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  • It's has been ages since I am on the forum to do some reading. each day I will be able to do just a reading for a person, can keep the posting coming but just to be sure first come first serve. 😃

  • Could I be the first?:) just what you see for me in the next three months (love and career is my interest)

  • Greeting Moonalisa. if there is something not clear do clarify with me. 😃 I can try helping you.

    For month of April on love, It seems that someone you may be interested there is a clear distance between both of you. I believe that he might be someone taken but the problem is that his side he may think of a leaving. on your financial side it seems to be doing relatively well and you are able to do what you like. on top of it you assure yourself and stay strong even though situation may be tough. For your advise, sometime it is hard to see the actual problem that you are facing, just take a few moment if you face any problem and give it a thought before making the decision and this allows you to see the big picture.

    For month of May on love it seems that the person have made some moves and you are getting closer to him each day. Love can't seems to get off your mind on this month but all you do is that enjoy the company that you have and don't let your past relationship affects you. on the financial side, you may have a slight problem on over spending and not sure if you do investment, try spending less on this month and somehow you will be able to pull it through.

    For month of June on love it seems that you may have a high chances of being attach. even not attach, the relation is stable and your view on love will change base on this person you met. on the financial side, the effort you put in has reward. just remember that not to be greedy and be grateful for what you have. on a side note that this month you will receive good news. 😃

    I hope this helps and if anything don;t hesitate to clarify~ 😃

  • Hi Mikyo

    My stepdaughter Heather(cancer) & her husband Richard(pisces) are getting back together and trying to save their marriage. He said he wants to come back and do a marriage counseling. He hasnt moved back with them yet. They have 2 daughters and married 4 years now. He is supporting them financially while they are separated. What do you see? Will this marriage last?

    Thanks and many blessings

  • Hi Mikyo,

    I would so appreciate a reading from you! Mostly regarding my practice I started recently....is it going to be successful....soon? I am also looking at a move to my own place finally....do you see it happening? Also, the guy I am seeing is a Leo and I really like him....I am not feeling there is much of a future though, any input on that? And of course, finances....always a struggle the last couple of years....any thoughts on that would be appreciated!

    Many blessings and thank you so much!


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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Mikyo!

    Could i have a job/career reading please.

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Could I have a general career reading please - whatever you can pick up?. Thanks so much!



  • Hi Mikyo,

    I'd very much appreciate a reading on life in general - Last year was quite a doosy and I was hoping that this year will be much brighter. Thanks so much for taking the time.



  • Hi Mikyo,

    May I have a reading on careers n love relationships this year?

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Mikyo,

    me too, I would love to know on my Career departement for this year. I am unemployed and no idea when will the dream job show up ? Thank you a million for the reading !!

  • Hi Mikyo

    I was wondering if you could do a reading for me please. So awesome of you.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Thanks a lot for the offer Mikyo!

    This might be a weird question but I've been

    seeing the name "Mark" a lot lately.

    Does this mean anything or is this name just

    too common? lol

  • Greeting Moonalisa, I understand how you feel through there. I also having difficulties to read for myself. =P Well I won't say he will give up the relationship but rather he will make choices to be with you and leave the other party. during may past relationship may be your thoughts and memory affecting you so try not let that bother. 😃 and yes june your relationship will be in a positive position. 😃 good news mainly for love side more than the finances~ 😃 I hope that helps

  • Greeting Magickal, It seems that the marriage has lots of complication in it and he is the only one that is trying to sustain his own family. He loves his children but he seems more of responsible to the kids and willing to try again for the marriage but at the same time it is hard to say that whether he able to save it totally also have to see on your step daughter side. there is a chance of risking on heartbreaks again but not to worry that as long as both party willing to give it a go everything will turn out fine.

    The reason why he hasn't been moving back might be because he fear that history repeats and there is more than what it does to take him to move back. He sees a pain path for him again but back to the beginning he knows that he has to walk this path.

    I see that the sun is shining brightly and things will turn better once they are back. of course they are trying their best to sustain no matter what and don't forget that it's the kids that actually plays an important role in making this relationship sustain. kids often see brighter future brighter lives and more often than not this is what we may forget in our life.

    I think that both kind of lack of emotion attachment and as time goes by feeling faded. ask them to keep reminding of themselves that how things were use to be. 😃 hope it helps you

  • Greeting Dmick59, I just random choose a few cards for you not sure if you could relate this. I see that you are starting something new from here and the overall theme is about your love life. correct me if I am not wrong that you have met someone who is either a boss or slightly lower than boss position because I could see that you will eventually help him with handling moneytary. It's not a bad idea as you yourself have more experience in it and of course you love to help out others when they are in need of help. To you give and take is the very most important thing but do note that certain things like unhappy moment is best to be left behind than having it around all time~ 😃 hope it helps

  • Greeting LubraLuli, Your prsctise will be a success only if emotion is not in the way. more often than not we have been defeat by our own emotion but not to worry that once you pass through that stage I am pretty sure your practice will be a success

    Also moving I do see that you have a chance to move to your own place and start all over again. But try to be familiar with the area as I could see that you are slightly away from the cites.

    With this guy I would say that he treats you like a friend and trying to be there and help you but not more than that. He sees himself as an support to you also he thinks that having a relationship with you might not be the best idea.

    And lastly I would say that you financial struggle will end as the income will increase in your side and you know how to manage it will. Also try to spend a little and review on what happen during those years that happen. it might help you in a certain ways

    hope that helps~ 😃

  • Thank you very much Mikyo for clarification.:) Your reading was really spot on and very helpful.

    All the best to you. 🙂


  • Hi Mikyo,

    I'd love to take up your offer for a reading. Could you tell me what's in store for me this year in relation to love, family & finance?

    Thanks in advance ;-).



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