• I wonder when I will meet someone I am going to marry? I am still single and not in a relationship for the moment. I also want to know when I will get the opportunity to move abroad to the Bahamas or some Island? I really want children in the future in maybe two years. Do you see that happening by that time? I also want to know for how long I have have to stay on this earth? I feel that I was sent here against my will. I didn't asked to come to this earth.

  • You won't get anything you want from this earth when you are so against being here. But you did indeed choose to come. Your higher self knows what you need to experience and knew that this was the best place for you to learn your lessons. It is only your lower self that doesn't want to be here and that is stopping you from having what you want. Until you can want and accept to be here, you will never move forward. You are a little child at this moment in your evolution - you have to choose to grow up and take responsibility for your life and choices and the things you want to achieve. You have to make a realistic plan and stick to it until you achieve success and happiness, instead of just dreaming about it.

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