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  • Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I have a black boxer named Hazel who has had skin problems for a long time. Itchy, red allergy skin. She scratched so much I feel terrible. She's been on medication for ever. It seems to be the only thing that helps. We've tried switching her food to an expensive one, supplements and hot spot creams. Nothing seems to help besides this medicine. I guess my question is: do you see what particularly is causing this and what might help to eradicate this problem.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Duckducksharon,

    My dog has stone problem in his urinary tract and has bad allergy in his paws. Actually he has grass allergy. He had two operations to remove the stones already. Now that he is old he wont be able to survive another surgery per vet. The paws allergy was bad too. Because of his allergy his food is bought from the vet. The vet couldnt do anything with his paw allergy. We placed creams too didnot help. The only thing to do is to keep him away from grass. Anyway what I did is placed a medal of St Francis (Saints for animals) around his collar and prayed to St Francis about his allergy and stones. It all depends on how fast St Francis will help your dog. Just be patient and believe he will help your dog cause thats the way I did it. So far its been good. Thank St Francis.I guess all you can do is follow the Vet advice and maybe pray to St Francis to help your dogs problem. Also, Id like to add to make sure you wash his food dish & water dish everyday. Replace the water everyday. This is only my own thinking. I was thinking maybe since my dog has bad allergy maybe clean dish will help clean his system. I think if dish is not washed daily there is a lot of germs there. Since he is sensitive already maybe germs from dirty dish not washed properly will make it worst.

    And I think this also helped my dog.

    Hope things get better with your dog.

  • Hi again,

    I would like to mention the Sts complete name is ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI the patron saint of animals. I never stop praying for my dog even if he is better now. Also my vet said that carpets too causes allergies. He used to chew his legs and paws quite a bit because of the allergy he had.

    Also since I replaced the water & clean his dish twice a day he drinks a lot of water now. I think this clean dish and water really helped clean his system too. Just hope you will get some other cures that the vet doesnot know. Who knows some people might have some cures that we have never heard before.

  • First of all thank you for the message back. I can see you love dogs very much just as I do! I have prayed to St. Francis for Hazel before when she was going through another medical problem and honestly think it did help. So i will do that again too. When she's on the medication prescribed from our vet she's perfectly fine. But it's just a hassle to bring her in everytime she needs a refill and i understand the reasoning behind doing it. So we do that. I was just trYing to figure out what she's speciFically allergic too without spending $500 on the tests. Just can't afford that. She's on the limited ingredients food the vet told us to feed her. So far she hates it lol. I mix it with organic chicken sodium chicken broth.

    Anyway still on the hunt for something else besides the meDication for the rest if her life. And curious what the main cAuse of this is.


  • We do not have carpet besides the basement which she rarely goes and she's so picky about her water (lol spoiled obviously) we change it twice even three times a day and clean it every night.

  • Hi

    When our dog was younger he had the tests done to find out what he is allergic to. It was grass.

    So he was given shots for it but it did not help so we had to stop it. She was given prescribed

    medications too but just helped him a little bit. We just did our best to keep him away

    from grass and keep giving him the prescribed medication every other day. Since the

    allergy has stopped he is not taking anything anymore.

    Also the Vet said sometimes they

    outgrew it. Meanwhile they are suffering. Just hope somebody will be able to help you with

    something else.

  • Hi again

    Have you googled about allergies of dogs or food that causes allergies in dogs or

    what to do with dogs with allergies or whatever you can come up regarding allergies of dogs?

    Try that one and see if you will find something.

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