Leo with a Pisces??...

  • Hi, Ive never posted in this forum before but am really curious about a pisces/leo relationship. Im a leo female, hes a pisces male. We've been together for about 7 months and I dont really know where the relationship is heading. I know that he wants to marry me but I dont think I feel the same. He is the only pisces Ive ever been with,

    I guess from what Ive read hes a typical pisces. Hes very laid back, most of the time it seems like hes in la la land, he has no drive, never wants to go out and have fun. Not to offend any pisces but hes kind of boring and lacks compassion. I just dont really feel "loved" or something. Ive lost interest in sex with him lately. Hes very clingy and very smothering, always has to be right by my side.

    Can anyone tell me if a leo/pisces combo can work out?? Im losing hope. =/

  • It can, but it depends on what other planets influence your sign and his sign. Pisces can sometimes come off as mainly interested in themselves(at their very worst), which could really offend a Leo, who is warm and really cares how their loved one is doing.But also, Pisces are super sensitive, and you could accidently say some things he will take the wrong way. Pisces are also homebodies, while Leos love to go out places together.

    It sounds like he does love you, but you may just not be right for each other. Leos are independent and need breathing room in a relationship sometimes, and Pisces hates to be away from a loved one for 2 minutes.

    It may be hard, but I'd advise calling things off. Try to make it a clean break if you can, staying friends would be too painful. Good luck, whatever you choose.

  • Thanks alot for your reply! Yeah I know he really cares about me but like you said, I dont think were right for each other. I dread going places with him because hes soooo boring and he gets really defensive and offended if I want to go out by myself or with my friends.

    Hes a total drama queen, whines alot, manipulative....

    He was in a relationship with a girl for 7 years and they had a kid together and were engaged and she cheated on him. He never gets to see his kid and I know that makes him depressed but he wont take action to do anything about it.

    I know that hes insecure because he was cheated on and thats understandable but its not my fault what happened to him.

    He acts like hes always the victim and acts like he doesnt care about anything and he wont get a job, he has no car, no nothing. I totally support him and Im fed up.

    Ive tried and tried and tried, Im so tired of trying to make it work.

    I did breakup with him a couple weeks ago, he moved back in with his mom and dad but he always puts me on a guilt trip so we got back together.

    I dont know what to do at this point. He always says hes gonna do this and that but im sick and tired of empty promises. Seems hopeless=/

  • I know just what you mean. I am a Leo as well and have been off/on with a Pisces for over a year now. They tend to be very distant and lack focus. They say whatever comes to mind and later forget what has ever been said. This pisces is very conceited and is constantly working on their body...that is the only thing focused upon...I'm letting mines go...I can't deal with the lack of concern and sincerity. As a lion, we need and crave security, attention, affection etc...it's so not us to not be committed and loyal to our object of affection....

  • hi i am a leo woman and i am married to a pisces he is very laid back and is a homebody but on the other hand i am very outgoing loud he is quiet i think oposites attract we have been married 4 years and dated a year before we married but i will tell you this he is the sweetest man i have ever met he treats me good and my children i was in a abusive relationships before they thought the were my daddy couldnt go anywhere or have friends and know i go as i please he will even watch my friends kids he is klingy but your the dominate one in the relationship so stop growlin and if you love him tell him first you cant have a good marriage without trust honesty so tell him how you feel if you want to do something do it your grown he doesnt have to be with you every second

  • No disrespect intended with this post, but I just got out of a relationship that is the exact opposite of what you have written. I am a female Pisces, he is a male Leo. He is the one who is the homebody, I however love to be active. I have dated other male Leo's and they loved being active. Personally, I think it is on a case-by-case situation. Pisces are typically warm, caring, and giving. The Leo's I have encountered are typically self-absorbed, overly confident and brazen. I am not saying all Leo's are those things or all Pisces fit that description. I have also known extremely self-absorbed Pisces. Again, I think it should be judged on a case by case basis.

  • Leo/Pisces. It is a case-by-case basis. Here's a strong indicator. If Leo has Venus and//or Mars in their love area of chart, it could work. I'm a Leo female (w/Venus in love area) who dated a Pisces male for a few months. He had wonderful loving qualities - sensitive, highly intuitive, compassionate, passionate, good-natured, liked going out but staying in was his preference. He also had 2-3 different personalities due to drug & alcohol addictions that I later discovered. He had strong anger issues as well. That experience taught me this: Pisces' who can't handle their sensitive side when they're growing up, will resort to addictions (including too much self-love, too much of anything!), anger and other abberant behavior to balance their soft side. As a Leo, you've got to look out for yourself at the beginning and ascertain if they're in it for you and your "us" or for their own egos (Pisces male). Sometimes that's a difficult question to ask yourself or the Pisces. My advice: ask the Pisces male the questions you have on your mind. They get covered up with whimsical viewpoints, so it's up to you (as Leo female from my experience), to settle them down on earth & get hard answers from them. It may take different approaches to questions & you'll have to sweeten your questions, but they'll finally give you their straight-up answers. They want love more than any sign I've known. Ask with love & compassion (and some humor), and the answers you seek will come. Don't be afraid of the answers. If he's not the one, there's a better man out there for you.

  • I don't have good experiences relating with water signs like Pisces and Cancer. Most of them are just crushes and I never actually made it further than that. It's a good thing in a way, because later on something always happened and I would see their true personalities. It seems they don't like it when other people have confidence or be recognized even if these people deserve it. They could be nice and helpful to those less fortunate, but as soon as these less fortunate are going 'up' they will change. I noticed that when I'm down I'll be helped but a single laughter I wasn't even laughing at them, I ended up with remarks about my physical condition LOL so apparently their help is not 'free' the price is my 'bowing down'.

    Well of course as a Leo that will not happen. I have no problem devoting myself to someone, if only he deserves it. After a long search I finally found a Cap I 'pledged my loyalty' to. He is not one of sentiments and emotions, therefore it's not much of a drama with him. I don't mind drama now and then, but with Pisces I will always be blamed in the end. It's so weird and I'm not even a party goer or flirting all the time. It's a good lesson to learn though, next time when I deal with a water sign, I'm gonna go with my Scorpion side instead. I am a leo female with scorpion rising.

    Sorry for the long response. I need to write it, so that you know what might happen to you if you continue with this Pisces. You already know a bit about him, I hope you can make a wise decision for your own sake. Also, if he doesn't care about earning his own money, do you really think he is man enough to do anything else? what makes you think he is worth your time at all? he puts you on guilt trip well they are good at this, but then again, you know you are not guilty. shake the dust off your feet and leave. probably try a Cap LOL if anything, they know how to be responsible. anyway, all the best of luck.

  • Reading all these comments give a little hope with

    being with a leo but I know their is also a down side.

    But with love it's never perfect and we try to love everything

    about our other half.Oppisites attract but niether is it perfect.

    I want to whole heartly beileve that it can work but....

    with the Leo I seem to be attracted too flirts alot and

    it's hard to tell if he likes me.He always has to touch and

    pat me with a little squeeze added to it.See I know he was married

    two times before and has a kid from the second marriage that apparently

    she cheated on him.He's been through alot and I know that but can it work?

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