Need help with my Virgo Man, Please...

  • Hey everyone,

    I've heard that Pisces and Virgo are compatible for each other, if both are willing to compromise and adjust to each other's differences. So I've known this guy for 6 months and we became exclusive 3 months ago. We're on the rocks now cause I had mental breakdown from having an abusive relationship with Scorpio guy and currently on the recovery. Plus I lost my job 2 months ago. So, please bear with me, I would wanna make this guy happy but I need to understand more about this guy and what I should do.

    I've been really depressed for the last 1.5 month. But, this Virgo guy is such a sweetheart. He’s been supportive all the way , very loving, very gentle, very kind, he wants to make me happy and would like to help me get through with it.

    He doesn't express his feelings a lot, which is understandable. I do think he's insecure that I would go back with my ex, he often saw my phone if it rings or when a message comes in. He once picked up my phone when it rang. We’ve had deep discussions before we became exclusive 3 months ago which is happened often when he’s drunk. The second month we met, he said, "I'm afraid you're gonna dump me.". But, when he's not drunk, he often said, "I like u a lot. but I'm not in love with you.". I get confused because from his action and effort in trying to make me happy, i do feel like he is in love with me.

    He took me on a trip because he knew i was depressed last month. He let me pick whatever I wanna do on my birthday. When I told him regarding my relationship with my abusive ex, i was crying because I'm scared it would happen again to me and he cried with me. I told him that he shouldn't be responsible for my depression and he said, "You are my responsibility. I wanna make you happy. I like u alot and there's a lot of things i wanna see from you.". He’s sober when he said that.

    Another time (sober) he said this, "I think you're not the one i wanna spend the rest of my life with." I asked why he's still with me. He said, "because i'm hoping I would fall in love with you."

    I'm really confused about this Virgo guy. Maybe he's covering up his feelings? I don't understand this part. Do you think he’s in love with me but are shy to admit it?

    I said something bad to my Virgo guy in Tuesday last week, it was a slip of the tongue and I didn't really mean it. He asked for a space to think things through. I apologize on Friday when we met and explained the reason why I said it, he said it's fine and he understands. he didn't wanna meet at first but we did and we had a really good time.

    On Sunday, he became quiet and talk a little. I just thought maybe he's tired or thinking about his work (he's a workaholic). So, we just spent quiet time that night. I rubbed and massage his shoulders and his neck. I asked at night about his work and he said work's been really crazy.

    On Monday, I left his place and told him try not to worry too much and relax. At this time, I just think he needs time and space. How do I know that he forgives me and how should I make things better with him?

    He's been quiet and doesn't talk to me often or joke with me the last time we met. And he hasn't been very communicative with me for the past 4 days, as in replying my texts.

    Could he be losing interest in me now? I heard that when a virgo man losing interest he would withdraw and lose the communications slowly until I get the point and he said he doesn't want it anymore.

    I love this guy and I wanna make it better between us as he's been helping me through these rough times. .

    Thank you so much for the help!

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