Would anyone like a reading from this 31 card oracle deck?

  • Hello ASTRA ANGEL,,,Thank you for your response, I just realized that I should have written AURA,S they also have been keeping me in AWE!! of what has been happening. , and YES of course it was a surprise, "a lovely one at that".......... It has opened up a new [perspective on life and all the things we DON,T understand. I feel my heart and mind has been connected by my spirit and all I want to do is learn and absorb more .

  • Hi libraluli

    "Could you see what your deck says about the guy I am presently dating (I use that term lightly...lol!) He has been a bit hot and cold and I think I am about ready to walk away!"

    I drew the "Door Opening" card which says:

    "an opportunity is presented to you, something unexpected that is an exciting development!"

    So, I would say be looking for a development with him or someone new is about to enter your life.

    Then I drew the beach... which says "Relaxation, rewards, companionship in a nice setting, love, warmth, sunshine, vacations and travel"

    So those two together sound really nice. An door opening that leads you to relaxation, companionship in a nice setting. So one way or the other you will find something nice!

    blessings, astra

  • Hi again Pisces1803

    Yeah, if you feel mystified then that is probably a sign to just reflect on it some more... your subconscious may be processing it still

    Here is a card for you as a followup:

    THe Surfer... that sounds like just keep surfing! Go with the flow... have fun!

  • Hi marishkaa!

    Okay, let's see...

    What was the purpose of meeting this boy , i was asking so much about)?

    I drew the "Congratulations goat!" card and the guide says:

    "Reaching a goal, climbing the mountain, seeing from a higher point of view"

    SO I would say the purpose seems to be connected with you attaining something, seeing from a higher point of view. It sounds to me like he is instrumental somehow in your own personal growth.

    What can i do to be happy with him or without him i will be happier?

    I drew the "Bicycle built for two" card which says:

    "companionship, friendship, working together for fun"

    That sounds like you do continue with him, it sounds like the key here is "working it out together" so whatever impediments you face are there to work with in a positive way!

    And what do i need to realize about my career?

    I drew the "Unlock your dreams" card, which says:

    "Unlocking your full potential, discovering your song, being the beautiful divine creature you are meant to be!"

    That sounds great to me! I would say your career takes off as you unlock your own passion, song, discover the beautiful divine creature you are!

    I hope that helps! Thanks for the request marishkaa!

    Nice things happening for you I know!


  • Hi hiighpriestess!

    You asked:

    hi astraangel

    i want to know how and when will i get aquainted with A

    I drew the Seven Sisters card which says:

    "Out there, spacy, stars, companionship with a group"

    That sounds to me like you are in a group setting with A and that somehow places you two together.

    Or something about the stars, maybe something "spacy" happens that thrusts you together!

    and once we are together how will things unfold between us

    I drew the "Congratulations goat" which reads

    "Reaching a goal, climbing the mountain, seeing from a higher point of view"

    That sounds you two "climb the mountain together" and share a peak experience ! 🙂

    and what kind of relationship will we share together ?what will he think of this relationship ?

    I drew the "Reaching out" card which says:

    "Reaching out to another in love, compassion, tenderness, communication"

    That sounds fantastic for a relationship, it should be a VERY communicative relationship! I would say he thinks love, compassion and tender thoughts about the relationship.

    Hey I hope that helps hiighpriestess

    thank you for the request.

    I do like this little deck, it is a lot of fun. I love that goat card because I am a capricorn I guess. The idea of the goat climbing the mountain he has set as his life goal, only to reach the top and wonder "hey, where is everyone?!" 🙂

    love and light


  • Very creative Astra and also very nice. I would like to participate.

    I would like to know if I will get a job in April?

    Will I find true love one day?

    Thank you

  • Hi SagittariusGurl,

    Hey thanks for the nice comments on the cards, they are fun...

    okay let's see...

    I would like to know if I will get a job in April?

    I drew "The Path" card which says:

    "Where you are going, the road ahead, a purpose and a plan"

    That does sound affirming to me, as in this job is "on the path" or "ahead" for you.

    The sun is shining in this card the person is out for a nice sunny day walk, so that sounds like that could be a spring day in April.

    Will I find true love one day?

    "Guiding Star" card

    which says:

    "Guidance, wisdom, clarity, follow your intuition, looking up, sailing, travel by water, insight"

    That seems to me to be a sign that you are being GUIDED to love, and the quest must be a part of your PATH. Although it may feel some days like "when in the world is it ever going to happen!" you ARE being guided, and this is all working out for you in some way.

    These are both very strong cards of path and guidance, so I feel that the Universe is saying to you, you ARE on your path and all is as it should be, you can trust that you WILL find that which your heart longs for.

    I hope that helps!


  • Thank you!

    Bicycle built for two is so romantic and nice)) very warm card. He by the way likes bicycles.

    Astra, how do yo think, may be this "reaching goal" is that we got to the point where we received from our talks everything we could? That there is nothing we can give each other more? Actually the ending? And he is alone on the picture and probably stubborn (like me), like saying that it is better to be alone?

    I understand , that card -bicycle for two -gives a chance for relations, but anyway, what do you think?

    And may i ask some more questions please))?

  • Marishkaa

    That is very interesting your interpretation. I could see that just like you say where the relationship reached the peak, and then where does it go? So that could be what you and he are searching for is a new way to relate ? It could be an ending in a sense, perhaps it is also the beginning of the next mountain summit expedition for the two of you. I think as long as you keep your options open it can still translate into something unexpected and nice.

    It could be saying something like, even though you both have scaled a peak together (the connection you have over the internet) it still leaves you alone.

    So the bicycle built for two could be indicating that you two really are trying to find a way to keep dialogue going and yet not feel alone.

    Feel free to ask ...

  • Thank you Astraangel. I understand the keep surfing and going with the flow and to definitely have fun!!

    Warmest Regards


  • Thanks Astra!! I will be hoping the cards are correct because it sounds exactly what I need right now!!!

    Many blessings....xxoo

  • oh how creative

    i am loving all your drawings !! you are a wonderful artist !!

    i haven't met this person as yet but have been told about him that i will meet him soon.

    however i want to ask about something.. do you think reaching at top and finding no one around me signals something ? like i am alone there and there's no one to share my joys/sorrows with ? like recognition at a price of everything else ? is it so ? or i am interpretting it incorrectly ?

    could it be that i will have to pay a price in order to let this person enter my life ? like i will end up being alone or something ? can you please clarify it for me ?

    thank you so much for this reading. i have always loved your readings !!

  • oh i just wonder , is this lonely goat me or him ? i have heard he has seen a lot of success in life but there is no one around him at present to share anything with him. so i wonder if this lonely goat is him or me ?

  • Hiighpriestess...

    Okay, lets see... your questions are really good ones. I will just draw some cards and see...

    (I am still working with these cards and learning about them so please bear with me)


    You asked

    do you think reaching at top and finding no one around me signals something ?

    Bicycle built for two.

    It signals

    "companionship, friendship, working together for fun"

    like i am alone there and there's no one to share my joys/sorrows with ?

    "Everything turns out for the best"

    Whatever is happening is for the best and all will work out!

    like recognition at a price of everything else ?


    "seeing the future, setting goals, dreaming of tomorrow, looking at life honestly, telescopes, astronomy, astrology"

    is it so ?

    "Everything turns out for the best"


    or i am interpretting it incorrectly ?

    The Wedding Cake.

    "Companionship, committed relationship, desserts, something sweet, marriage"

    could it be that i will have to pay a price in order to let this person enter my life ?

    The Wedding Cake. (again)

    like i will end up being alone or something ?

    The investigator

    "Inquisitive, searching, looking for clues, examining"

    can you please clarify it for me ?

    Bicycle built for Two (again)

    Those were just the cards and the readings from the guide.

    Can you put something together from all that?

    I found it interesting that the bicycle card appeared at the beginning and at the end.

    And the The Wedding Cake appeared twice.

    Very interesting! Those two cards I would then make a focus of investigation!

    I do think you are heading into a relationship with someone, seems to be a partner in your work (bicycle for two is like the 6 cups I think... a couple working together in some nice lovely way at something they both enjoy).

    That is such a beautiful vision to me... a couple whose talents or gifts harmonize and they are working at something shared that is helpful and fun!

    Whatever "alone" time you experience therefore would seem to still be leading you to this relationship. All is working together, you are on a wonderful road hiighpriestess.



  • This sounds like you already have someone around you somehow a companion in some way. I don't think you are really alone, there is an angel or companion in some way now.

  • Oh, sorry I didn't get back on sooner, but Thank you Astra Angel!! Your read was so heartwarming. and on point, I actually received an angel statue and St. Raphael statue as a gift from my grandma last week. I placed them on a high dresser across from my bed so they could protect me at night.

    You mentioned about the card..."and there is a lady looking at both those hearts"

    there are two ways to see it 1. That my mom will be here to see a baby born, or 2. That she will see the baby from the otherside...I guess only time will tell.

    Thank you again.

  • Hi Astra,

    I would love to get a reading. Just would like to see where I'm at reflected in the cards, what they have to show. Thank you.

  • this is quite interesting !! i don't know who this is honestly !! but some others have also picked up someone around me , like a spiritual connection !! i wonder who this is wink wink

    thank you so much for helping me understand it .. it was a beautiful gift from you yet again !!! thank you so much !!

  • Hi Daliolite

    Okay let's see what turns up!

    I'll try a simple past-present-future 3 card reading.

    Past - The Eagle - I am still trying to dial into this card. It can have financial connections I think. Like you are needing or seeking finances. Another rendering (this just popped into my thinking about you) is that you are leaving behind a past that was felt as somehow "predatory", in the sense of life feeling a little too competitive, and like you had to be more on the "defensive" for some reason.

    Present - The Investigator - This shows to me that you are really tuning into your own self more, watching and studying yourself in some way. Reflecting more lately, and perhaps it has ties to whatever the Eagle is about. Present then is a more logical, honest assessment of life, you are thinking clearly and with wisdom.

    Future - The Treehouse. I get "fun" with this. Like you pass through this time of introspection and study, and then its "yippie! time to play!" and you get to build a treehouse! This feels like you stepping into a time where you will are focused more on the happy simple pleasures of life. This time feels very child-innocent and free and playful, with others too. This could be a nice atmosphere for developing healthy, affirming, happy relationships (maybe new ones).

    I hope that helps Daliolite! Thank you for the request, I am still only playing with these cards, you will probably have your own ideas about yourself too looking at them, I will be curious to read what you are getting.



  • Daliolite, this is the Treehouse.

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