Dear Nick,

  • I would be very grateful for a love reading regarding me and this man that we are no longer together but he keeps in touch. His intentions if any, person that he is now, etc.

  • znl,

    Here is a reading, but it will be more to what you are feeling. I will pick up on that and hopefully it will help you see it from a different perspective.

    there is a delay, like stale feeling

    a feeling like you lost a friend... also there was something you didn't see coming..

    well maybe you did, because I feel mistrust, so something was up

    with the loss, still be yourself, I have a feeling of a wall going up or I'll show him type of feeling...that will stop you from being you...can cause problems

    a feeling of someone being it has to be my way, and you’re not jumping high enough

    to your question the feelings are not stable

    don’t shut down and only see a narrow view, like you want to put on blinders and only see what you want to see

    and you have been worrying what was once good isn't so any more...why...why

    this has caused you to question yourself and not trust who you are...very important to get that back

    also the person has a choice to make...they may just choice whatever and hope for the best

    if that happens things blow up and are messy

    As always free choice is up to you, I am only giving you what I picked up in the reading. The strong feeling I picked up was don’t question yourself…you know who you are; don’t let feelings change that. I feel like you lost a little of who you are, you need to know you can be strong and trust who you are.

    Hope that helps,


  • Dear, dear Nick, I am in tears, this, your reading is absolutely making sense. It is like a snap shot of my reality. Of course, it goes without saying that I thank you. Nick, please can you tell me how to proceed? What is the best course of action? I am grateful and await the type of guidance that gave this reading. Ahh.

  • Well here is a shoulder to lean on to catch your breath, then you are going to be you. It felt like you lost a little bit of yourself to the situation. Trick is to see what you have gone thru; Still more to go thru and then figure out where you want to end up. That means looking at everything and weighing it and asking yourself how can I learn from this and what can I do to make it better. No matter what you go thru if you don't learn, then you can never get out of your own way. Take the good and change the bad and don't question why and dwell on that, but understand what went on and is going on. Plan and make a goal and take steps to complete it. So take one step in believing yourself and toss that rock out of the pile and one by one the pile becomes manageable. That can take time and patience but you can only get there one step at a time...

  • The impulsive Aries wants to just reply but, I am reflecting and will write after a bit. Ok, tomorrow 🙂

    I am very thankful for your reading.

  • Dear Nick,

    Thank you for the shoulder and all the good advice. For me it was a big blow and did not see it coming. Have not really recovered completely. I learned my capacity for love, forgiveness and yes areas of growth. I am still learning. I also learned some of the less flattering types of emotions that I did not think I had in me. I lost some of my balance being in that situation.

    Is this reading saying to go with the flow and work with what is handed to me? Just see where things will lead to. With him? Maybe a little clarifications "Still more to go thru and then figure out where you want to end up. "

    I am always thinking of this person and wish differently in my heart.

    Thanks and I hope you are doing well.

  • Should I welcome the little communication contacts or stop them altogether?

  • Ah, this is where it gets sticky for me. I believe God gave us free will to make choices; my choices may not be your choices and I am only picking up on the feelings at the 10 thousand foot level. I don’t know all your choices or what your experiences are to make those choices. I give guidance of what I may think is right, but I try not to say do this or that. When I do a reading I try and detach a little so I don’t influence what I think is happening. It’s a message for you, and in most cases the reader understands what I am picking up. The big feeling I did pick up was that you lost a little of who you are, that is easy to help and say you need to find that and just be you. The hard part is saying how that should be done. For anything to happen it starts with an idea… so If you know what you need to fix that is the idea to start on. The only glimpse I got of him was that he was controlling and he thought who he is… now what I don’t know is if that was just what he is feeling now or he is always like that? Those are factors I don’t have so I don’t have a big picture to draw from. If you make a decision from a small view, how can you see the big picture? What I can ask to help is can you find yourself and still be with him? There is always give and take in a relationship and a melding of people, but the feeling of only being what he wants is not good. So the question should I keep seeing him? Unfortunately is up to you, keep your eyes open, learn and grow… that will be a life lesson that will always change as you grow. When you stop growing ask yourself why?

  • Hello again dear Nick,

    I had to take a little time to reflect and understand fully your reply to me. For one thing, I totally agree with your view and did not mean to ask you to guess the future, but thought maybe there was a tarot indication. I really appreciate your taking the time to reply to me.

    So, no he is not always controlling but he sure can be and has been at times. I think he is a bit more controlling even now because of some of the experiences and company he has kept for the last couple of years. The other thing is that yes "only what he wants" is what is the problem. I did not agree and so we did not reconnect this past summer when he was making some efforts and showing more interest. Basically, when he does that he is seeing what is best for him and that may not be a good thing for me and or acceptable terms.. I have expressed that as wanting "more". But, am not so sure if I was clear about what this "more" was. Needless to say, I feel like he is contemplating things and his choices and decisions may not include me. Just my feelings, unfortunately and am not sure how to accept that.

    I am not sure how much of this was my "losing" myself but that I got really, really hurt and badly sad.

    Thanks again and I appreciate so much your input, your picking up feelings and resulting guidance. I understand what a tough position you are at..

  • Hi Nick,

    May I have a reading about jobs and other things you can pick up around me?

    Hope you are doing well and thank you.

  • Hi znl,

    You had some kind of set back and you need courage to face it

    Be careful things are moving, its with friends or socially, not sure why but if your friend jumps off a bridge you don’t have too… that saying pop up, that type of thing

    I get the feeling you may do something thoughtless (before you do anything set back and breathe and think it thru) you know if you should or not

    Another warning of things are not as bad as they seem, don’t let it get to you… think your way clear

    The setback or obstacles recently happened

    Who’s the domineering woman…my way or no way…do what I say…snappy

    There is a good guy watching or helping you…I feel like he lends support

    You have been worrying about carrying a burden, but not in a good way, yeah it’s tough but you have to deal with it better. You will get thru it even though you may not feel it going quick enough or you want it over

    You do succeed, time and courage

    Watch money and started projects… there will be a pause or quiet time

    The project has some bumps in the road… try and look at it from all sides, you need to prepare and plan

    hope that helps,


  • Hello dear Nick, thank you so much for your time and for reading too.

    This reading in fact reflects several areas in my life. I am thinking the set back is a sudden job loss of mine which was recently and unexpected. Since then I did not get the job I really wanted and so that was,disappointing too. I can imagine the loss of income is what the "watch money" part of reading and advice is showing. I am happy to read about the positive note and I hope so and as you can imagine.

    The woman in the reading is a close family member, I think. I have tried to stay away from.

    Re recent let downs well, when it rains it pours so there is also the recent relationship break up too.

    It is true that I really, really should act according to the advice given in your reading and be less impulsive and " think things thru" I am not sure what the project is unless it pertains to the job search. Do you see the bumps on the road etc pertaining to finding my next job?

    Can you tell me any more things based on my clarifications?

    Many thanks.

  • The biggest feeling I got was to plan and think, don't just act without thinking. If you start something make sure it is solid before investing time, thought or money. It will work itself out but it takes time, so don't over react or jump because you think its the only opportunity.

    That is easy coming from the peanut gallery and I am not in the fire doing all the worrying or suffering. Spend extra time in the details and planning, you will be able to work it out.


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