Would anyone like a reading from this 31 card oracle deck?

  • Hi Willow6779

    Yes, let's take a look... "looking into the situation of me and a man I love. What is our future together? If we will get back together?"

    I drew

    The Path - That looks like you on your path there is a single figure walking along, that could represent you in this situation.

    A Baby - That shows a birth of something very nice a new beginning perhaps


    The Wedding Cake - That does seem to indicate a committed relationship!

    I would probably say that you are presently along on this path, however be expectant for something, a surprise beginning in some way as regard this person. A chance to begin again! And then the relationship is affirmed. I mean, it does seem to tell that story! What do you think? This is merely my take on the cards, you can also listen to what your heart is telling you from them too!



  • Hi changes5

    Okay, let's see what shows up for you.

    You asked "feeling really lost past is being brought up and having hard time dealing with it and its ruining an important relationship"

    The Owl - "wisdom, weighing out a situation, also can mean night time, seeing in the dark, intuition and psychic powers"

    I think this is expressing the "past is being brought up" aspect. The Owl I would tend to see as a "justice" symbol, wisdom is (trying to be) used to draw conclusions about something from the past.

    The Beach - " Relaxation, rewards, companionship in a nice setting, love, warmth, sunshine, vacations and travel"

    The Beach is a VERY happy card to me, and is almost the opposite of the Owl. The owl is seeing in the dark something from the past, the beach is seeing a bright day on a sunny beach and is very pleasant, It does show a couple, hand in hand and very much affectionate to each other.

    The Mermaid - "The ocean, fluid, love, swimming, something fishy"

    This card is another water card and is another very happy card of love. Water does seem to be a theme. This seems to be addressing something about the relationship like flowing, fluid, give and take, immersive.

    Cuck-Coo clock - this is a card that is sorta zany, funny, dumb in a innocent kinda way, jokes and nuttiness!

    Here is what I am getting. The OWL issues (whatever it is that is being brought up) is in the past, as this is the first card. After that it is happy. So I do have a sense that this "bringing up the past" will go away, and then it is replaced by a nice situation for the two of you, near water or in a setting that is conducive to conversation and affection. It seems like there is an encouragement for you and this person to try to relocate to a new setting or take a trip to a beach, hold hands and go for walks, and find a Setting that will help steer the discussion away from the Owl stuff and back to water and emotions that are nice.

    The clock card seems to be a sign of jokes and laughter, so that you can RE-FRAME the past pain into something funny! Soon, you will be able to joke about the things of the past, and laugh about them! I see that as a very positive sign for you!

    How does that sound changes5? You might get something too, so follow your own intuition, however I feel good about this issue resolving itself into something very happy for you.



  • Thank you so much for the reading, Astra. I can understand how the Investigator card shows up in both areas of my reading. I've been struggling juggling family with career and have been examining my options to see what I can do to better juggle the 2. My employer has been requiring me to work a full-time schedule which I would prefer not to do since my kids are so young and I feel like I am missing so much of them growing up. The hardest thing in my decision is that my job is an awesome job that is too good to give up...plus I am the "breadwinner" in the household. Hoping I can figure something out soon...it's been a great deal of stress for me lately.

    Also interested to find out what the Surprises card holds for my family. Hoping it's a good surprise;) I'll KUP if I find out what it is anytime soon!

    Thanks again for your insight, Astra!


  • Hey faye1218

    Have you considered approaching your employer about telecommuting? Is that something you can do? I did another spread using the regular tarot and it does seem to show a change from the driving back and forth to something fundamentally different in path there.

    Maybe we can start a separate thread on this and try to help you arrive at a solution? The reading did end with your children, so it seems the focus is certainly on them. The Tarot is pretty good at helping to brainstorm options as long as you can maintain an open mind.

  • Hello, Astra.

    May i ask please some more.

    Does M needs me , who am i for him?

    What he feels toward O. ?

    And in general what kind of relations can i have with him?

  • Hi Marishkaa

    Yes, ask. Let's see...

    "Does M needs me , who am i for him?"

    The Mermaid. "The ocean, fluid, love, ..."

    I could see this saying something like, he needs you as water, a water person, which is emotional, maybe he has emotional needs that you answer in a nice way. It is definitely emotional, for this is like the Queen of Cups in the Tarot, You are front and center.

    What he feels toward O. ?

    The Treehouse. Hmm, that is like a card of play, childlike, it is innocent. Trees are above and green and shade... so perhaps O provides "shade" in some way. A shelter at times. The guide says "sensitive to the life around you". So O could provide sensitivity or he feels more sensitive (to feelings) with O.

    And in general what kind of relations can i have with him?"

    Interesting. I drew the Treehouse again. That would seem to say that whatever he feels for O he is feeling similar for you, You are shade to him, a covering, a place to play, above the fray, on top of the world. Things like that. Children, playing in nature.

    I hope that gives you something to think about marishkaa... blessings and blessings and blessings to you... we should all play in treehouses with one another.


  • So Marishkaa... the idea of Play is important I think with M.

    Hiding and chasing one another amidst the branches! 🙂

  • Thank you again, Astra!

    Could you show please Mermaid card?

    I think this boy treats all the same((

  • Marishkaa, you are welcome.

    Here is the mermaid card... there are more fish in the sea than him. The mermaid card says go fishing! 🙂

  • HI Astra, I would love to open a new thread if you wouldn't mind helping me try to examine some options as far as work and my kids go! I am very open minded and even though I think I have looked into all my options, it would be nice looking outside myself to see if there is anything I have missed! In my current position, telecommuting wouldn't be an option since I do secretarial work answering the phones, etc and need to be in the office for the type of work that I do. However, the last few weeks something has come up where my job duty could change and I'm not sure if that new position would allow telecommuting or not. My commute isn't bad, but hubby's is so I wonder if the cards are picking up something as far as a change on his end. We've been contemplating a job change on hubby's end to something closer and possibly less hours or not working at all so 1 of us could stay home with our youngest.

  • thank you so much n im confused on the person(lover) i have a close male friend that ppl constantly think i am dating and than fiancee.....my fav bird is the owl always had a connection to them, my past is very dark and i am trying to change and very happy to hear that i am going to move on from it and be happy

  • Hello AstraAngel,

    Your cards are very interesting. Whimsical even. I would very much appreciate a reading on my current relationship. We have only been dating a short while but it has been wonderful. Things were going very well and this week he seems distant. I can't tell if it is me or if there is something else troubling him.

    Thank you in advance for your time and energy.


  • Dear SabrinaFair

    Thanks for your interest in a reading and the comments on the cards!

    Okay, for this situation I drew the

    Beach, the Guiding Star and the Investigator.

    I think everything is just fine with your relationship. The Investigator (the part of us that has suspicions and wants to "investigate" things! ) shows up at the end, so I see that more as a "trailing" influence, not as substantive as the Beach (which is VERY close, affectionate and nice) and the Guiding Star which seems to be TRUST that your life and relationships are being guided exactly as they need to and all is well. That is what I seem to get here. Maybe there are some doubts that are lurking around, maybe from past experiences... making you a little sensitive to him, and that could be more simply your own responses, not really so much with him.

    The Beach card is nice! The Investigator could take the investigation to shop for a beach toys, or something fun for the relationship. Investigate a new place to meet up, investigate a nice movie the two of you can see... I think you might be wanting to take the relationship to a deeper level, that can spark some desire to "investigate" the relationship more, making you more sensitive to him.

    These are simply my responses to the cards, please weigh it out for yourself, the cards might give you better insight than I can possibly come up with!



  • Dear changes5

    I am certain your life is heading for brighter tomorrows!

    (I just drew the Bridge to Happiness card for you), so all is moving you along a path over water. You could be at a point in your life where you are crossing, working with your own emotional responses to life. So, the "dark" past is simply one end of the emotional spectrum, and then you get to explore the other end. It all makes you the unique person you are.

  • Hello AstraAngel,

    Thank you very much for your reading. I love the whimsy in your cards. Your reading is very accurate. The Beach does describe where we have been and how things have developed between us. I have not had much luck in the relationship department in the past so I do have a tendency to let that get in the way by becoming a bit oversensitive to things. His recent distance opened up those old wounds for me a bit. Your investigator card is a funny jab at me to stop overthinking things. The Guiding Star...Lovely. I will hold on to that.

    Thank you again,


  • I LOVE your cards! 🙂 I would love a reading if you are still doing them. I am in a confusing situation. A year ago I met a man with the same birthday as me. Me and him have always liked each other and have danced around the topic of meeting in person for over a year. Just two weeks ago we finally met in person and I felt an immediate connection. I believe he felt it too, from his actions the day we met; however, he has now distanced himself and I am wondering what the reason for this could be. I am wanting to write him a Facebook message to ask him where he wants things to go between us, if anywhere at all....is this a wise move?

    Thank you SO much!

  • Hi Capricorn25

    Okay, thanks for the feedback! I can try a reading...

    For this situation, I drew


    Black Cat

    A Door Opening

    So... vision is "seeing the future, setting goals, dreaming of tomorrow, looking at life honestly, telescopes, astronomy, astrology"

    That sorta sounds like, what led up to the physical meeting.

    Then, the Black Cat "mystery, darkness as friend, your shadow side, facing a fear and loving it"

    So, that sounds like "friends" come out of the dark, you know? Like, you were "in" the dark before you met lets say... and then you simply show up now. So maybe... this black cat sort of capturing that whole mystery, like, "now you see me now you don't" aspect. ?

    So. then the Door Opening, sounds really nice. I mean, in connection to a relationship that sounds like openings developing, and that means shared pipelines sort of, communication and openness! "an opportunity is presented to you, something unexpected that is an exciting development!"

    I get not to be concerned at all, this is what it would be like at night... black cats... a little uncertain, so my tendency lately is, If I am not sure what to do in a situation, it is better to do NOTHING, and leave it in the hands of the Universe (trust) - sort of a general way to approach life kinda thing? I could be wrong... I would follow your own internal guidance and you will be fine. 🙂

    I hope that gives you something to think on, Capricorn25!



  • can you tell me what to expect in next few month( like next 3)? 🙂

    thank you sign virgo

  • Hello Astra,

    I really like these cards. I would like a reading if you are still doing them.

    Just anything that spirit wants to tell me now. I'm open to.


  • Hello Astra ,

    I am interested in a reading , I am recently unemployed . And the cards say ?

    Sincerely Trampus