Would anyone like a reading from this 31 card oracle deck?

  • Would anyone like a reading (on any subject) from this little 31 card oracle deck I made? It is a lot of fun and often I get good input from it. Here is a snapshot of the cards and a few of them are shown.

    This is an OPEN SOURCE deck design, ie it is free to use, copy however you like.

    A baby - A new beginning, fresh start, innocence, and can mean a baby on the way!

    A bicycle built for two - companionship, friendship, working together for fun

    A door opening - an opportunity is presented to you, something unexpected that is an exciting development!

    A nice word from a friend - messages, communication, friendships

    Angels are helping - forces around you are helping you, expect guidance and direction

    Black cat - mystery, darkness as friend, your shadow side, facing a fear and loving it

    Bridge to happiness - connections that take you where you want to go, crossing water, a present obscure situation will clear up

    Building a future - Nailing it together, constructive thinking, assembling things, working with others

    Congratulations, goat! - Reaching a goal, climbing the mountain, seeing from a higher point of view

    Everything turns out for the best - Whatever is happening is for the best and all will work out!

    Guiding Star - Guidance, wisdom, clarity, follow your intuition, looking up, sailing, travel by water, insight

    Moonrise - Reflecting, pondering, emotional, mysterious, night time, a light in the dark

    Reaching out - Reaching out to another in love, compassion, tenderness, communication

    Seven Sisters - Out there, spacy, stars, companionship with a group

    Surprises - Something unexpected happens, a surprise, out of the blue, out of left field

    The Beach - Relaxation, rewards, companionship in a nice setting, love, warmth, sunshine, vacations and travel

    The Cuck-coo clock - craziness, foolishness, nonsense, dumb choices, stupid decisions, time

    The Eagle - seeing from a much higher perspective, floating away, clear vision, money

    The Fairie Princess - Unexpected developments, surprises, fun, laughter, jokes

    The Investigator - Inquisitive, searching, looking for clues, examining

    The Kiss - Love, romance, companionship, affection, can indicate sexual relations

    The Mermaid - The ocean, fluid, love, swimming, something fishy

    The Owl - wisdom, weighing out a situation, also can mean night time, seeing in the dark, intuition and psychic powers

    The Path - Where you are going, the road ahead, a purpose and a plan

    The Robot - mechanical, science fiction, technical, serving, Danger Will Robinson!

    The Surfer - balanced, exhilarating, oceans, beaches, water

    The Treehouse - Living with nature, sensitive to the life around you, playing in the forest, living above the fray

    The Wedding cake - Companionship, committed relationship, desserts, something sweet, marriage

    Unlock your dreams - Unlocking your full potential, discovering your song, being the beautiful divine creature you are meant to be!

    Up, up and away - Movement, travel, heading up, the skies the limit, leaving a situation

    Vision - seeing the future, setting goals, dreaming of tomorrow, looking at life honestly, telescopes, astronomy, astrology

    Here is a sample reading:

    What is my best path in terms of a career?

    Then I designate a card to represent facets of the question, for example

    1. The past as it relates to the question

    2. The present as it relates to the question

    3. The future as it relates to the question

    4. Advice

    So, I drew:

    1. The Robot

    2. A door opening

    3. Moonrise

    4. A nice word from a friend

    So, the reading would go like this:

    In the past, my career path was very robotic and mechanical, presently

    I am experiencing a door opening now in career (which may not be completely clear yet!)

    The future is Moonrise which means that my best career path now has to do with "Reflecting, pondering, emotional, mysterious, night time, a light in the dark" so that does seem to indicate more a more mysterious path, something related to emotional settings.

    The advice is to listen for a "word from a friend" as that seems to help move things along so expect friendly communications related to the career future.

  • Here are all of the cards, kinda hard to see though...

  • Here is another sample reading:

    What do I need to know about my present home situation?

    So I will ask...

    1. How it is helping me?

    A door opening.

    So apparently there is something about this home situation that is connected with a "Door Opening". So this present setting is leading to opportunities that would not have otherwise come about. So the "helping" is perhaps somewhat obscure until this door opens.

    2. Why I am in this situation?

    The Eagle.

    The eagle is all about "seeing from a much higher perspective, floating away, clear vision, money" so the present home situation could be due to money issues for one thing (this is the only card in the deck that specifically mentions money). The finances are definitely connected to the present situation. I think also I am trying to see life from a higher perspective and that sometimes requires life settings that may not always be "super perfect in every way".

    3. Where is the future headed for this home situation?

    Congratulations, Goat!

    What does that mean? Either I climb my way out of it, or success is coming for it. Could indicate moving to a mountain area. Could also indicate the family will become Goat farmers. Attainment, success, arriving, seem to be "where it is heading" so that sounds good. Right?

  • Yes, AstraAngel, I would.

    Right now, I am very unhappy. I thought I was going to have a super great year in 2013 but its already a mess. My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and starts chemo next week, and I am mentally preparing myself to be her caregiver during this time. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking about my mother dying and how distraught I would be. She is literally my best friend, I do not know what I would do without her. I keep thinking about what I could do to make her happiest, and I know that me having a child would be her greatest joy. I want to give her her first grandchild so badly, but I have not been lucky in love and don't think I ever will be. I don't know how long my mother has on this earth and I want to give her the grandchild I know she will be so happy to meet. Can you read anything about this?? My specific question would be, Will I ever birth a child? And/Or Will my mother ever see him/her while she is alive? Thank you so much!!!

  • Oh hey librawitch

    Sri to hear you are feeling unhappy, what you shared is a challenge for sure.

    So, sure thing, let's take a look and see what turns up for you...

    Here is what I got for you.

    "Angels are helping".

    That is all I am getting for you right now. I would take it as super positive and simply trust that angels - or something! - is HELPING YOU right now in your life in a very wonderful way! So when angels are involved you can expect MIRACLES or anything, absolutely anything to change, angels helping is like saying believe for miracles and you will see them!



  • There are two little hearts on this card... that could be yours and maybe a little new one!

    ...and there is a lady looking at both of those hearts!

  • Hello AstraAngel, Since you are offering I will ask...Can you tell me through your interesting cards WHY for about a year now,,,,,,, I have been seeing colourful zig-zag AURORA,S and about 2months ago appeared in front of me in my living room many ORBS some where black and some where red...... Then suddenly many beautiful soft blue ones appeared,,, the blue ones had a golden yellowish rim around them I felt very calm I pushed the black ones away they apppeared to melt away and I enjoyed the others

  • Hi leinida

    I drew the Surprises card.

    "Something unexpected happened, it was a surprise, out of the blue, out of left field."

    This sounds to me like a very much "trans-dimensional" experience you had or are having. I think after those kinds of experiences your life is enhanced in some amazing ways. I have seen the orbs also, ovni they call them, mine were at night up in the sky. Same phenomena I believe. Maybe they are all connected.

    My sense is that what is happening is that literally, another dimension opened up in your living room and you are sort of "untethered" from Earth for a time, and you behold other realms...

    I think it sounds beautiful... I would like to see something like that... closer...

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    I would love to have a reading if you are still willing. 🙂 I love your artwork on your cards. I guess my question would be how things are going to work out after I finish my student teaching. 🙂 Will I be able to support my family reasonably?

    Thank you for any insight you can give,


  • Hi AstraAngel~ Love your cards, so creative you are! If you can, I would like a sample reading on my future. What do I need to focus on? I'm open to anything your cards have to say as a guide. Thank you

  • Hi hobbies76

    how things are going to work out after I finish my student teaching. 🙂

    Angels are helping

    Will I be able to support my family reasonably?

    Guiding Star

    I would say that the angels are helping by guiding, by the stars somehow. Oh! That would be Yes because those ships would need to be loaded with full provisions for their long voyages! So yes, you are amply provided for is what that says to me.

    Blessings, thanks for the request I honestly haven't used this for other people until now and so this is all kinda just seeing how it works for you.


  • Hi songofsharon

    "... If you can, I would like a sample reading on my future. What do I need to focus on? I'm open to anything your cards have to say as a guide."

    Oh, the Treehouse!

    Oh wow songofsharon, that sounds so much like earth, nature, green things. caring nurturing our world. I could see anything in plants and animals and learning how our planet best works and working together like that, how does that sound! Probably too broad..

    "- Living with nature, sensitive to the life around you, playing in the forest, living above the fray"

    So, anything a career like thAT haha....

    Let me draw one more I am curious...

    Oh mmm.... the wedding cake.

    "Companionship, committed relationship, desserts, something sweet, marriage"

    So... that sounds like marriages in forests excursion packages all expenses paid round trip air included for parties up to 200 🙂

    Um... it sounds like you need to focus on green things and companionship.

    Hope that gave you something!

    Something sweet...

    There is something there also. Sweet, like don't ignore your sweet tooth, or something like that. Sweet something like work related? I don't know.. I am not really psychic I pretend to be one haha... I do like the cards though, hope it helped.



  • Hi Astra Angel,

    Love the creativity in your cards and love to take up your offer of a reading ;-). Could you see what the cards turns up on my present situation with 12/9/74? As I am a bit undecided whether to proceed further...

    Much appreciated.

  • Pisces1803

    Hi! Okay sure thing lets see... you asked

    "on my present situation with 12/9/74? As I am a bit undecided whether to proceed further..."

    I drew the "Angels are helping" card. So that is "help from above" in some way, assistance supernaturally, divine love (in the way you like) I think it is a nice card for you! A promise that you are getting HELP and ASSISTANCE in your situation, and as for whether to proceed further...

    You know... out of honor to the Angels, that card I just want to stop. They simply say trust... they are so beautiful. So, for you the angels are helping and that is probably enough.

    You will make the right decision.

    blessings to you 🙂


  • Sweet AstraAngel,

    Thank you so much for your time! 🙂 I feel like I am blessed with some amazing Angels also! I know my guardian Angel Fiona is the reason my younger son is here with me today! I truly am grateful for their wonderful kindness and protection! I am glad they will be with me when I make my move and head to my new life as well! 🙂

    Thank you again,


  • Hi Astra! Could you see what your deck says about the guy I am presently dating (I use that term lightly...lol!) He has been a bit hot and cold and I think I am about ready to walk away!



  • Thank you AstraAngel ;-). I'm still mystify and still undecided after the reading ;-). I guess I will continue what I am doing now and let the relationship play itself out and trust that there really is help and assistance on it's way to help me with this situation and that I will get the divine love soon.

    *Hugs to you.



  • Thank You AstraAngel

    Your deck of cards are very special! For the Tree house card, I was out earlier in the day surveying our property thinking about Spring cleaning. In the back of our yard we have a tree with an attached elevated deck (Treehouse) that I was focusing my attention on. I love being outside, that is where I recieve my energy. As for the wedding cake, I have been thinking of marriage recently. Sad part, I still haven't met my husband yet. I know I will. I've been thinking of my future sweetheart. I have waited long enough for his arrival. Many Blessing to you Astra

  • Hello , Astra! So interesting!

    I would also like to participate. I have three questions. Please.

    What was the purpose of meeting this boy , i was asking so much about)?

    What can i do to be happy with him or without him i will be happier?

    And what do i need to realize about my career?

    Thank you!

  • hi astraangel

    i would love to sit for a reading.

    i want to know how and when will i get aquainted with A and once we are together how will things unfold between us and what kind of relationship will we share together ?what will he think of this relationship ? thank you !!

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