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  • Hello Astraangel....

    i would love to have a reading from you if possible....

    im born 11th of june 1981...

    the only question i have is about love....i was curious if you could find anything for me,,,in ur cards when it comes to love....

    will i find my love ?

    whatever you can find i would be thankful,,,

    i bet so many people ask you about love all the time.....thank you again for taking your time


  • Hi Tina

    Happy Easter to you! I am happy to share a reading, thanks for asking.

    11 June 1981. Let me look at your chart...

    Sun and Mars in Gemini.

    Venus and Mercury in Cancer.

    Jupiter, Saturn, Moon and Pluto in Libra.

    Your sun is opposite Neptune in Sagittarius.

    So you are a real communicator, communication is very important to you in relationships. Mercury and Venus in nearby Cancer shows that you are very focused on home, nurturing environments, everything nice and loving and gentle in your home life. I would say right off that your "lover" will be someone of like mind, a person very much on your same wavelength in communication style, and also very concerned and focused on the home, the nurturing aspects of family life.

    You have a lot going on in Libra too, so that adds some strong balance emotionally, so you would seem to be very emotionally balanced. I think this could be challenged at times when Jupiter or Saturn falls into Libra however I am not really an astrologer that is only a guess.

    For you ideal love... I would say that a Pisces/Aquarian person would be nice for you! Their flowing gentle nature, and a little spaciness too (aquarius) would be a nice compliment to your somewhat more logical Gemini. Again, that is only my guess.

    Let's look at some cards and see what else! It sounds like you are wanting your "fortune" read, is that the case? I really am not a fortune teller, I can show you what the cards seem to be saying... however you can decide for yourself if that is your "future".

    Here are 10 cards (celtic cross) for you and I will walk through it with you.

    1,2 = Situation = 6 of Pentacles (physical life) + 9 of cups (feelings, emotions)

    3,4 = Above, below = wheel, 3 of cups

    5,6 = Past, ahead = 3 swords, Hanged Man

    7 = Future environment = Ace cups

    8 = Outer influences = Page (2) cups

    9 = Dreams = Queen (4) cups

    10 = Outcome = 7 Pentacles

    Your present situations seems to be very much centered on a nice, gentle physical environment right now. Your physical life setting is very important to you. There is also something very emotional connected to this present setting you are in. THe "wheel" is abve, so that seems that it could be exerting some influence over the physical part of your life, there could be (or was) a physical change, a move or something about your physical life that "turned" and it is also a very very emotional response from that. Could be really happy or really sad.

    Above Wheel and below 3 cups... so above your conscious life does seem to be turning over some possibilities about love. Wheels have knights in them, so that could mean a lover or two even!

    Speaking of lovers... something happened "back there" which you are really trying to distance yourself from it appears. A 3 swords which can indicate a King of swords who is in the past. And as that is the only sword i the reading, it does seem like anything even remotely connected to that has been dutifully thrown out.

    So, are thinking of love that is pure and true, gentle and king and very affectionate. You are really dreaming I think of this person! Who? You are imagining a life with this person, right?

    Ahead shows a Hanged Man, and that is a Queen/4 of cups + a new path. So your immediate future seems to be very much focused on establishing a path "in foundations of love".

    Then the future environment is the Ace of Cups which means a new feeling, emotion or perhaps a relationship.

    The outer influences (something coming your way from outside of your life, like something the Universe helps you with) is the Page of Cups. That sounds like something in love, messages coming to you, somehow the Ace is now becoming a 2 (relationship).

    The Dreams card shows a Queen/4 of Cups so that is more 4 love energy of foundations.

    The outcome is the 7 pentacles which is a pause of the physical life.

    One thought coming from all of this is that you are getting married before long and the 7 pentacles is the honeymoon (pause of the 6 pentacle life you have been maintaining).

    It would appear with all of these cup below, ahead and up the side that for sure - SOMETHING is coming your way in love, and it must be nice judging by all the nice emotional energies here.

    I think someone does come into your life. And it seems to take off!

    will i find my love ?

    Yes, this looks excellent as a love forecast to me! I would be expecting this person to appear soon!

    Ace of cups in the future environment is a new feeling begins for someone new. (Not the sword thing whatever that was.) THIS is new and it is nice.

    This person appears to carry a lot of path for you, in the sense that once you team up with them, you seem to embrace wholeheartedly whatever they are up to. The 7 pentacles is where this all leads which is really a very mystical kind of physical setting. Could be a honeymoon at some fanciful place like Disneyland or something fun!

    How does that sound Tina! It all looks wonderful to me! I am wishing that this all turns out beautifully in love for you!



  • Happy Easter to you too dear Astra and god bless you, thank you for taking your time to do this reading, i loved it.

    your such a wonderful soul who does this for all of us,

    all the blessings to you!

    thank u once again 🙂

  • You are so welcome Tina2013!

    Happy Easter to you also and I hope all your dreams come true!

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