Love reading please

  • Hi everyone would I be able to get a love reading. It seems like I am never going to find love. My birthdate is 3/13/88

  • I too am in the same boat but realize it is also me. I will not date unless a man has empathy for me and has mental strength. A person who is not needy and would make a decision in confidence and want not need. I am 27 never a sex life and no BF since 23. I hear you.

    They showed me big S and L in Black on white paper and I heard Slow down. Scattered? I also heard scattered.

    I will draw a few cards.

    Not surprised the knight of cups is energy working against you. Makeshift events and fleeting energy, the guides messages confirmed this.

    What is working in your favor and actions you act upon that will help you is that you are able to reassess a situation and see that it is not as bad as you think and rethink, appropriate and act accordingly.

    Getting clear on what it is that you really think and want will help you and this relates to what you really want for yourself in all aspects of your life in order to see how it will all fit together and synchronize in harmony.

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