Quick question about the most recent Merc Rx?

  • I just kind of had an a-ha moment, but seek more information from other smart cookies.

    The past couple weeks, I had halfway forgotten we were in a Mercury retrograde. But during that time, I had a promising career opportunity and interview, a fantastic mini-getaway/birthday to visit my best friend, and a slight upswing in my overall work-life. Not surprisingly during this time I had some really tough, spontaneous, unrelated travel-related difficulties (that seemed to get more difficult nearer the end of the retrograde).

    However, everything has turned around since then. One of the travel issues regarded my vehicle and it's more stable now. However, I was quickly cut from the interview process (and this was one of those coveted Dream Jobs), my current work life has plummeted again, and my roommates and I just had a nasty carbon monoxide scare (we're all okay!)...all in the span of three days...right as Mercury returned direct.

    I have come across warnings before that some retrogrades seem to have the opposite effect, or at least appear to do so, but I can't exactly recall why. Is it a natal influence, perhaps?

    Is there anyone that can shed some light on this? Why do some retrogrades seem to be more functional than dysfunctional?

  • I feel that life - and astrology - is really how you look at it, positively or negatively. You may see your situation as one of work problems, health scares and frustrating delays and inconveniences. Or you can choose to believe that things are working out for the best - that each incident is a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to learn something about yourself or develop trust/patience or whatever, or to discover how to creatively handle difficult situations. I mean, you may have had a carbon monoxide scare but you came out unhurt. Isn't that a positive thing?

    Most people seem to think that life should be smooth and untroubled, and complain when problems arise. But without struggle, we never learn about our true capabilities or strengths. I choose to think we influence the stars rather than vice versa, and that things happen when we need them to. Next time, instead of seeing something as bad or chaotic, look for the lesson or clue contained within. A delay or inconvenience can be trying to tell you something.

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