I'm Afraid to Ask... But wanted to know

  • Hi,

    Lately, some people have been saying things about me that I'm worried about. People have said that I'm "schizo," "psycho" or that I have a "brain problem" or serious mental issues. It scares me because there's a strong history of serious mental health problems in my family. I have struggled with depression and anxiety, but these are neuroses. I just worry because it keeps coming up. Should I just chalk it up to ignorance? Or do I need to see a mental health professional ASAP? I was planning to try counseling as soon as I find someone I feel comfortable with. My family doctor knows my history and hasn't diagnosed schizophrenia. Neither did the last counselor I saw. I hope someone can help with this. Thanks!

  • This is just people being mean. Ignore or avoid them and do your own thing - you are not mental.

  • Thanks Captain! Sometimes I worry... But, there do seem to be a lot of mean people in my life.

  • What about you attracts them, do you think? Maybe it's a lesson for you to be careful about who you think is a friend.

  • It definitely is. The best explanation I can come up with is that a lot of people I attract are insecure and looking for an easy target- or someone they can put down to feel better about themselves. I need to work on my own issues so I either won't attract these people or I won't feel as bad about myself when they put me down.

  • Right! You can do it.

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    You are welcome =)))

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