Would anyone like a reading from this 31 card oracle deck?

  • Hi Marishkaa

    Here is that "Everything turns out for the best" it is a windmill!

  • Hi Sharon62

    Sure thing lets take a look and see what shows...

    I'll draw a card for each area and see what they suggest.

    You asked

    "I'd like to know about "things on the homefront" in regards to my marriage, children, and my career."

    Marriage - A Door Opening "an opportunity is presented to you, something unexpected that is an exciting development!"

    Children - Up, up and away! (You want to get rid of them haha)

    "Movement, travel, heading up, the skies the limit, leaving a situation"

    Career = The Beach " The Beach - Relaxation, rewards, companionship in a nice setting, love, warmth, sunshine, vacations and travel"

    The Door opening in marriage seems to suggest that something 'unexpected' occurs which is very exciting for you marriage. Developments. Door opening always sounds to me like an "event" that is perfectly timed that allows you to make forward progress in a situation.

    The up, up and away, sounds like the children are perhaps in that mode right now? Like, up and away, testing the limits, reaching for their own stars... it sorta feels like upward growth for them, developing maturity, able to stretch their own wings.

    In career, it sounds like something very very nice in terms of 'setting' is developing in career. Or maybe you take a well-deserved break from the "real world" of career and you explore and relax in a totally new setting. Near water, or an emotionally rewarding situation. THe Beach feels like the "reward" for your hard work, so that seems to say good things about your career path "paying off" or rewarding you now.

    I hope that blesses you Sharon62!

    Thank you for the request.


  • hi angel , how are you ?

    can i please sit for another reading if that's fine ?

    i am trying to figure out someone whom i am going to meet in future .. can you give me clues to recognize him and understand where he is coming from when we are into each other's lives ?

    how will i get aquainted with this person ?

    how old he could be ?

    in what capacity will he enter my life ?

    what exactly will he say to me that i need to pay attention to ?

    will he offer me something ?

    will i meet him at workplace or family gathering or somewhere else i am not aware of yet ?

    what else should i know to recognize him so that when he appears i can know right away that it's him ?

    i hope i get to find some clues to help myself through this reading.

    ~~thank you for this offer ~~

  • Hi hiighpriestess

    Hey I am fine, thanks for asking! Yes, certainly let's try a reading, thank you for the request. This will be fun!

    how will i get aquainted with this person ?

    Bicycle built for two - that sounds like you are involved with him in some shared way, leading up to the acquaintance. Could be a work setting even. Somehow you are doing something together... leading up to "that moment"... 🙂

    how old he could be ?

    The Wedding Cake. "Companionship, committed relationship, desserts, something sweet, marriage"

    How old? I want to say early 30's. How is that? What's the average age for a marriage?

    Old enough to know what a committed relationship entails. Communication. Tears. Connecting. More communication. Laughter. More communication.

    in what capacity will he enter my life ?

    A Door Opening.

    That sounds like the "capacity" sounds like something happens, a door-opportunity develops, throwing you into each other's arms... and there is the Bicycle... and then you sail off together! How's that sound?

    what exactly will he say to me that i need to pay attention to ?

    "Everything turns out for the best". So when you meet "him" he will say "everything turns out for the best" and you will need to pay attention to that.

    will he offer me something ?

    "Guiding Star". He will either offer you the stars, or a nice yacht. He offer you a star to aim for, the two of you together. He says to you, "Dear hiighpriestess, let's you and I aim for that most beautiful star, and set sail there together!"

    will i meet him at workplace or family gathering or somewhere else i am not aware of yet ?

    Up, up and away.

    "Movement, travel, heading up, the skies the limit, leaving a situation"

    That sounds like a travel setting, or a corporate business. You are both in motion and are thrust together as a result of this movement. THat almost sounds like you find that you have seats together on a flight (bicycle built for two). SO, it sounds like travel or motion related is the setting. Bicycle and the jet plane. all of that is the two of you in motion together, and then... there he is aND there you are... and it is nice!

    what else should i know to recognize him so that when he appears i can know right away that it's him ?

    The Beach. Casually dressed, flip flops maybe. He could be dressed to head for a vacation at a resort, so, sunglasses, shorts and t shirt. T shirt says "Bali or bust". Or something like that. Like, I am headed here come h3ll or high water.

    Okay hiighpriestess. How does that sound?

    Maybe not Bali...

    Rio. Or bust. Or wherever is super nice and warm and has non-stop partying.

    blessings to you!


  • Dear Astra,

    Thank you so much for the reading. A Door Opening sounds exciting and promising as my marriage has been strained in the last year and I welcome this new development with open arms.

    Up, Up, and Away for my children describes it best. My baby started college in Austin last September, my daughter also lives in Austin, and my oldest son just got a place of his own (he's not living under his fathers roof anymore). He is having to pay his own bills for the 1st time in his life. I'm very proud of all of my childrens' accomplishments but sometimes I find myself missing my baby boy and my daughter very much.

    The Beach is also promising as I am currently not working but am thinking about going back to work part-time. I also love being close to water whether it be a river, lake, or the ocean. Maybe I'll find something that rewards me emotionally? That would be wonderful since I'm kind of going through the empty nest syndrome lately and am wondering how I can contribute to the universe now that my children are grown???

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart - Sounds promising!!



  • hey angel, thank you so much for this message 🙂 i love love all your readings and the beautiful and important ques you come up with to help understand the situation . thanks a lot for sharing your gift with us !!!


    hiighpriestess ~

  • HI Astra! Lovely cards...if you have a moment, I would love a reading! I would like to see what you see when it comes to my career and family. Thanks so much! faye1218

  • Hi faye1218

    Certainly, let's see what shows up!

    For career, I drew the Investigator and the Surfer!

    The investigator is " Inquisitive, searching, looking for clues, examining"

    The surfer is "balanced, exhilarating, oceans, beaches, water"

    This sounds like you are searching or investigating something as regards career. You could be searching, comparing options, somehow your current career path is EXAMINING.

    The Surfer shows some exciting motion after this period of examination. You are riding the waves! Something must develop as a result of this examining and searching, and it seems to be really rewarding for you! The surfer, I always think of the internet, web surfing, so it could also be a clue as to your career somehow making us of, or developing in the Internet as an important part of your career path.

    Your family...

    The Investigator (again!) and the Surprises card!

    So, your family life is also an area currently under some examining, looking at facts, there is a sense that perhaps relationships there are under some scrutiny for some reason.

    The surprises card says "Something unexpected happens, a surprise, out of the blue, out of left field" so that sounds like something "surprising" develops as regards your family. So as a result of this examining, something surprising turns up that is of interest. I am not sure what that is! Sounds kinda intriguing though!

    I hope that helps! That is interesting that the Investigator shows twice that seems to say that this "examining or searching" influence is an important part of your life experience right now. The Investigator is a really interesting "idea" to me, and that card has a lot of little picture symbols. Shoes on the floor, a desk, candle, window, art, coins, magnifying glass!



  • Hey Astra,

    I see you have a new deck of cards. Very interesting. I like them! Let's see what they tell me...

    I know it is an old story but I have had a very strong feeling these past couple of days that I am going to hear from L. That is very surprising to me since I gave up on that awhile ago. I could no longer feel his energy and I felt he had moved on. Perhaps he has and my emotional geiger counter needs re-calibrating! It is a weird feeling though. I can't even call it wishful thinking since I am not sure I really wish for it. There would have to be some MAJOR changes for it to be a good thing. Still the feeling lingers...

    Not much else happening here. We had a couple of nice days and now it is back to cold, wet and stormy. Two more weeks and I leave for Hawaii. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that. It will be a hectic 2 weeks though. I have a lot to get done at work before i go since no one does my job while I am gone and legal timelines must be met. It will be worth the effort though 🙂

    There are no new kings on the horizon, unless you see some. I am not really looking at this point though. I am rather weary of the whole process. i have been spending time with girlfriends instead. They are much safer for my heart.

    I still need to figure out a new income stream or new job since the state continues to take money away from us. They suspended the cost of living increase that the voters gave us back in 08 and now they have decided to make that a permanent cut. So much for supporting public education per the court's mandate! And in addition to that they are trying to take away the pay that districts give us that is raised through levies. That does not cost the state anything so it is just a power play and union busting tactic. If they succeed it will be more than 25% of my pay gone (in addition to the 9+% we have lost over the past few years). I will leave the schools at that point. A girl can only take so much abuse!

    So how are things on your side of the mountains? Do you have your tarot reading site up and running yet? Perhaps you should just market your cards. use your art skills to create some new decks and market them. You could write a book to go along with it to tell how to interpret the cards. That might actually be a fun project that could turn a profit in the end.. Just a thought that came to me...

    Hope all is well.


  • Hi, Astra! Just wanted to say hello and that these cards are so imaginative and adorable! They remind me a little bit of Isha Lerner's Inner Child cards....I'd love to see them in color. I love the variety of imagery - bicycle built for two, too cute!

    I'm guessing your burn-out phase is past? I hope so, and you are obviously such an inspiration to so many here - so very nice of you.

    Sending you love and light and hope you've had many positive changes since we last spoke,


  • Thank you )

  • Hi sadsag!

    Thanks for the feedback on the deck, it is fun!

    I am taking a look with them at this question of yours as regards L:

    "I know it is an old story but I have had a very strong feeling these past couple of days that I am going to hear from L. That is very surprising to me since I gave up on that awhile ago. I could no longer feel his energy and I felt he had moved on. Perhaps he has and my emotional geiger counter needs re-calibrating! It is a weird feeling though. I can't even call it wishful thinking since I am not sure I really wish for it. There would have to be some MAJOR changes for it to be a good thing. Still the feeling lingers..."

    So, let's just draw a few cards and see if a story shows up to give you some insight!

    The KEY (Unlock your dreams) - Unlocking your full potential, discovering your song, being the beautiful divine creature you are meant to be!

    So that places the focus on YOU and your lovely life. Your dreams are first and center it seems.

    The BABY card! Oh wow... I am not sure about that. The baby card means "A new beginning, fresh start, innocence, and can mean a baby on the way!"

    So I think the idea there is a new start in some way with L. Once you "unlock" your dreams, then the relationship can be "born" in some new way. What do you think?

    Another card...

    The FAIRIE PRINCESS card. "Unexpected developments, surprises, fun, laughter, jokes"

    I think this is trying to say something about the relationship you could have with L. It is characterized by fun, laughter, happiness, and maybe a surprise or two along the way.

    Summing this up, I think the fact that the Key card starts the set does seem to shift the focus away from you and L to only you, as you discover your own dreams and path. Then, L can come into the picture once you are off and running and chasing your own fairies. Then a fresh new start with L perhaps and it is fun and very nice! Because it is all positive and lovely, just like a little innocent baby!

    How does that sound? I know you are really focused on your own life lately, you are sharing about the work, career aspect. That is a part of that "Unlock your dreams" I think.

    Hawaii sounds fantastic! Lucky YOU! I would love to see that one day, I have not really travelled much. HAVE FUN you will probably get over there, meet some young Hawaiian dude who will fall in love with you and we will never hear from you again.

    I hear you on giving the relationship arena a rest. I am the same way, it seems to be a realm that I can't really figure out, so I am not going to try. I hang out with my friends, and you, this forum are my friends.

    On the career issues, and the finances, that seems like you are getting the shaft, Could be that something much better comes along soon to either replace that or augment it financially.

    You know what you are capable of, and I am sure you'll be hearing something that helps guide your $$$ steps in the near future. If I knew your situation better I could offer specific ideas... I like coming up with ideas for people, I keep hoping one day I actually come up with a good one:)

    So how are things on your side of the mountains?

    Wet at the moment. Drizzling here this morning. Otherwise things are rocking along, nothing really new. I am writing and keeping up a blog or two. My work with Tarot does seem to be helping, although it is not a money maker really. Me and money, ugh, I wish I had someone to trust that I could offload the financial part to and be done with money forever.

    Do you have your tarot reading site up and running yet?

    I am keeping a tarot blog and offering 5 buck readings on fiverr. Still looking at other career options, I am open to anything, even getting back into advertising. Sigh, I wish I really knew what I was supposed to do in life! Do we ever get to find out?

    Your idea on the cards, selling that... yeah that could be fun. Honestly I would rather partner with someone else to paint the art and we start a business together, I REALLY want to form some sort of collaborative group somehow. share the profits EQUALLY. THat has been a dream of mine... one day the Universe will bring me the people that is supposed to be with! EIther that or I guess I am condemned to do everything by myself. I can't figure it out.

    Nice to hear from you sadsag, you have a wonderful day over there!

    I keep looking at motorcycles.... still sorta lean toward the BMW's. 650/800 something like that. A little off road riding would be so fun! Adventure touring.

    When you go to Hawaii you should rent a motorcycle and have some fun exploring!



  • Hi jlina

    Nice to hear from you! Thanks for the nice comments on the cards, maybe I will work them up in color. I am just playing with them right now to see if they really seem to offer something helpful.

    I am past my "burnout" phase I guess, I hope so anyway! Maybe that was what it was? Burnout. I am forging on somehow, something... eventually... has to work or I will die trying anyway.

    Thanks for saying hi and the positive wishes, I hope also for you, wonderful things to come, and that all is bright in your life.



  • You are very welcome Marishkaa...

  • hiighpriestess

    Thank you for your nice comments! Always nice to hear.

    You are very welcome for the reading.

    best wishes,


  • Good morning Astra,

    Thanks for the reading. It makes sense but i still think it is unlikely to happen. Yes the focus is on me not us. I gave up on the us awhile ago. Or at least I have been really working on it. Trying to figure out the lesson in this relationship. I don't really expect to have him in my life again. Even if i do happen to hear from him, or run into him somewhere, I can't really see us in a romantic relationship again. he has some serious commitment issues that would have to be overcome. At his age, as deeply ingrained as these fears are, that is very unlikely to happen. Trusting him again would be nearly impossible for me. That is why I have been puzzled by these feelings like I might hear from him. The baby card definitely does not mean a baby on the way for me! or him either I am guessing since he took care of that option years ago. So a new beginning then. Perhaps with him, more likely not with him. That is actually the message that I have been getting for quite some time now. A new beginning for me, not for us. That would be fine. I am ready for a new beginning.

    The questions is, what kind of new beginning? I am feeling very restless. Not really unhappy, just restless and unfocused. Nothing really excites me these days. I need a new beginning, a new focus for my life. Perhaps the trip to Hawaii will start something. Not too likely to be the scenario that you describe. But at least it will be a complete change for a week and that will be good. I have never been there. I have been saving my personal days (we only get 2 days that we can take off without being sick) for 3 years in order to go somewhere during the school year. Personal days are new. Until a few years ago we had to lie about being sick if we needed a day off. Still we have to have medical documentation if we are out the days before or after a holiday or for more than 5 days. But I specifically wanted to go someplace sunny and warm in the spring since our springs are so dark and wet. This is the time of year that the weather drives me crazy. so I am going! Actually the idea was to go somewhere with L but that is not happening, obviously. Perhaps that is why he has been on my mind lately. Who knows? I am going with a girlfriend and i am sure we will have fun.

    The financial issues are not new. Working for the schools has never been lucrative. People seem to think that teachers do not deserve or expect to make a living wage. Washington has historically been very tight fisted with money for education. They like to perpetuate this myth that our schools are so bad, but we work on one of the smallest budgets, with the 4th highest class sizes and yet we still have the highest average SAT scores in the national. So how bad are these teachers that they can do that? The idea is to keep the general population thinking that the schools are so bad so they can keep taking things away. and it is working. They are working hard right now to break out unions so we can no longer negotiate for the few things that we do get to bargain for (salary is not one of them. That is set by the state) it is so frustrating to me. I am not a teacher, I am a speech pathologist but I am equivalent to a teacher and work under the same contract. I am in the unfortunate position that I make the most the district can pay me. I am at the very top of the salary schedule and so there will no longer be any raises for me. Once you get to the top of education and years of service, no more raises. If the cost of living would stay the same that would be okay but I have 15 more years and it is unlikely that the cost of food and gas will not go up over those years. With the increases in cost of living and the money that the state keeps taking away, I am going backwards. So I am fine for now but can't keep doing this forever. Changing careers is difficult since my skills do not really transfer to other fields very well. That means that I would have to move into a new field at entry level which is way less then I make now. So I can't afford to do that. It feels like I am stuck between a rock and a hard space. I have been looking at this issue for about 10 years now and still have no solution. Very frustrating 😞 Bah blah blah I get tired of thinking about it so sometimes I just don't.

    Unloading it to someone else does sound nice. That is not too likely to happen for me either so i must plug on. Even if I were to meet some new king, I think I would have trouble turning over my financial security to someone else. I did that for 25 years, we worked together to build his career and then he walked away with a tramp and she is benefiting from all of my hard work. I was back at square 1 in my mid 40's. Not a good place to be as you well know.

    Okay, enough of that depressing thinking for the day. it is raining here, as it has been for 3 days now, heavy rain. I can't work in the garden when it is this wet so I am forced to stay inside. I am going to brunch with some friends though so that will be nice. Went out last night to a blues club. that was also fun so I really have nothing to complain about. 🙂 I am working on adjusting my vision of my life and trying to be comfortable with the idea of being single for my last 20+ years. it is a paradigm shift for me but I am working on it. One thing is for sure, even if i resist the idea, each day will go by and in no time it will be behind me and I will have done it! Passive aggressive success!

    Well you have a blog or 2 and you make a bit of money from readings. That is forward movement. Seems like $5 is a bit low but you can always increase it. I don't think you need to worry much about how reliable your readings are. You are no less reliable than anyone else out there. I wish I knew someone who could really, reliably see what is coming, at least in some way. My brother saw a psychic when he was in his 20's. She told him he would die young so he lived his life pretty fast and loose and he dies when he was 42 of a heart attack. did she get it right? Did she somehow tap into the information about our family history of men and heart issues and early death? Or was it a self fulling prof icy? i have always wondered. I do think there are some people who can see things but I have never really met one. Your readings are very good. You have a nice way of interpreting the cards and making it personal. As we have discussed before though, they are not about predicting the future. If they were, would I really want to know, good or bad???

    The job market is getting better. A job in graphic design or marketing is more possible now. how about graphics for games? I know people who do that. you don't have to develop the game, just draw what graphics. I think there are jobs in that market. You might even be able to work from home or Starbucks 😉 I still like the develop your own deck idea. You draw them in back and white and i will color them with markers. I am an excellent colorer 🙂 I have a children's book i wrote a few years ago that I am considering trying again to publish. I don't it will solve my retirement issues but it would still be fun to see it in print. I need some money up front to do that though. so first I need to remodel my basement so I can rent it out so I can have a bit of extra income so that I can afford to get the help I need to publish the book. It is something to do though and a goal to work toward. How about illustrating books? I bet you could do that. there must be authors out there who need illustrations for their books. Put up an add on craig's list or google it and see what you can find. That could be lucrative for sure. Just another idea. Then you could afford a real motorbike like a Harley 😉 😉

    Better get going now. I have been blabbing on for way to long. I sometimes forget this is a forum and I should stick t the topic at hand! Thanks for the reading.


  • Sadsag,

    Okay on all of that. I hear ya. Well... let's see if I can offer ANYthing... you said

    " ...A new beginning for me, not for us. That would be fine. I am ready for a new beginning.

    The questions is, what kind of new beginning? I am feeling very restless. Not really unhappy, just restless and unfocused. Nothing really excites me these days. I need a new beginning, a new focus for my life. Perhaps the trip to Hawaii will start something."

    Let me examine that.

    So we are going to be looking at a new beginning for you in some nice way. We want to answer the question what kind of new beginning?

    And... I drew


    "Companionship, committed relationship, desserts, something sweet, marriage"

    I do think you are heading into some sort of relationship soon. Granted, nothing may actually appear on the horizon right now, however that can change. I think it is fun to keep your heart open to possible relationships that are nice surprises! How about that?

    And I drew the Cuck-coo clock.

    The clock card seems to foreshadow an event. Time for something. That sort of an idea. (I wrote that is has to do with foolishness or stupid decisions, however I don't think that is the point here, The point I think is TIME as in "it is time".)

    And the KISS card.

    "Love, romance, companionship, affection..."

    So all of that together sounds like a relationship to me. You never know sadsag! Something around the corner.

    As for your work and all that it does sound distressing, I wish I had an answer. My mom was a teacher and she worked hard. She did the summer off though which I thought was nice. I never got anything more than 2 weeks off at a time and was lucky to get that in my 30 years in advertising.

    Your children's book sounds cool! That is so interesting as I was worked on another children's book a few years ago for someone. It was not finished, however it was fun, I liked doing the illustrations.

    Maybe we can take a look at that and see what you have going there. I do kinda like illustrating books, as long as it is in a style I am comfortable with. right now I am making little books that are pencil drawn text and some occasional illustrations.


  • Astra,

    That was a very sweet reading. I have trouble believing it though. do you have any negative cards in that deck? perhaps the readings are all good because you only put happy cards in it 😉 As for a new romance in my life, well...you have to believe it will happen in order for it to happen and I simply do not believe it, At this point I am afraid to try. It feels a bit ironic. I was never afraid to try but L was. Now I am scared to death and he has moved on quite easily. I used to think I was emotionally healthy and capable of a long term relationship. In fact I was. I now feel as broken as L is and incapable of finding a healthy relationship. I know I can do the relationship part, the part I seem to suck at is the choosing part. I have had 2 meaningful relationships since my marriage ended 10 years ago and looking back I can see they both had commitment issues. So clearly I picked broken men for some reason. I no longer trust my judgement so think it is best for me to stay out of the game. I will keep your sweet reading in mind though. Perhaps some day it will happen but no time soon I think. My feeling that I will hear from L has completely gone away. Not sure why it just did. That connection thing that seemed to have returned has disappeared. it was an odd little interlude. perhaps just recycling a bit of left over hope. Maybe I just needed to clear the last bit out. who knows?

    The work thing is very frustrating. I do like my work but I am a bit tired of it and have a hard time imagining 12-15 more years of it. Still, if I wasn't going backwards financially I think I could deal with it. I am grateful that I have the job and that it is stable, for now anyway. The politicians in WA are really trying to do away with our unions and then there will be no pay and no stability, and of course no point in working in the schools. So I will just keep looking at other options until something interesting comes along. Private practice is no better since the insurance companies don't reimburse enough to even keep an office open. At least in the schools the voters have some say, not so with insurance companies. I have watched many many people work themselves into bankruptcy trying to keep a practice going. Since I am not a business person in any way, that is just not a good option for me. The summers off are nice for sure. It is all unpaid, as are all of the holidays. Most people don't know that and so they think we get paid for all of these lovely breaks. Nope, we only get paid for the 181 days that the kids are in school. It was great when my kids were little and my income was the 2nd income. Not so great now though. Sure could have used a crystal ball way back when I was in college. I would have made a few different choices...

    I love the idea of having my book published. I had kind of given up on it. It is difficult to get publishers to look at new manuscripts without an agent. So it has just been sitting for at least 8 years now. It is a children's book about a pig and a duck who form a family. It was not intended to have a blended family theme however that is kind of how it turned out. It is actually a true story about a pet pig that I used to have and how he adapted when we moved him to a 'farm'. I have always pictured it with watercolor type pictures but am not married to that idea. the only reason it came up again was because I went to an art gallery opening the other night and was chatting with 2 women I met. One is a publisher and the other, quite by random chance, is a graphic artists and she likes to illustrate. My son could do it but he does not think his style fits. He has been telling me for 3 years not that he was going to get one of his artist friends to do it for me but that has not happened. the young woman who is the publisher gave me the name of someone she works with who publishes children's books. It is $200 for a 1 hour consultation to see if she thinks it is worth doing. I don't have that kind of cash to throw away right now. Perhaps if i work this summer though, I can ear mark a bit of it. I have no idea what it costs to self publish but I am sure there are costs involved. It is something to think about anyway.

    Thanks again for the reading. Perhpas I'll copy it and put it up somewhere. Maybe reading it now and then will help 😉


  • I would like a reading if possible. Not sure what information you need but I am looking into the situation of me and a man I love. What is our future together? If we will get back together? Thank you!

  • feeling really lost past is being brought up and having hard time dealing with it and its ruining an important relationship....please help

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