Srangest thing that I have ever heard, you have got to listen to this.

  • Hi, this may sound strange, whats new! Anyway I asked the Angels to guide my fingers on the computer to a song thinking that I would get my old favorites somehow, bare with me now. What came up was truly astonishing, I have heard something like this since I was a child in my ear but thought that it was tinnutis, an ear related infection or abnormality in the ear structure. Listen to this. The Artist is Hild Sofie Tafjord, Track Kama 2/5 and another which adds up to my tarot card #'s 3/5. I hope that someone writes back because this was really wierd!

  • Hi, I meant Strangest thing that I have ever heard, sorry I am tired and working long hours. Just please listen to what I have mentioned, it is unique.

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