compassion and understanding. Your goal is to develop an ongoing, thoughtful consideration of others using your gifts of heroism, affection, and inventiveness to achieve what you want.

    Coming to terms with the need for consistency in your consideration of those around you may prove something of a struggle. You possess the capacity to take other people into account; it's just that your attention is easily sidetracked by your grand schemes. You are a rugged deep-thinking individualist who may do a fair share of wrestling with issues of commitment versus freedom and caring versus control as you go through life. There may also be issues of feeling unloved or fears of being exposed as a 'fraud' to deal with. You are very interested in the different ways people live their lives. Yet there may be times when you want to be honest and forthright with others but you don't dare open your mouth in fear of what might come out. You are not naturally a talker but you can get very angry with hypocrites and liars. You must learn just to speak what is in your heart, to offer your truth with pride and sincerity. Self-expression will enhance your life. And you must be careful to place others in positions of equality to yourself and engage in activities of a more universal aid to humanity. This is your lifepath's calling. You have a rather heroic nature but you may have to do a great deal of soul-searching in the process of discovering just what it is that others expect of you, for you have so much confidence in your ideas that you may be quite bewildered when things don't go according to plan. Yet if you express your more thoughtful side and turn inward in the search for greater enlightenment, you are sure to find all the answers you need to enjoy a fruitful and happy life journey.

    What you really want is to be is in love: to be adored, and share 'centre stage' with someone who returns your passion. To reach this goal, you must learn to go with the flow - to tell the Universe what you want and let life (with its perfect timing) bring others who will recognise and adore you. Learn to receive love naturally - to be alert to the window of opportunity and respond to those who come into your life to love you. Spending time with like-minded people, openly expressing your unorthodox ideas and visions of the future, attracts lovers who can also be friends and give you the support you need. When you focus on enacting your altruistic dreams, life will send you special people to charge your dreams with romantic energy.

    Your Achilles' Heel is your need for others' approval ("My survival depends on others giving me approval") and thinking that if you have others' approval then your life is on the right track. But other people can never give you enough approval to make you feel satisfied or feel free to be yourself. The approval of others is actually a false barometer for you. You must risk disapproval and be true to your own unorthodox ideas in order to develop the deeper and more satisfying feeling of self-approval. The trap you fall into is a never-ending search for risk taking - especially in romance ("If I can just have a happy love life, then I will feel complete and can begin to do my part to help the planet.") However, if you don't balance this romantic energy with a daily commitment to some type of humanitarian cause, it becomes too intense and you inadvertently destroy the very relationship you want so badly. You can never feel free to dedicate yourself to humanitarian causes unless you can forget your personal desires. When you add your considerable talents to making universal causes successful, your efforts are energising and rewarding for everyone concerned. The irony is that when you dedicate yourself to a larger cause, you find the the Universe will fulfil you on the personal level as well.

    2013 for you should be a social, happy year, and it will generally tend to exude bright and cheerful vibrations. This is a year when you will want to check up on old friends and broaden your social circle to include some new ones. Romance and love affairs may bloom. You are inclined to live life to its fullest now, even if you have to pay the consequences later on. You are likely to be more sociable and the bridle of responsibility will seem to be loosened a bit. You may be inclined to undertake too many things at the same time. You can safely take some time off to enjoy yourself, but resist the temptation to completely give in to having a good time - keep your goals in mind. 2013 is a good time to expand personal creative talents, particularly those related to the arts, writing, and verbal skills. While this can be a happy year as far as personal expression and activities are concerned, it may be a disastrous year on the career/business scene. A generally frivolous attitude in that environment can cause rash decisions and impractical, unfinished schemes. This is not likely to be a very good year for your finances unless you are very careful. 2013 can be a lucky year if your efforts and financial resources are not scattered and your energies are focused on priority goals. During this year you must watch that you bring projects to completion before beginning something new. This is a great year for you to take a vacation, particularly one with an artistic focus, such as photography, painting, writing, or even visiting art galleries or attending plays. Popularity within large and small groups is highlighted, as is work in the public arena. It is also a year in which you may wish to try a new hairstyle or buy some new clothes, as romance and affection are highlighted during this cycle. Self expression is the keynote in both the written and spoken word. This can be good year for selling your products or services.

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