Captain are still doing the pictures

  • Hello and Good Morning Captain

    I was wondering if you are still doing the pictures because I have three I would like for you too do two are my boys at home Franky and Christian. And then a friend of mine and her boyfriend.

    You are so awesome and I would like to say thank you for all of the help you have gave me in all these years.

    First picture is Robin and Stephen

    Second Picture Christian Alexander my son - 03-25-02

    Third Picture Franky Vancourtland my son - 11-27-96

    thank you so much Illona

  • Captain the pictures are not in order first one is

    my son Franky Vancourtland 11-27-96

    Then my baby Christian Alexander Payton 03-25-02

    Then my friend Robin and Stephen

    Thanks so much

  • What exactly did you want to know about your friends, Ilona?

  • Hello and Good evening Captain

    What ever you can tell me about them both. The girl is a new friend and I just want to know something about her. And what ever you can tell me about my boys

    Thanks Illona

  • Christian will always have a slightly child-like nature, no matter how old he is. He will maintain a natural enthusiasm and curiosity about people, places, and ideas. However, his naivety will be both a blessing and a curse, since his dynamic and spontaneous approach to the world can result in some rather superficial views and he may be easily seduced by the wrong people into a false set of values. But he will hate for anyone to think he is stupid or ignorant. Yet his need to retreat from the world at given intervals should be encouraged here, since it will be in these periods of intropection and reflection that he will be most likely to explore the secrets and beliefs of his own truest nature. He should be encouraged to think for himself whenever possible and to adopt an independent self-reliant outlook and approach. Renewed by his retreat into himself, he will be able to face almost any challenge head-on, and if he is careful to balance his enthusiasm with a variety of experience and to keep his passions grounded in realistic efforts, all will go very well for him. He will find fulfillment in creativity, whether through having his own children or through some creative outlet.

    Franky is blessed with a highly developed sense of honour and fairness that will lead him to connect with larger social causes and ideals. But his intense need for freedom may prove problematic unless it is tempered by self-discipline. He has a childlike enthusiasm like his brother but unlike Christian, he has a very independent soul and tends to feel controlled by outside forces. He may find it hard to control his temper and may set overly high standards for himself or other people. He can have a tendency to bowl others over with melodrama, when a well-though-out calmer and quiter presentation would do better. He wants to be thought of as the hot-shot, the BIg Man, the most popular person in his group of peers. But he may not be as confident as he likes to appear and he may become overly defensive when his views and opinions are challenged to any degree. His love life may also be a bit spotty and unstable because of his need to be free and not tied down. Nonetheless, he is honourable in the extreme and, when working towards a greater good, he will surely find and apply the discipline demanded by his life path. He can use his observant mind and verbal sharpness to convince others of the need for change.

    I would be careful with this new friend because I sense something selfish in her, where she would always look out for herself and her own interests first. Thus she would not be loyal or nice to you if you got in the way of something she wanted.

  • Captain

    You hit Christian on the nose. He is going thought something in school right now. He is in 5th grade and I am thinking this move I made was not the best move. Because he has had a time in school. And Franky is just like you said. He is a very nice young man he is going thought something too in school. He is the football player right at the moment. And I really hope that he will do something good with it.

    And my new friend you are right about her. She is my friend Stevies girlfriend. I know that may sound really crazy to be a friend with her. I guess she is in my life for some reason what I do not know. Thanks so much Illona you are so awesome.

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