Would anyone like a reading from this 31 card oracle deck?

  • Hi nency!

    Sure thing, lets see what seems to be coming up in the next 3 months///

    A nice word from a friend "messages, communication, friendships"

    So that sounds like this next month is characterized by communication I think. SO, dialogue with friends, people you know.

    Then, The Kiss

    "Love, romance, companionship, affection..."

    Hmm... that sounds like the 2nd month is more than friends... take that in whatever way you like. Something close and affectionate anyway.

    Month 3 is Up Up and Away!

    "Movement, travel, heading up, the skies the limit, leaving a situation"

    So that sounds like the relationship gets "up up and away" and heads to some nice places. Could be some travel. Summer... July, traveling with this Kiss person! Sounds nice. Movement can be nice in a relationship.

    blessings nency! I hope all is working out for you...


  • Nency here is the Up up and away card

  • Hi Shaubby

    Thank you for you nice comments! I am still playing with them to see how they maybe tie together...

    Okay, lets try a reading for you and see...

    I drew "Building a Future"

    "Nailing it together, constructive thinking, assembling things, working with others"

    and "A Door Opening"

    "an opportunity is presented to you, something unexpected that is an exciting development!"

    That sounds like something you are (or have been) working on develops into a Door Opening for you, some exciting developments connected with this project of yours.

    Then I drew the Baby card!

    "A new beginning, fresh start, innocence, and can mean a baby on the way!"

    The Baby card sounds really nice after that Door Opening. Like, something really new, innocent and "sweeps you off your feet" in some way. LIke a baby, when a baby is born that really sets in motion roles and style of living that nurtures the baby... so that is like this Door opening sets something in motion that requires care, attention love that is really nice for you.

    How does that sound Shaubby? I always like to see the Door Opening card that looks like surprises and nice things happening that we don't always expect.

    Blessings and thank you for asking for the request. And thank you for all of your help you show others here with your readings!

    I hope that was fun or helpful for you...



    I will draw some cards and we can see what they suggest, you may see something as well, so go with your intuition.

    Black Cat

    Guiding Star

    Fairie Princess

    This seems to be saying something like...

    The job loss, though it came out of nowhere, and seemed alarming at first, you will look upon as a much needed step.

    The guiding star seems to be where you are at. So, that would simple mean "that you are being guided", and then the Fairie Princess seems to convey a certain freedom, happy work, or playful jobs, when the fairies show up, you simply go with the flow, they like to have fun I know that! I think faeries are so wonderful... they are so carefree and lighthearted, they hold the Universe together I believe, by how they always love to play. Yay for the faieries! Or however you spell their name!

    So, your new job or work will be something you can play at and love, and that will be your job or career.

    I hope that was a blessing for you,

    love and light


  • Shubbyabby here,

    Thanks for the great reading. I look forward to the new beginnings that look like they will be build with love and fun. Love your cards.

  • thanks astra 🙂 that's sounds good i hope it all turn good. well im stil having emotional dilemmas, and this college of semester is harder, but i hope i will do it well. this cards are so nice 🙂

  • Thank you Shuabby, (sri I mispelled your name I stand corrected! 🙂 and nency I appreciate the feedback! I think they are fun. I think the idea is interesting to just sit down with some scraps of paper and draw out your own life symbols... and then work with those in a reading it opens up some interesting insights into our lives (a lot of these symbols are borrowed from my past).

    Which is interesting, as I had a strong thing for trains when I was a boy.

    So! Let's add a train card. What does the train card mean?

    It means "something powerful, carries cargo (so it can be very work related), strong, runs on tracks, get outta the way!, very path conscious, determination (sort of like the strength card maybe?). So for example in a reading about one's work or career, the train card would be a good thing to see! The train is pullin' out of the station!

    However it could mean other things.... say someone is asking whether this or that situation can still be changed?

    The Train card could be saying "that train has already left the station". I used to hear that in advertising a lot as regards whether or not the client would change their mind about something.

    Here is the thing though 'tarot forum'... we could make our own deck. You folks could create your own cards, add it to this one. They are just sketches you know? So, someone could say, hey how about the

    Broke down car card


    the Milking the Cow card


    the Carnival card, or the Eclipse card... the Petunias card...

    I think in a counseling situation it would prove beneficial to start creating symbols with the client as soon as possible to open out life situations. Instead of the esoteric Tarot, you would be using symbols and pictures and fragments of the clients own past or present, or future dreams and start to use that as a dialoguing mechanism. That is all counseling really is, is dialogue with some analysis mixed in. You could create cards that represent specific people in your life, a situation, jobs, anything,

    So, let's say your client came to you for help in understanding a situation or is this going to happen or that... you would create a card for "that" situation, then start creating cards for the cast, then cards for other aspects of the sets of life...

    The idea is to develop a deck from scratch based on your own life aspects And then dialogue around that.

    So, to get you started with your own decks, all you need is a heavy sheet of paper (regular printer paper will work however it helps to have the cards a little thicker helps in shuffling.)

    Cut them in 8's as shown, I just fold the paper and tear along the folds. Draw some pics (stick figures are fine!) and you have a great deck to use to help open out life concerns based on the symbols that specifically relate to you. Not everyone finds themselves hanging from a tree upside down, or falling from towers. P

    Yippie its all good, I hope!


    P.S. So now it is a 32 card symbol set, not a 31 card oracle deck, I am not sure about the "oracles"...

  • Hi astraangel i would love a reading if you would like to give one. My question is the same as one of them above, can you tell me what will happen in my life within the next 3 months? Thank you 😄

  • Hello Jasminrose85

    Certainly, I drew some cards and it looks so wonderful for you...

    Month 1 is The Beach, so that is like, spending time with someone you really care about. In a nice setting, it is so romantic or can be anyway. Soft... lilting, the sounds of the water...

    and some tears... of happiness


    Month 2 is the Seven Sisters, so whatever is taking you to the Beach is over you too, Stars over the ocean, and it is night, and your feet wade the warm surf. You arms are outstretched and you feel the warm salt air blow through you....

    So that poetic sort of starry mystery is your month 2

    Month 3 is surprises! Soo.. whatever the nice things in months 1 and 2 turn into some nice surprises in month 3... and I did see a sneak of a little look of a wedding cake TWICE during the cards, holy smokes////!

    What do you think?

    Of course, now you will probably tell me you're married in which case that would make the wedding cake mean something else! 🙂

    hope that was fun for you and helpful too!


  • ANd jasminrose85

    Here are your surprises card


    The Wedding Cake... oh, baby, baby, baby... baby...

    ha ha...

  • I am very single! I feel like someone is coming soon, my mother has been instant on telling me i will find them this year LOL. And im the type that knows that when its right it will happen quickly. Maybe ill be meet someone 🙂 ill for sure keep you updated. But at least it looks like ill have a great spring! Thanks astra 😄

  • Well this is very interesting because the cards you drew described my situation with this man completely!

    When you said "facing a fear and loving it" that described me to a "T" because before I met this man in person I was SO afraid and nervous but also exciting and loving it at the same time! 🙂

    Me and him have definitely 'come out of the dark' so to speak. Now we actually KNOW one another and it is just awesome! 🙂 I am so happy that I did not let my fear and nervousness get in the way of meeting him in person.

    As for the card you drew, Door Opening, when you said shared pipelines....is that in regards to communication or something? If so, it makes sense because his best friend's wife added me on Facebook and we have been talking back and forth about this man and she hopes it works out, etc. I cannot help but feel all of this stuff I am telling her is (possibly) getting back to her husband and then getting back to this man. As for communication and openness, I went ahead and wrote him last Sunday about how I feel (not love or anything heavy because I did not want to scare him away lol) but I did basically ask him where he wanted things to go. I notice that he did not give me a straight answer but he is still flirting with me and me and him still talk A LOT, so I take this as a good sign. I think he is just moving slow because we live like 7 hours away and he may not be interested in a long distance relationship or something. Time will tell and I DO hope time tells soon LOL! 🙂

    The whole black cats card makes sense also because I think BOTH me and him are like black cats in the night....very uncertain what could happen between me and him because there are SOME obstacles (the distance, who would move if we tried to have a relationship together, his good job, etc.)

    And with the Vision card with the telescope, that makes sense too. It is funny you mention about the Astrology part too because this man and I were born on the same day, month and year - just different times of birth, which are like 7-8 hours apart!

    This reading really gave me something to think on, so thank you SO SO much!!! 🙂

  • Astra thanks so much for the reading!! Can u help me clarify a question, then? If I am meant to move on to find my own happiness, when will I know the time is right? I am confused as my hubby has quite improved and I am learning to trust again. I am still keeping one thought out the door though and I'm questioning if this is right or fair, both to myself as well as him. For a long time I felt my path was to break away and divorce, but now do I not only not find reason to, I cannot just end a relation because of selfishness. Will there be an event or sign that will guide me to my correct destiny? Or am I just restless?

    With all my appreciation!!! Thank you !!

  • If you are still up to doing readings I would love a reading regarding my love life there is a guy who I am very interested in but he is in mexico and I am in the united states he said he was going to come up here i haven't heard from him in a few days. My initials are CMM dob is 5/17/1987 his are ERH Dob 3/21/82

    Thank you for your time.

  • If you are still doing free readings I would like one please.

    I was wondering if you see me having a conversation within the next 30 days, with my Exboyfriend (G). his birthday is June 30th,1950.

    He is going through a lot right now; and, I was wondering if he will ever be truthful with me!

    My D.O.B. is April 21st,1973

    Thanks In Advance

  • Dear Capricorn25

    "As for the card you drew, Door Opening, when you said shared pipelines....is that in regards to communication or something? "

    That sounds right to me. Communicating, on the same wavelength sort of idea. A door opening could be a door of communication, sharing, opening.

    That is so amazing that you and he are born that close, same day and all! Wow, that has to be like star twins or something!

    You are very welcome for the sharing back and forth! blessings and I hope that relationship really blossoms for you!


  • Dear Leolight

    Oh my, your questions are thought provoking!

    I cannot advise you on anything pertaining to signs as to you correct destiny with the situation. I wish I could, I am not a counselor or anything. I am a card reader, maybe. Maybe not. I like to look at cards and it is easy to talk about them!

    Okay, let's look at your question...

    " Will there be an event or sign that will guide me to my correct destiny? Or am I just restless?"

    I drew the Eagle and the "Up, up and away" cards.

    The eagle card means:

    seeing from a much higher perspective, floating away, clear vision, money

    The "Up, up and away" card means:

    Movement, travel, heading up, the skies the limit, leaving a situation

    So I guess when you see the eagle, its time to up, up and away?

    I am not certain, what do you think? The eagle strikes me as wise and clear eyed. I would keep your eyes open in other words. Eagle are no nonsense too. So don't tolerate nonsense either. If you are in a situation where you are not sure about something, the eagle would seek vision and clarification.

    Not sure how that is a sign though. In general I would say keep trusting is good.

    Hope that helps!


  • Cmurillo25

    I drew the Reaching out card, that sounds like you hear something, or there is connections restored.


    The Kiss!

    Oh wow, that sounds interesting. I will not need to elaborate on that maybe.



  • Hi StandingTall,

    Certainly let's see what turns up...

    "I was wondering if you see me having a conversation within the next 30 days, with my Exboyfriend (G). his birthday is June 30th,1950."

    I drew the "Up, up and away card" and my first thought was a yes, as the jet is pointing up and is affirming in its influence. Also, you get on a flight and you know how you are seated next to total strangers and sometimes that turns into conversation. So this almost sounds like you and he are thrust into a situation where you are sorta "there" looking at each other and can't escape haha... then there is conversation! Oh who knows... however i do think that airplane card is a happy card of progress.

    And I got the Train card!

    Another card where you are traveling and could be sitting across from each other sort of thing.

    I think the idea here is that somehow you and he ARE somehow thrust together into a closed off setting and then there can be dialogue. Something like that? What do you think?



  • I am sorry I guess I put too much on here. Well thank u so much for ur help if anything, ur cards meant a lot to me!!!