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  • Hi gemmini!

    Here is a reading for you. You asked:

    "Can you give me a 10 card reading.I have been jobless for over a year and life in general hasn't been what i would want it to be.My D.o.B-06/15/58."

    Okay, I drew 10 cards for you and here is what turned up:

    I chose the card off the bottom of the deck to represent you in the reading (Significator) and that was


    Now, here are the 10 cards:

    1/2) Chariot and the 7 of Swords.

    3/4) Queen of Wands is your aim, and the Hierophant is your base, foundation, what you have achieved.

    5/6) The 2 of Wands is in your past, and ahead is the 4 of Cups.

    7/8) The "self" card, your present attitude in relation to the question is the King of Pentacles, and the (8) card of your outer influences is the Lovers.

    9/10) The hope you have and the conclusion of the question is the 10 of Swords. And the ending and beginning in relation to the question is the 5 of Swords.

    Okay. Here is what I see. Basically at this point in your life, you are going through some deep soul searching as to your best career path. And until you resolve that. I don't see anything changing too much. Your present situation is the Chariot which relates to your "field" of work, is crossed by the 7 of Swords, which is a very reflective intellectual card, so that is putting the brakes on your career efforts until you get to the bottom of what you really want to do.

    Your aim right now is to establish a secure, and developed career (field) path (The Queen of Wands is all about established and solid path and role). Below you, what you have achieved is the Hierophant, which is a card of learning and study, so it looks like you studied hard to step into a work path that you believed was "right" for you. In the past there is a 2 of Wands, which is showing your very young efforts to say "yes" to your beginning in career.

    Ahead is the 4 of Cups, which is an emotional stability card. My guess is that you are going through the wringer at times emotionally trying to determine what is causing your being stuck and not finding work. NOT TO WORRY all is as it should be, this is a very important time in your life, and all will be sorted for you. The 4 cups could be the whole point of this, in that with some distress over being jobless, your emotions could be peaking, and so over time, you are learning to take it all in stride (easier said than done, I know. However you are doing GREAT).

    The Sun card as your significator shows that your whole life is being guarded and protected and nurtured by the Sun, and that is illumination and insight. So I think even more than the job, you are really wanting to understand yourself, and to be the very brightest sunflower possible! So, all of this is working together for your benefit.

    7/8) Your present attitude is the King of Pentacles, so you don't really seem to have any financial concerns. This is a very stable and secure card of material life. So I am not seeing any really great concerns here financially. It seems your true concerns are about determining what you really want to do. (8) is your "house" and shows an influence around you that is affecting the reading and that is the Lovers! So that is interesting! RIGHT THERE is where I would go deeper with you and determine what that is all about. This is very significant, somehow the Lovers is exerting a pull on your life, not sure what it is? Maybe you know. You didn't mention any relationship concerns, however this is picking something about your life (environment) that is really important to understand as it impacts your career.

    9/10) Your concluding hope about the question is the 10 of Swords, which is saying an "ending" of something intellectual, and a "beginning" of a new something intellectual. I think this is tying back to that probing 7 of Swords at center that you are presently working with. I think you have serious concerns about the path you had chosen (2 wands) and studied for (Hierophant). Perhaps it was not as fulfilling as you had hoped? And so now you have subconsciously arranged your life circumstance to allow you time to dig deeper into your own heart and soul, and determine what it is you really really LOVE to do (Lovers, pos. 8).

    (10) is the ending and beginning card of the reading, and that is the 5 of Swords, which is very much like the 10 of swords below it. So once again, this is saying much the same thing as the 10 swords, you are ending one intellectual changing path and beginning a new "changing" path. I know that sounds a little much, I think the cards are picking up on some really earnest effort on your part lately to search your soul for what it is you love to do. This is good news for you, as 5's herald important breakthroughs in your THINKING as regards career. So i see an epiphany developing where you will enter a new "Sunshine" of happiness as regards your work. And THEN the doors will open for you!

    The Lovers is what I would mediate on gemmini. Ask yourself what that means for you? Is there a love in your life you haven't explored as you should? Is there a hobby you used to do that put a smile on your face? Is there someone special who you think about a lot, and who could be a great resource for you to assist in working through your career questions? There are good areas for you to explore I think!

    I also charted your reading in a special way (I am unable to attach a pic maybe I can do that later). Basically it generate a composite "picture" of the cards, and in your case it was very significant! The pattern looked just like a Tulip! So, I immediately thought of Flowers and growing things, and sunshine. Something there... flowers, sunny days, growth, lovers.... does that speak to you more than the Hierophant spoke? Something to think about! 🙂

    I did NOT see any moving in the cards at all. All of the cards are very stable, resting, mostly reflective and not moving.

    I took a quick look at your chart, Moon and Sun in Gem. Mars in Aries (that is intense at times). Venus in Taurus. You see, right there I would say you love earthy things, which could be trying to connect you to something materially in work related to love. I think you need a "love" career of some sort, to mitigate that Mars in Aries, because Mars rules aries, so if you are in a decision making career for example, You could be contending with some intense emotions at times that want to "take charge" of the setting (Male Mars energy).

    Moon and Sun in Gem. Gem is a communicator, so you love to talk and dialogue, also your Jup is in Libra so that means you are very open to balanced relationships. Which means you really tune into love and communication issues in relationships. Saturn in Sag is in opp to your Sun in Gem so that isn't helping you find your true path. however when you do it will be so beautiful, so hang in there! Saturn is a ***ch. however she always means well.

    It looks to me like you would be happy in something love related, relationship related, that uses your hands (Venus in Taurus) and allows you to express your gemini nature in earthy ways. So I think material ways of communicating are important for you. Not sure if any of that helps, I am not really an astrologer it is interesting to see how the cards relate to the stars though.

    I think a lot of mental sword play is trying to find a materially satisfying way to express yourself!

    There you go gemini. Probably gave you a lot more than you wanted haha...

    love and light to you.


  • Thank you so much Astra I just found the reading and I am trying to absorb it.In the meantime do you see any relocation for me.I have been in healthcare for over 20 years.My daughter was five weeks old when I started school for this,She passed away in May 2009,and I have been almost stuck since then you could say.In Jan 2010 I lost my old job and since then had 3 contract jobs

    just 3 months and 10 wks and 10 wks.and the last one ended in on march3,2012.The situation is not in my hands .Thats why I have been raking my find to see what i could do that I would like also.I liked what i did.I have education in other fields which is more than23 yeaars old but no experience at this time.MY current environment does seem to allow me to do anything not even the charity work which I tried to do for compassionate friends(a group for bereaved parents).

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