Need a reading or interpretation, please...

  • I'm a Pisces born on March 9, 1985 at 1 AM. He is a Virgo born on August 23, 1982 at 3 PM.

    Is this good for long term? what are our common traits and differences you can see? what can we do to make the relationship work over our differences?

    Rising Sign: 05 Deg Cap (Me) – 02 Deg Sag (Him)

    Sun: 18 Deg Pisces (Me) – 00 Deg Virgo (Him)

    Moon: 11 Deg Libra (me) – 27 Deg Libra (Him)

    Mercury: 03 Deg Aries (Me) – 23 Deg Virgo (Him)

    Venus: 21 Deg Aries (Me) – 11 Deg Leo (Him)

    Mars: 25 Deg Aries (Me) – 11 Deg Scorp (Him)

    Jupiter: 06 Deg Aqua (Me) -- 04 Deg Scorp (Him)

    Saturn: 28 Deg Scorp (Me) -- 18 Deg Libra (Him)

    Uranus: 17 Deg Sag (Me) -- 00 Deg Sag (Him)

    Neptune: 03 Deg Capricorn (Me) -- 24 Deg Sag (Him)

    Pluto: 04 Deg Scorp (Me) -- 24 Deg Libra (Him)

    Node: 20 Deg Taurus (Me) -- 12 Deg Cancer (Him)

    Thank you so much!

  • This relationship seeks to free itself from restrictions. The emphasis here is on the relationship as a unit and on its freedom to act on its own, without restraint, and to exercise its own good judgment about what it thinks best. You two can be trailblazers in opening up new forms of expression, since you are especially resistant to society's flattery or temptations and the limitations imposed by tradition. Your friend is quite intuitive and original while you are more sensitive and perfectionist, but your creative energies blend nicely to produce results that, though they may not be everyone's 'cup of tea', nevertheless can exert a long-range effect.

    Part of the challenge here will be to keep the momentum going, since you are both quite sensitive to criticism and at times will feel like giving up, especially if you are married or working together. Your need to be free implies a certain willpower to resist, and if necessary to carry on a protracted struggle, but this kind of stamina may be lacking. Still, although you two may tend to give up when the going gets rough, without real opposition the relationship can be long-lived, since you are usually well suited as spouses or co-workers.

    Your relationship is governed by air, an element that induces a refusal to be tied down. Yet in matters of love and friendship here, you two have a tendency to drift and avoid confrontation, hoping or assuming that problems will just go away. Easily discouraged and indecisive, you may neglect to capitalize on your combined strengths of creativity, originality, and freedom. In short, together you don't always show the best sense. If you can strengthen your will to resist, you can probably go the distance. Don't just give lip service to freedom, however - live it! Taking a stand now will save you problems later on.

  • Captain, Thank you so much for the reading!

    You are so right, at times I do feel like giving up and sometimes he said the same thing, but both of us always take turns to make it work. Last week, i said something bad and he's doing the withdrawing from me right now, which is not usual from him. I tried to give him space but I just wonder if he's really giving up right now...

    Is he the kind that forgives and what should I do to get him back to normal again?

    Don't just give lip service to freedom, however - live it! Taking a stand now will save you problems later on. -- WHat does this mean, Captain?

    Thanks again!

  • Your friend has this obsession with control - he wants to be able to have complete order in his life and be in absolute control of every area of it. His insecurities drive him to withdraw when something hasn't gone his way. But this is childishness and he will need to grow out of it. No one can completely control their lives - he has to lose his fears and insecurities so that he can feel safe enough to be himself in any situation. Even if he is not in control of a person or situation, he can be in control of himself. He has to learn to relax and let go of the need for control and just accept life and people as they come. You may need to discuss this with him straightforwardly and honestly.

    "Don't just give lip service to freedom, however - live it! Taking a stand now will save you problems later on." This means you have to embrace real freedom and that means giving it as well as wanting it. The two of you will have to let up in your expectations of each other and the relationship and liberate it from any posessiveness or control. The two of you need to have a frank talk about your problems and not ignore them because they won't just go away. They will in fact get worse if you don't tackle them early. You yourself have trust issues to work on. Communication and openness are the keys to a good relationship.

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