Yet another person seeking career advice - what can I do?

  • PLEASE ignore my thread in the psychic forum. I was at a pretty low point, and I have a clearer head now...I know some of the things I am putting in my own way regarding my career search; just wondering what else I can do?

    I am currently underemployed - full time but not making ends meet. I recently went on a major job interview/assessment and was cut from further interviews. My confidence was up and down during the whole process, and I'm sure it was my own fault that I didn't rank higher among the candidates.

    Losing this opportunity was an unexpectedly devastating blow--I would not have taken it so hard if I had made it as a finalist. As we know, job hunting is a cyclical thing and it is a daily challenge to keep ones chin up, since no one will hire a debbie downer, but getting rejection after rejection makes it harder to stay confident.

    What are some things that hep you stay motivated in a search like this, and to keep your energy up? I'm really big on visualization but it's easy for that to become a dangerous game of high hopes. I have concentrated my job search to the area I want to live, salary range, duties, etc. There are not many that meet my criteria but I still search for them nonetheless.

    Does anyone have any insight? Is there anyone that can see any shift in my career life at all? Is there anything I'm doing that is turning off interviewers? What can I do to keep up my energy for this? Should I expect anything good/bad soon?

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  • I feel for you tooralooryeaye2 I have been under employed for 5 years, unemployed for 2 yrs before I finally landed this current job. and it really does get depressing. I haven't stopped looking but I do take time outs from the search and occasionally I get a freelance job. I also help revise resumes for friends which they wind up getting a better job.

    Take a look at your resume and pretend you are the hiring manager and review it critically leave off stuff like: references upon request, leave off anything ten yrs or older unless it pertains to the job you are applying for, create several resumes for different positions (I have 4 different resumes), customize each cover letter and if possible direct the cover letter to an actual person

    above all make sure you have a professional email address

    good luck let me know if you need any help with your resume

  • Thanks for the tips! I currently have two "default" resumes (I am searching in both the public and private sector) and then I save a new copy related to that position if I tweak it for something in particular. I think many people are switching to the first.last@server format; I did that quite some time ago.

    I also got rid of fringe awhile ago. No objective, tailored stuff, etc. I am also searching for a job out of state and so I leave off my physical address (they don't need it anyway), just leave my phone number, emmail, and LinkedIn address. Saves space so I can talk more about the experience that actually matters to them.

  • recommends!

    You are welcome =)))


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