I did a love spread for myself can somebody help me

  • Card 1 The Empress

    Card 2 Three of Pentacles - reversed

    Card 3 - Page of Pentacles

    Card 4 Justice

    Outcome Card - The Devil - reversed

    I just want some insight to what somebody see's with these cards. It was a relationship question what does the card see for me and my friend

    Thanks Illona

  • Hi illona!

    I have seen some of your threads and wanted to say hi... how is everything with you?

    I will share what I see in the cards...

    Empress with you, that is nurturing.

    3 Pentacles I think work is the first that pops into mind. So nurturing work, or growth, to me the 3's are all growing numbers (yearning to reach the 4 foundation).

    Page of Pentacles thats like move or some physical affirming, (hugs or something) I think it is gentle physical energies nice to me.

    Justice, you know... I re-thunk that card today and I think it is a sign of marriage. Or commitment. Very strong, deep, "meant to be" type things.

    Outcome the Devil would be the best in this situation as this is all pertaining to physical closeness a lot So I would say the Devil says fun ahead!

    So, all together, it would say something like,

    "Nurturing physical growth, you find hugs and gentle companionship, leading to a even deeper bond of trust. This is celebrated with an even deeper physical closeness at the right time."

    I hope that helps.

    And by the way, I do apologize for losing touch with you back there, there are times when the emailing and the forum all togther gets to be more than I can deal with, I like to communicate with people... its the technology of it all that kinda wears me out some.

    Blessings illona! Nice to see you out there still stayin' strong! and singing.


  • Hey Astra

    How are you. I just wasn't should if that was you. I come on and then I am not on for a while

    I had moved and then back in school been a little busy. Wow I thought those cards were not good but they are better than I thought.

    Thanks for your help Illona

  • I'm getting something done differently, perhaps lessons learned. You work well, others must follow thru. Time to call-out what you really need. Realize what works and what doesn't. I see the page of pentacles as starting-over financially. Things improving when old-patterns are changed.

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