Astra, new guy help?

  • Hi astra!

    I went to a party yesterday and had invited a boy to go with me, someone I met at a party and we talked alot on the facebook chat, anyways I got really drunk and we hooked up most of the night, held hands ect, anyways it was the second time we met and i kind of told him I am interested...

    Can you see what happens with him, the new boy?

    T and I haven´t talked since tuesday and I want to move on so....

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  • Hi rockofages

    That is cool that you have met someone new. I drew some cards for this lets take a look.

    anyways I got really drunk and we hooked up most of the night, held hands ect, anyways it was the second time we met and i kind of told him I am interested...

    Can you see what happens with him, the new boy?

    SO, I drew the Owl, the Bicycle, the Robot and the Guiding Star

    What does all that add up to?

    I wish I knew!

    I will telll you what the cards seem to say.

    I would say your and him have a srtong shared view of life, and you are going to LOVE doing things together, and he will be a little robotic at times 🙂 and the Guiding Star will shine the love light over the both of you as you proceed in trust!

    I hope that helps rockofages!

    blessings, astra

  • here are the cards

  • Hi Astra!

    We do share some opinions when it comes to life but he doesn´t seem to want to get to know me, I told him I wanted to get to know him better because I need new people in life and my circle of friends, he said he didn´t think it was a good idea to get to know him better so I told him it´s his choice wheter he let´s me get to know him better or not so we shall see.

    Astra can I ask you something? it feelt so much more different when I kissed T than this new guy, I felt like I belonged with T when I kissed him...could it be that T is my destiny?

  • Hi rockofages

    You are really serious about finding a guy aren't you!

    Good for you! GO! Some guy will be lucky that is for sure.

    So, T... better kisser huh? You "felt" like you belonged. Okay. That is important. Feelings are VERY important, yes.

    It could be that T is your destiny. How does that strike you?

    You... like that idea?

  • Astra of course I am, I don´t just kiss anybody, nor do I make love to anyone, I haven´t with T because I haven´t been in a relationship with him, that is a important aspect to me.

    With T it was like, I found my place, he felt like the right one to be with, I have never felt what I still in some way feel for him for anybody. Apperently T know what I did friday because he said he knew I had been to night club when I told him...I feel as if I have cheated on him or broken a promise even though we haven´t given eachother any promises and aren´t a couple....

    I want T to be my destiny....but I can´t force him to be if he isn´t meant to be it...

    I told him I wanted to see him and say goodbye before he goes away and he told me that of course we could, we have 2 days left tmw until he leaves and I don´t think we will meet and say goodbye, I wanna hug him one last time before he goes...I will however we meet or not still write a letter a month and tell him everything that happens

  • Yes, you do have something with T for sure. In cases like that I don't think that feeling is something you can switch on or off based on what the "destiny" is for you and him. "Your choices will determine the destiny" is a theory.

    So, let's say you decide to let yourself love this man T with all of your heart and soul. You would then be CREATING your destiny by going down that path with him. I don't believe there is a "destiny" locked down, or in the cards so to speak. The decision is yours to love him and let that grow. Regardless of the physical proximity of him to you. It sounds like you two are already sort of "negotiating" what a long distance relationship might look like in terms of what you are both willing to allow in terms of seeing other people!

    It seems to me that you are really feeling jostled about by the physical part of relationships... kissing, hugs, and so on... so now you have a new "physical" relationship possibility. However you really felt something with T - emotionally. That is special! What you two felt together! I would really cherish that and even if it meant forgoing the physical connection for a time, I think in the long run you would be so happy, and proud of yourself for honoring your heart (and him) - your deepest feelings - and make some sacrifices as need be to make that feeling the priority.

    Doesn't mean you can't still date others, however it sounds to me like T set a "high mark" for you emotionally that you will be comparing others against. So, T could be it. In any case, the Universe is wise and will take you where you need to go with a man. So you can relax and trust. (easy to say I know).

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