Hi Astra...

  • How are you doing? I see that you are quite active on this forum, how are things with you? Are you planning on coming this way anytime soon? Would love to show you around!

    If you have the time and it is not too boring, would you do a reading for me? My question is: Is the King of Wands you predicted in your last reading around me, or is he still to come?

    If you don't have the time, no problem, but I would still like to hear from you. You still have my email I trust.

    Much love

  • Hi Pivoine!

    I am doing well I hope! Haha... I am not always sure. How about you? How is the teaching going? I can only imagine that it is really looking beautiful over there... spring... how wonderful that must be where you are...

    I would LOVE to come over that way I am not yet able to do that however it is certainly something that were the chance presented I would jump at.

    I am still painting some... maybe as the weather warms the forests will lure me away soon and I will be busier at it.

    Certainly lets look at some cards about that... is he around you?


    Hmm... that sounds more like he's still to come... wandering around alone...

    And... the Treehouse card! (this is from this weird little oracle deck I made... just some ideas)

    The treehouse card shows something "up in the air" so I think that is again saying it is "developing". Although the card does show some friendship as the two are playing together in the treehouse.

    I sent you an email, I am not sure I have the right one so you can let me know if you get that.

    Blessings to you, nice to hear from you...

    this was a very quick reading Pivoine on that one question about the King of Wands... I will tell you I am not sure I am really all that great at readings, I think I prefer to just share the cards and you can sorta decide what they mean? It should be a dialogue really. we both read.

    Love and light


  • Thanks Astra! Love your new deck! Lovely! The Treehouse looks very positive... friendship, sunshine, fun... Wonderful!

    Better not to take these readings too seriously 🙂 It is fun though!

    Have not got your note, it is pivoinenmai and the same domain you used to have. Maybe you can try again...

    Not quite Spring yet! Trees just starting to bud... Looking forward to some sun, it has been a long and dreary winter... I walked around in a favourite park today and it all still looks pretty sad...

    You must come! Somehow we have to make it happen! So much to see and do... Teaching is fine... nothing much has changed. Have not been feeling terribly optimistic, but that might be the Winter... I need the sun!!!

    Bye for now...

    Love and Joy!


  • Happy Easter Astra, and lots of eggs!!! Go easy on the chocolate:)

  • Hi Pivoine

    Happy Easter to you too!

    Yes, easy on the chocolate AND the bourbon today, haha...

    So, what is the weather like there? I just looked online and it says 41 F and PC in your area.

    It is nice here, clear skies, should be a lovely day!

    blessings to you.

  • Yeap! Your info is right... Spring is dragging its feet I'm afraid... 🙂 I am having a quiet day all on my own and enjoying it!

    Enjoy your lovely day!

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