I need help bad Son in Jail for "Human Trackiffing"

  • Hello to anybody that can help

    I have a son named Xavier he is 29 and his dob is 02-25-84. He is in jail for

    Human trackiffing, kidnapping, pandering, atmp-pimping. I have not talk to

    him in a while. ANd I known something was wrong because we talk everyday

    and then he just stop calling. Can somebody please help me and tell me what

    they see. I believe that their is some other people involve but I just don't know he

    as not call me. I believe that their a girl involve not the one that he got in trouble

    behind. Their another girl involve with this. Can you please tell me what you see

    Thank You Illona

  • In order to traffic in such a way as you discussed, there is going to be other parties involved.

    99% or more of the American population has committed a 'crime' whether is be in childhood or adulthood.

    I am investigating two right now that have yet to get caught. I would refrain from allowing others judgments to affect you emotionally.

    I saw a younger male taking orders from a male and collecting cash. The younger male had darker skin and dark hair about 5'10 and a bit on the thinner side.

  • He has not cailed because you would know his shame---you are his concience. His self destructive path started with a drug habit that took him into a world he was ignorant of---nieve. Spirit shows me the word SEDUCTION. Considering his age this is a common scary time for a young man to wise up. He was seduced by the lie of being "somebody"---belonging to an ego based lifestyle that made him him feel good about choices that where NOT good. His real issue is drugs. It started out small and grew----and he often got it for free but that changed. What you need to know is your son will not be your son once he is an addict---an addict overrides the personalty of the son you know. His path that led him into jail was from desperation---once an addict is owned by his need he becomes desperate and ALL desicions made in desperation are not received from the higher self but are fear based. His criminal activity became normal for that world he was seduced into ---it was a result of many bad choices that became easier to make. His motivation was money---to feed his habit. His options--dealing---which is never enough---stealing---which is never enough---and allowing fellow female addicts to prostitute. He was not the mastermind criminle you imagine.....those movie images of a pi mp getting rich off his flock of girls. He got himself into a drug habit that took him all the way to the bottom feeders---and he had a girlfriend who did the same

    this girls family and loved ones interceded--just as you would have had you known. Addicts when at bottom will cut themselves off from loved ones--thier own consciese---this girls family---particularly a male figure--brother saw his sister as you see your son---the real person--and not the adict locking themselves away doing what they do to feed that adiction. Females unfortunetly fall prey to selling themselves money in their own pocket at first--or as they get worse pass out and the dealer collects This arrest is saving your son's life. He did not decide one day to be a pimp---he became an addict and hit bottom----he is lucky his bottom is jail and not a grave. The female in question will be revealed to you---in fact you can look up his arrest online and also look not just under the prison data but the place that lists all criminal court records. At some point it will record he have no contact with the girl and it will give her name----she will show prior arrest record as well. Be aware that no addict easily admitts his addiction. Your challange is to seperate the son you know from the reality of addiction. I will give you another reading when the next crossroad is aproaching. For now you must just give this up to his higher powers that are trying to help him. This is not yours to fix. BLESSINGS!

    PS---did you ever put on those new running shoes and take off ? BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!!!

  • Hello Blmoon

    I have been so busy. Thank you so much for the reading. I figured it was about something

    else. But just did not want to say. But all of the charges have been dropped and now he is

    only facing the gun charge and atmp pimping charge. I thank the lord for that. But I do believe

    that he will be doing some time and this may be what he needs to help him change his life.

    No I haven't put on those running shoes. But I am going to, I have start being good to my self.

    I am taking baby steps being to myself. Because I would only do for my babies and this month I have done for Illona. And next month I am doing some things for me. And in July for my birthday I am going on a little cruise by myself. Thanks blmoon


  • Hello Ariel360

    You are right there was another guy with him. That was his cousin.

    I really do think that he was the one telling him what to do. But everything

    looks good because the charges were drop but now just waiting for the

    gun charge and see what happens.

    thanks Illona

  • Hey girl,

    I'm not trying to hijack this thread but I wanted to lend you my support. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine how difficult this must be. I pray for your peace and strength...

  • Hello gladyouwroteme

    I am not sure who this is. But I am thankful for all of the help from everyone. But it looks like

    my son will only have the gun charge and "atmp pimping charge. Thanks for you prays. But Ariel360 you were right their was another young man younger than him. But that man got

    a lesser charge. But god will work this out.


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