Would anyone like a reading from this 31 card oracle deck?

  • Astra,

    Thank you so much that does sound like good news for me

    god bless you thank you once again I appreciate it

  • Hi, Astra, I'm still enjoying your cards and the idea to make your own. I know it used to be a tradition that you had to make your own tarot deck but never felt moved to do that; I have maybe 20 plus decks anyway, but I love the oracle idea. Since we have a relationship I thought you might not mind if I mentioned to

    LeoLight that the thought I had with up up and away and the eagle was to simply....float. Rise above it, enlarge your viewpoint, look at the big picture with a clear view - maybe as to what you want, or what you want the picture to look like. In both, you are flying above the "situation," so maybe it is a sign that means that you can just take a deep breath, let it out and relax your guard so to speak for a period of time and see what happens.

    I find we cannot force ourselves to trust, we can force ourselves to go but if that is truly what we wanted, we'd probably be gone....but many time we push and push to find that sign, the way....

    and I thought the cards were a nice reprieve from all that pushing. Course you do have to light a fire under the balloon? smile....

    Not jumping on your cards Astra, just enjoying them.

    Ideas for cards: a bean emerging from seed - sowing seeds

    a cat - love and reflections

    a dog - love and loyalty

    a fast car - get away/road trip

    a butterfly - metamorphis of course

    a magic bean - the beanstalk

    a dragonfly - go where the dragons are.....

    not looking at the whole deck so not sure if any of these are there already, but it still feels so entriguing to me, this deck you're dialoguing/creating - it's fun, not heavy, and that's nice.

    Take care, all.....

  • Thank You!!! That is very interesting, I will keep you posted on what happens!

  • Hi jlinaangel

    Sri just getting to replying to you, and I do appreciate your comments jlinaangel! I like your card ideas too those are cool! That is a great way to see the eagle too, that is the idea, rising above it, soaring so that sounds nice. And to relax and let it develop, I like that.

    yes, trust is sort of a personal growth in a way, like a choice and yet it takes a certain place where choosing is easier to do there.

    The balloon card, that would be another floating above it all 🙂

    I agree with you that I wanted a deck that was light and airy, nothing too intense I think that is the only thing about the conventional tarot is that there are some concepts in it that are very serious sorts of issues or settings - However that is good too!

    So, nice to hear from you and thank you again for the great ideas!

    blessings, astra

  • Hello darling, i am wondering if I could please have a reading from your mystical deck 🙂

    Just general 🙂 thank you ❤

  • oohhh you are so creative astra! love it!

    can i get a general love reading? thank you!

  • Go for it I would like a reading!

  • Hi Astraangel, Would really appreciate a reading w/your insights.

  • Hi last four posters! Sri I am not on here as much lately, so I will reply to all four here.

    I tried a "mini" celtic cross spread using 7 cards for fun. So let's see what seems to be the story.

    Hi LeoLight

    I looked at some cards here and this is what I get for you:

    You have been very focused on guidance in your life lately. This has been an unconscious drive for you. Your present seems to be looking for a word from a friend, and this connected to travel or a setting change for the two of you. There seems to be something you want to talk about with them (owl dark).

    Ahead shows something achieved in that area, though it may still be developing. A little misty.

    A door opening for you for sure, and also look for a turnaround financially that is indicated here (eagle dark).

    Hi cylll

    For you I saw something baby-female related. Seven sisters above and the guiding star. You seem to be trying to come back down to earth in something about family, or the way you understand family. There may have been some kooky role patterns in your past connected to family life, and you are maturing out of the kookiiness and cinderella fairlyland into something more tangible and clearly sent from above.

    Hi brightmoonshine,

    For you

    The Kiss > A baby > and the Koo coo clock

    I think in general you are seeking to understand your own dreams better. You are wanting life to be more comical, and less serious in love. Not sure what the baby is all about you could be trying to birth a dream you have cherished.


    Hi Daliolite

    For you:

    I think something nice financially for you! A door opening with the Eagle.

    I think the advice here is to be open to partnerships that are formal and clear. Surprise card ahead so you could be pleasantly surprised with something soon, i think it is fianancial and could involve travel too.

    Thanks for the requests. for financial reasons I am having to use a shared klunker pc. and so the effort to get on this forum is draining currently. I wish it was fun, but it is not fun trying to type on this thing. So I will wish every one the best and will try and pop on here when I can, best....

  • Thanks Astra. I've been feeling the same way. It's really strange, I mean, I don't really forsee anything unusual financially but keep getting this feeling like finances are greatly going to improve--I don't know.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Well I know finances seems to be a big concern these days, so I am always looking for positive signs in the readings, or at least see something new that can help spark some new thinking.

    I have been using a new deck that is fun (mandala deck), and I am learning about some of the ways that astrology ties in with tarot which is pretty amazing. If you would like a general reading, or anything on a specific area, I would be happy to try that? My efforts are trying to look at life along more basic building blocks, looking at the best you, the acted you, the world's (expectations of) you and the "unknown you" (dark you) that is in all of us. Anyway, if you are game let me know and it could be fun to see what turns up! 🙂

  • Thank you Astra, I APPRECIATE IT! ❤

  • Thank you so much Astra you are very kind!

  • really cool deck. Would love a reading if you are still offering. What do you see in the future for my career ? Thanks in advance

  • Hey livingadream!

    Thanks I'm glad you like the design. Maybe I will add some more to it over time, I recently created the train card... wooo..woooo hah

    Okay your reading, I did look at some cards.

    Past - Guiding Star - r

    Present - Bridge to Happiness - r

    Future - Unlock your dreams

    and, a Baby - r, and Vision - r

    Past shows you really searching for your proper career path, you researched and listened and have really tried to follow wise counsel in career

    Present shows a time of transition in career (bridge theme)

    Future card was upright so that sounds like a turnaround for you in some way! And unlock your dreams (the Key) is always nice to see! That shows you learn or discover something soon that represents a "key" to your career path, unlocking this turnaround and it is a NEW beginning there also, (Baby). This career will require nurturing, it will be something you really deeply love to do.

    The card below the key card is "Vision" and that seems to connet back to the guiding star somehow, so this career direction could still borrow from the past, or you continue the same methods of research and study you have used previously moving forward.

    I hope that is helpful! Thanks for the request.


  • AA, can you give me a general reading about my future, thanks very much!

  • First, can you read for me and tell me when I will ever find true love? Also, if you could would you copy your deck for me so I could paste them to blank cards, and have my own deck like yours. I think they are so cool. If you would copy them for me, I would give you my email address so you could write and get my stress to send the copies to.

  • Hi Captain!

    Sure thing, here is a reading for you.

    I drew 3 cards, past present future and then two more on the future card, like I just did with LivingADream.

    So, for you we have:

    Past - The Owl

    Present - Angels are Helping

    Future - The Wedding Cake

    And then, along with the Wedding Cake, we have

    (above) the Black Car (r)

    (below) The Kiss

    My sense of it is that there has been something in your recent past, that has cause much reflection or analysis. The Owl sees in the night, so you could have been trying to "see in the dark" something about your life that you are interested in, or concerned about. It could be a justice sort of thing, where you are looking at a situation and thinking "Hmm, ,this doesn't quite seem fair. I will think about it!"

    The Angels are Helping card (present) would be affirming that helpful, positive forces are at work in your life, bringing you all the answers you need. However these helpful energies may not be apparent yet, or there could be much happening in the background that you may not be aware of, however the help is there and is presently active.

    The future looks amazing, as the Owl matter is settled. The Wedding Cake shows a formal conclusion, even a celebration about the matter. The Black Cat (above this) seems to connect back to that Owl, as they are both creatures of the night in a way. So the sense I have is that you connect this "celebration" in some way to that past reflective analysis, and say "Oh! Now I see how this settles that in a wonderful way!"

    The Kiss (below the Wedding Cake) would show something you will attain also, and that is emotional concord, peace, affection, somehow this "Kiss" is indicating a peaceful resolution in the Owl concern.

    The cards all seemed very affirming to me for you! Something quite exciting and very happy coming your way Captain! I would say you are getting married, however I try not to take the cards too literally haha.

    ALSO! After I had pulled these cards of the deck, I noticed that the next card was turned face up on the deck! (The others being all face down). So I set that off to the left side, and that is "Up up and Away" card. So that seems to shower the entire reading with a liberating, freedom you are or will be experiencing. Perhaps travel as well very soon for you! After the Wedding Cake, the plane takes off, and you are on your way. 🙂

    Thanks for the request TheCaptain! I hope get something helpful from that.


  • AA, thank you. You are spot on about the reflection, analysis and justice thing since I have just finished jury duty on an attempted murder case where I was called to see things more clearly than ever. I was absolutely thinking "Hmm, this doesn't quite seem fair. I will think about it!" I now understand much more about our justice system - the great flaws in and real truth of it. I also learnt a lot more about myself from mixing with strangers who became friends. We had some very tense moments when we all disagreed a lot (I was one of three people refusing to budge on my vote) but were able to find a unanimous decision in the end.

    Marriage - or at least connecting with someone more intimately than I have been - is now on my mind. My time on the jury made me realize how much I enjoy real human contact and debating, and need more of it. I live with my ill elderly mother taking care of her, and added to that the time I spend advising others through my computer means I don't mix socially all that much any more. I hadn't realized how isolated I had become.

    That was a fantastic and very helpful reading, thank you again!

  • Would love to have a set of those cards of yours astra-angel.